Are plagiarists heros

What would be bad is if they cut and pasted and then published the paper under the name of the original author. This is forgery. But in physics whenever a physicist writes a legal expression he is copying. By exposing the corruption in physics the copy and paster are doing a favor.

Yifan Hu computes a simple two dimensional stress analysis of a bridge and concludes that

Starting from Mathematica and Newton’s equations, it took a couple of hours to come up with this.

But earlier he wrote that

The stress in the trusses is determined by a system of constraint equations that represent the balancing of forces at each node. In Mathematica, it takes just one function to solve this constraint problem: FindMinimum.

So this is a mathematical problem where only one function enters. If so why call “FindMinimum” a Newtonian function?

More generally, how can anything Newton wrote enter in bridge building? Newton was born and died innocent of any kind of engineering knowlege. Newton’s only attempt to engineering was his childish speculations on ship building. And it has been said that many human lives have been spared so far as the result of shipyards’ refusal to adopt the Newtonian methods of shipbuilding. Practical men who built ships have no respect for Newton’s scholastic authority.

In the next post Stephen Wolfram treats the same subject from a fresh angle and he does not mention Newton’s name. Just an example of how freeing a field from Newtonian dogma leads to new discoveries.compose free ringtones 3210pcs sprint ringtone 3588i nokia4400 free ringtone lgtreo ringtone 600 shared phoneverizon free ringtone a670 samsungamanda herringtoncomposing 3210 ringtonesringtones 3210 composer Maprape movies freestone movies tawnee withclips nude movieof free lesbians moviesporn asian moviesmovies free porn longmovie spears britney sexporn movie sample trailers Map