Is physics a stealth religious cult?

The historical evidence is indisputable.

Newton founded physics on his arbitrary assumption of atomic materialism (Today this should be stated as “particle/wave materialism”). Atomic materialism is the assumption that defines nature as supernatural. If Newton simply assumed the supernatural and declared as much to the world, we could not say that physics was a religious cult.

But Newton assumed atomic materialism then defined himself as a prophet and claimed to have received a message from God telling Newton that God created a Newtonian world with “solid, massy, hard, impenatrable movable particles”. Today physicists deny that they believe in atomic materialism as defined by Newton. Today physics teaches a quantum mechanical nature. In this view, some dubious things called “particles” which is understood to be matter act sometimes as particles and sometimes as waves based on the interpretation of one experiment according to Newtonian atomic materialism.

Newton then invented a convoluted system of the world and invented as many absurd qualities as necessary to fit nature into his initial assumptions. He marketed his absurd system of the world based on the occult force and intelligent matter as the true laws of nature.

This behavior makes Newton the Grand Master and the false prophet of the Cult of Newton and makes practicing physicists the priests of the Cult of Newton happily perpetuating their atomic materialist faith Newton revealed to them and keep finding “solid, massy, hard, impenatrable movable particles” in ever expensive machines as prayer to their Master Newton.

It goes without saying that physicists will deny that they believe in an atomic world made of absolutely indivisible units. Physics is not science but it is legal. Physicists uphold the authority of legal logic. In legal logic precedent has the highest authority and it is always true and cannot be questioned. To fit the erroneous precedent to new observations that contradict it physicists use casuistry and sophistry.

A physicist will be teaching Newtonist atomic materialism to his student in the morning; write a paper in the afternoon claiming that what is observed is not matter but waves in fields; he would then write a blog post explaining that what he called waves in fields are not really material waves but probability waves. He would then continue to call probability waves “particles”.

This physicist fails to understand the reason why keeps digging himself deeper and deeper in a casuistic hole. The reason is simple: he is unwilling to give up his Newtonian faith of atomic materialism. He cannot say that he is not observing “particles” so he keeps renaming them something else but keeps calling them particles. After all he is a “particle” physicist. Whatever he observe he will call particle. He is a charlatan.

How is it that most people still believe these charlatans who call themselves “physicists” and believe fair tales these charlatans invent and sell to the media?

Che: The cat who roared!

Have you ever noticed that cats and men are symbionts? We express this in layman’s terms as “Cats are pets of humans”. Are humans pets of another organism? Are humans living in a symbiotic relationship with another organism?

The realization that humans live in  symbiosis with another species will help us understand and solve major human problems.

I understand that most people would refuse to admit that they are pets of another organism. But read the parable below, and let me know what you think. Do you admit that cats and men live as pets of another species?

* * *

Che: The cat who roared!

This is the story of a revolution by cats against humans.

Cast of characters

Che is an alley cat who became conscious that cats are pets of humans. Che’s mission is to start a revolution to free cats from slavery under humans. Che is in love with Hypatia and wants her to join the revolution.

Hypatia is a beautiful and attractive lady who lives in a house. Her afternoon tea is famous for intellectual discourse of highest order and one habitue is her friend and teacher Nietzsche who likes to share his latest work with Hypatia.

Nietzsche is an eminent philosopher whose 8-volume magnum opus An Introduction to the Immaterialist Philosophy has been the theoretical foundations of the revolution.

Hollywood is another alley cat and Che’s childhood friend. Unlike Che, Hollywood does not care about the revolution; all he cares is chasing girls and eating canned food served by the cat lady.

The cat lady, according to Che, is an agent of global pet food conglomorates who want to corrupt the cat race by making them addicted to processed food in order to turn them into pets to increase their market share in the pet food sector.


Che visits Hypatia and asks her if she read the book that he had given her. Hypatia chastises Che for implying that she is an animal (Che gave her the Animal Farm in his ongoing effort to convert her into a revolutionary). Che does not want Hypatia to live in a human house in captivity; Hypatia tells him that she is no captive but the queen of her house and that living in the wild does not mean freedom and asks Che to move in with her.


Che attends the annual convention of the Freedom Society and takes notes listening to discussions about how to best achieve the independence of cats.

A hard-line faction within the Society has been negotiating with pit bulls to hire them as legionnaires to fight humans in a world war of species; the propaganda arm of the Society has been publishing revolutionary literature to start a global movement for the solidarity of cats; another group is proposing to place CIA-trained moles into human households; these moles look and act like cute pets but are trained to turn against their human masters at a moment’s notice, etc., etc.


Che watches Hollywood eat cat lady’s canned food and warns him that one day the cat lady will ask him to get into a large bag so that she can take him to Hollywood – the ultimate dream of Hollywood! Che tells his friend that the cat lady will instead take him to the vet for a little operation and then place him in a house as a pet. Hollywood will turn into a prolific consumer of canned food and become so fat that no girl will ever pay any attention to him again.


Through Hypatia Che meets his hero Nietzsche over drinks and Nietzsche tells him the glorious history of cats from its beginning as Gods in the ancient Egypt to the present pet state and the future where the cats will roam the earth once again as free as the mythological giant cats of the jungle.


Che visits Hypatia again on a moonlit night; Hypatia’s attraction is too much for Che (or is it?) and for the first time Che accepts Hypatia’s offer of house food and the story ends as Che and Hypatia walk to the kitchen to eat from the same bowl. It is not clear that Che will stay with Hypatia and give up the revolution.


Postscript: An interview with Nietzsche that Che discovered in an old issue of the Freedom Society’s official publication News from the Front where Nietzsche talks about the revolution in popular terms comparing the human condition with the feline condition.

an email from god and related problems

a friend of mine informed me that there was a message she found in her gmail spam folder with the subject line -a message from god- and she asked me if it would be safe to open it

i told her that if god wanted to communicate with humanity today god would send an email to humanity and it is possible that god -this time around- did an email blast to humanity as a whole instead of sending gods communication to just 1 chosen individual

gmail spam algorithm -which is very good- is probably correct to flag -a message from god- as spam because millions of email with the same subject line sent from a single source are classic symptoms of spam – so we have strong evidence that this email may truly be from god – only god has a complete list of active emails on earth

if on the other hand this email is a new kind of nigerian scam she should not worry if she opens the email the worst that can happen is that her computer will be infected with a virus -no big deal- but if the email is truly from god then i told her to run for her life and hide because declaring that she received a message from god would give rise to such passionate reaction from 99 per cent of humanity that she will be the target of a global vendetta against her –there is nothing worse than questioning someones god or lack of it

if she claims to have received an email from god -first of all- hard-core atheists around the world will be deeply insulted -how can she receive an email from god if there is no god- richard dawkins would argue and he would publish a book at no time attacking her like a godless demon

then people of the book who believe in y—-h who authored their book will try to catch her and burn her at the stakes for daring to suggest that y—-hs people have been mutilating their reproductive organ in vain for thousands of years to prove to y—-h that they are the true people of the covenant

if y—-h wanted to communicate with his people no doubt he –not sure if it is ok to refer to y—-h as a pronoun- if not my apologies whoever is offended– would send a message to his people -and not to humanity as a whole- because since when y—-h cares for humanity- y—-h cares only for his own people- and if he wanted to communicate with his people y—-h would send a classically composed message in the thys and thous of the king james version and he would deliver his message by asserting proper godly authority over nature as the occasion demands by stopping the sun for at least a few minutes to draw everyones attention– and y—-h will no doubt use the -proper- bureaucratic channels in an official house of god to deliver his message and an official house of god means a most sacred and ancient church in the holy lands built with classical architectural respect worthy of y—-h

its not y—-hs style to send a mere email and be insulted when gmails spam algorithm classifies it as spam

i told her that the book people trace their ancestry to the source of their blood feud with each other and they are very proud of their blood feud and they are ready to start a new blood feud with anyone who offends their original blood feud by offending y—-h who ordered them to cherish and uphold their original blood feud to the end of time — I warned her that the book people may get very violent if their faith is questioned by an alleged email sent by god to an –unchosen– person who is a –female– the book people will accuse her to be a false messiah and as a false messiah they will have the right to terminate her life by any means – y—-h does not deal with false messiahs or females

she will have no choice but to enroll in the witness protection program of the government – but this is not advised because the government will be after her too – fbi and cia and mossad and all other such -intelligence gathering- organizations around the world will be after her to get hold of the email containing the word of god — no government would allow a challenge to its authority to collect tax and governments know all too well that god communicates with humanity only for tax matters

governments still remember what happened to rome when last time god communicated with humanity and provoked the people in the holy lands not to pay taxes to rome but keep paying taxes to god through the carnivorous temple priests in the form of paschal lambs – that was the beginning of the end for the roman empire

if she opens the email and the email turns out to be the true message from god she is in big trouble – she may not be crucified or burned at the stakes because today we want to protect our forests but she may end up dying an even worse death and after she dies she cannot find a place for herself in any heaven of any religion but she is sure to suffer eternally in every hell of every religion she offended by claiming to receive a message from god

in short not only she would damage her own reputation and suffer in this world and all others but she will start new wars and rekindle old blood feuds that were defined by the last communication from god 2000 years ago which are still fought today with passion in the name of god

gmails spam algorithm may have been trying to tell humanity something by flagging gods email as spam – gmail may be saying that humanity is better off not knowing about gods latest provocation – but we may never know

we then asked the advice of a friend of ours who is a marketing professional – he knows advertising and branding and similar stuff — his reply was illuminating – he says that a religion is nothing but a successful branding of a doctrine – he says that whether or not the email from god is genuine is irrelevant

he claims that if marketing can successfully make people in far-flung countries believe that a brand of artificially colored sugar water is the symbol of freedom of America and the same people can -feel- American freedom in their own country without democracy just by drinking that brand of artificially colored sugared water – it would be childs play to brand an email as the true email from god and make people believe that god sent an email to humanity to free them from evil and he says he can define evil to the exact specifications of his client

not only that but he is confident that he and his team can brand an all-new religion from scratch and he was so excited about the idea that he drafted a marketing plan

his scenario about god crashing gmail with spam to humanity is cool but i think a bit weak from an engineering point of view – this is why i would like to ask you if you could suggest technically viable alternatives about what would happen if god did an email blast to humanity and someone tried to open it

we also mentioned gods email to a historian friend of ours who teaches in a liberal arts college — he said that the time is right for god to send an email to humanity to start a modern religion because according to the history of civilization any time god notices that a new and powerful consumer sector appears on earth god wants them to have their own religion — in this case female consumers are the emergent consumers with a huge stack of disposable cash and they are empowered further by the internet – no doubt god will want them to have their own religion so that gods entrepreneurs on earth can get their share of that female cash in the name of god after uncle sam takes his share

we welcome any comments and technical advice that you may have about opening gods email to humanity –thank you–

Some specific questions-

do you believe that it is possible to brand an all-new religion from scratch by using modern marketing techniques – why – why not

do you believe that christianity is nothing but a branding masterpiece – why -why not

if god wanted to communicate with humanity today would god use email or facebook or twitter or is it possible that god is still using clay tablet technology

The religious roots of Newtonian atomic materialism

Even during Newton’s time some people knew that Newton was creating a religion. Today physicists as Newton’s disciples perpetuate this stealth religion. Nice discussion here:

…Our epistemology comes before our method of investigation. Physicists ignore this fact and uphold the authority of “experiment” as supreme. But “experiment” is a method of investigation. What phycists call “experiment” is nothing more than “measurement” and what we can know by measurement is very limited.