Atom: yet another physics pun

It comes from the expectation that

if we could find the fundamental units that make stuff happen if we could find the atoms of biology then we would understand the process.

Atom is the name of the classic physics pun indivisible divisible.

Up to the early 20th century atom meant an indivisible.

What does indivisible mean?

In the rational world indivisible means not divisible.

Not in physics.

In the 1940s physicists claimed to have split the unsplittable. Physicists claimed that they divided the indivisible. Or the atom. To grab some headlines.

Indivisible is not divisible. If indivisible were divisible it wouldn’t be indivisible. Therefore, physicists did not split the indivisible. Physicists first corrupted the word atom by defining it as divisible then they claimed to have achieved the impossible: dividing an indivisible.

By claiming to split the atom physicists successfully tied the indivisible to the resolution of their atomic apparatus. This way indivisible became a polemical word meaning divisible and indivisible as the case may be as needed.

Indivisible acquired the legal physics meaning of indivisible divisible.

In practice, physicists feed the last generation’s indivisible atoms (particles that could not be resolved into smaller pieces by the previous generation of atom smasher) into their current apparatus with higher resolution and claim to have obtained a new set of indivisible atoms. This is a charade physicists conduct for the sake of the media and the global organisma who pay for their colliders.

In the above quote, Dr. Keller identifies correctly that atom is a unit. Atom is a conventional unit chosen as the unit of study for atomic physics. Cell is a unit of biology. It doesn’t mean that cell is indivisible. The same is true for the atom.

Physicists have successfully transformed indivisible divisible into a semantic illusion. There is absolutely no way a rational scientist can break this semantic prison physicists put him in. No matter how hard we try physicists will exploit indivisible-divisible as a pun.

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