Restless massles masses

Here’s how professional sophists explain their absurd invention of “Massless Mass” to the masses: 


Dr. Chiu has a problem trying to pin down his elusive neutrinos and I think your science writer has a small semantic problem, too [Feb. 2]. ”Trapping a neutrino will be no mean trick. For the little particle is so small that it has no mass at all; it carries no electric charge and will be detectable only as a swiftly moving speck of energy.”

Isn’t it confusing to refer to something as “the little particle,” and, in the same sentence, to say with equal certainty “that it has no mass at all”? If it is a “little particle,” how in the devil can it have no mass? In the second story you say: “Neutrinos created near the center of a star would quickly escape into empty space, carrying their energy with them.” If the neutrino has no mass, how can “it” carry anything with “it”? MEL TENNIS JR.

Bradenton, Fla.

> The neutrino has no mass of its own (rest mass), but it can carry energy, and energy, by Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2, is equivalent to mass. So neutrinos do react with gravitational fields, rather like the particles of light (photons), which are also massless.-ED.

Doctors of Philosophy can explain anything by creating a new label. In this case they created “rest mass” and associated it with Einstein’s authority. Ironclad proof that massless masses exist.

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