The realm of the humanoid organisms

Looking at these pictures of the macroscopic world sent me into a soul searching mood. There is an interesting invisible world out there waiting to be discovered.  And here I am writing blog posts criticizing the penultimate oldest profession in the world. I am talking about the scholastic corporation that employs physicists. This corporation will continue to exist infinitely and will never be aware of the meaning of my articles decomposing in the eternity of Google. So what is the point of criticizing this ancient corporation?

When you look at the photographs of the micro realm you see that there is a world that exist in that realm. We don’t see it but it is there. As humans we learned about that world relatively recently. The study and criticism of the profession of physics taught me that there is a similar super macro world, the world of corporations. I call them Unhuman Organisms or maybe Giant Humanoid Organisms. Humanoid because these organisms are not burdened with human body but they are purely human because they are capable of producing written word, the defining characteristic of humans.

These unhuman organisms are masters of humans. Humans are like domesticated animals of these organisms. (Don Miguel Ruiz talks about human domestication on page 8 of The Four Agreements) The recognition of the existence of these humanoid organisms as live beings, although without body, is possible only when you deny the atomic materialist ideology of physics and see the world as made of contractual existence. The world is operational and not matterful. And this result follows from a scientific criticism of physics.

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