Wikipedia and Nature

Nature is the official organ of Big Science. Nature Publishing Group which publishes Nature

is a subsidiary of Macmillan Publishers Ltd, a global publishing group founded in the United Kingdom in 1843. Macmillan is itself owned by German-based, family run company Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH.

Nature covers most sciences but, as proved by its advertisers, it is really an organ of  Big Pharma. Nature’s reporting of physics is absolutely Newtonist. It was in an 1894 issue of Nature that British fanatic Newtonist C.V. Boys defined G as the Newtonian constant of gravitation and defined Cavendish experiment as the first posthumous measurement of G

Nature is still pretty much the same British Newtonist propaganda organ as I mentioned in this post.

We know that bloggers have revolted against the Big Media and emancipated News from the slavery of the Big Media. Well, nature is the Big Media for Science News. Why isn’t there a blogger revolt against Nature? The simple reason is that physicists are collaborators of the Big Media. Physicists are fame seeking opportunistic bureaucrats. A letter published in Nature hopefully leaked to the New York Times as usual is worth thousands of authority points for a physicist. So they will not complain about Nature and its policies.

I noted in this post how physicists C.D. Hoyle put a Newtonian spin on history by claiming that Cavendish measured the Newtonian constant G. I will send a letter to Nature to correct this historical inaccuracy. Nature wants me to include my postal address, my phone number, and a fax number (I don’t have one) and is more interested in collecting personal information than fixing a historical falsehood they have published. But I will send them the email anyway to see what happens.

Then, look at Wikipedia. The page on Henry Cavendish already deals with the issue in a most scientific manner:

There is the common mistake in History of Science to affirm that Cavendish calculated Newton’s gravitational constant, G. This mistake has been pointed out by several authors[4][5] although it appears in most of the physics textbooks (e.g.[6] and[7]). In reality Cavendish wanted to estimate the Earth’s density relative to that of water. His accurate results were reinterpreted later to calculate G. The first time that this constant was ever used was almost 100 years after the Cavendish experiment, in 1873.[8]

This is incredible! This is what happens when humans take their own business into their own hands and eliminate the authority of the ugly unhuman corporations such as Nature who perpetuate old Newtonian mythology as science for their own benefit. These corporations still control the flow of scientific information and decide what scientific news humans should see. Nature not only controls the flow of information but also slants the information to fit into a Newtonist atomic materialist British religious worldview. Physicists must realize that they are human first, professional physicists second. Freeing human knowledge from the monopoly of the ugly big corporations will be to physicists’ own best interests. Take a moment to think about this.seminars acr accreditationultrasound accreditation acrcredit abc payment online card warehouseamerican ca credit christian union glendoraamerican accolades credit card expresscredit ailey associationflorida in schools paralegal aba accreditedschools in accredited ohio aacsb business Map