Would you like your physical eschatology hot or cold?

1. Eschatology belongs to theology

dop is the new dot

2. Pushing the old scholastic racket in the 21st century

3. Physical eschatology

science excludes eschatology
regulate physics
there are no maps of totality

4. Mark’s reasoning is full of hidden assumptions

proof by hidden assumption is no proof

mark does not know the totality

5. Poetical eschatology

6. Mark tries to establish a fake theoretical basis for Big Bang

mathematics does not know properties of the totality

7. Eschatology is shamanism

8. No known physics can reveal the properties of totality

9. Science does not apply to eschatology

10. No passage from local to total except through charlatanism

cargo cult physics

11. Eschatologists call their prophesy predictions

12. An eschatological speculation cannot be tested

13. How do eschatologists get away with scientific fraud?

new and improved big bang

military-state-media complex


1. Eschatology belongs to theology ^

Doctors of Theology owned eschatology for millennia. They cleverly justified their sacred text by prophesizing the end of the world and by defining the beginning of the world.

Eventually, though, their professional racket has become transparent to their constituency who realized that Doctors of Theology were making up stories about the unknowable future and unknowable past and then proving their sacred text with their stories presented as true prophesies and then proving their prophesies with their sacred text.

These professional scoundrels have developed a proprietary complex language to hide their circular and vaporous reasoning. They kept their constituency ignorant and postured as absolute authority on the unknowable and made a nice living full of leisure at the expense of their constituency.

As civilians, we’ve known this professional racket at least since the time of Galileo.

Then how come, Mark of Cosmic Variance is shamelessly pushing the same professional racket as if it were science?

dop is the new dot

All the elements of the theological racket is with us again but this time around practiced by Doctors of Philosophy.

There are only two differences:

Instead of being a Doctor of Theology Mark is a Doctor of Philosophy. But that makes no difference. All professional doctors are in the same crooked business.

The other difference is that Mark does not use a sacred book with a supposed supernatural author as his authority. The reason is that in our era cosmology and eschatology are controlled by global states and the military. The Church has been out of the academic mythmaking business for a long time now. Newton made sure of that.

2. Pushing the old scholastic racket^

How can a professional doctor find enough authority in himself to push the old scholastic racket as science in the 21st century? Have citizens of the world fallen into the same kind of ignorant apathy as the previous victims of professional doctors, namely, peasants of the European Middle Ages and believe doctors’ every word without question?

No, but Doctors make sure that they get intelligent quadratically while civilians get intelligent linearly. They pocket the difference as authority. Not surprising, because they are the ones who control how much we can know. They control the distribution channels and make sure that knowledge flows only one way. This allows them to monetize the knowledge they’ve been hiding from humanity.

3. Physical eschatology^

Since the Middle Ages important changes have occurred in eschatology. Today academic tradition requires that a theory must be associated with an observational database. Doctor Mark of Cosmic Variance has a powerful ally in NASA who supplies the observational database for his eschatological speculations. Today we have physical eschatology.

We know that physicists have discovered the long sought after physical philosopher’s stone of the semantic kind and use it to transmutate any word into a physical quantity. Therefore, the old theological eschatology becomes a science just by calling it physical eschatology. At least, this is what Doctor Mark wants us to believe.

science excludes eschatology

In truth, there can be no scientific eschatology or cosmology. This is what makes cosmologists and eschatologists like Mark charlatans, scientific frauds and liars.

regulate physics

If physics were a regulated industry with strict rules of practice Mark’s license would have been revoked. After all a medical doctor who practices today medicine as it was known in the European Middle Ages would be disgraced and pushed out of the profession. Mark is practicing the old eschatology and calling it science. You decide if this is a breach of contract as a scientist.

there are no maps of totality

The only evidence Mark has for calling his eschatology science is his claim that his eschatological theory is associated with a database of white noise he calls Cosmic Background Radiation.

Mark fits his eschatological speculations into this white noise by using standard data reduction techniques. And since he called this white noise “cosmic” he pretends that this database is a map of totality.

There is nothing more than a linguistic association here. A local radiation does not become a map of totality by calling it “cosmic.”

Physics is done with hidden puns. Here Mark uses local-cosmic pun to justify his eschatology.

4. Mark’s reasoning is full of hidden assumptions^

Mark’s reasoning is full of hidden assumptions that he is not telling us. For instance Mark assumes that because the distance between a few observed galaxies have been diminishing therefore the entire universe must have been a point at some time.

This is fraud. This is fraudulent reasoning. Not faulty but fraudulent reasoning.

So why is it that this professional eschatologist is not exposed as a scientific fraud?

Who can expose shamans who practice observational eschatology as frauds? At present no one. Eschatologists who are physicists are the judge and the jury when it comes to eschatological speculations.

proof by hidden assumption is no proof

So Mark’s conclusion that the universe was denser because the distance between galaxies are diminishing does not hold. The hidden assumption he is making is that observed galaxies constitute the entirety of the universe. This is a lie.

This is the same lie Mark’s professional ancestors the previous Doctors of Eschatology told their constituency. Basically, they said “trust us, we are telling you the truth” while brandishing their sacred book.

Mark is perpetuating the same lie but he is brandishing NASA’s white noise as his false witness.

mark does not know totality

The following quote is a big lie because Mark does not know the totality.

Mark has no license to model totality in its totality.

But the fact that Mark does not know the totality is not a problem for Mark — lack of knowledge has never been a problem for professional eschatologists — and he goes on assuming that he knows the totality.

Mark is not telling us that he is assuming the totality. He is telling us that he knows totality by inductive scientific reasoning. Can there be a greater scientific fraud?

To claim that you know something you don’t know is a lie. When a professional in a position of authority lies about his professional activities his license to practice must be revoked. And if physics were to be a regulated industry Mark’s — and all eschatologists’ – license would have been revoked.

5. Poetical eschatology^

After citing Robert Frost’s poem Fire and Ice Mark explains us the reference:

This is typically a reference to the question of whether the [totality] will recollapse, forcing all its contents into smaller and smaller volumes, increasing the pressure and the temperature. . .

In this quote Mark claims to know the volume, pressure and temperature of the totality and claims that he has modeled totality successfully.

How does Mark know the volume and pressure of the totality? What evidence does he have?

None. None whatsoever.

As Mark and all physicists admit they do not know the totality. All physicists, cosmologists and eschatologists of all types, no matter what species of eschatology they promote, agree that they do not know the totality.

There is no ifs or buts about their ignorance of totality. There is no ambiguity that Mark and his eschatologist friends do not know the totality.

Eschatologists have never known the totality and they still do not know the totality.

But in the above quote Mark asserts that he knows physical properties of the totality such as its volume, pressure and temperature.

6. Mark tries to establish a fake theoretical basis for Big Bang^

This is another blatant lie:

Physicists arrive at this [eschatological speculation called the Big Bang] by first making observations [in the observable universe] today and understanding how these are described by well-established theories of gravity and particle physics.

Now Mark is making the false claim that his theories, ie, Einstein’s equations, “know” the properties of totality.

Mark claimed first that as a professional eschatologist he knew the properties of the totality and now he is trying to legitimate his speculations by invoking the authority of mathematics.

mathematics does not know properties of the totality

No known theory or equation ever written by a physicist, cosmologist or an eschatologist know about the totality.

So we see that this is the same doctoral racket that Mark’s professional ancestors used. They legitimized their eschatology by using their sacred book as false witness. Mark too is using his sacred book — Einstein’s equations — as false witness to legitimate his eschatology.

Both the sacred book of Mark’s ancestors and Einstein’s equations are definitions that know nothing about the totality. Einstein in a show of deep mysticism claimed to have known the radius of totality by an application of his equations and his disciples continue the tradition.

7. Eschatology is shamanism^

Anybody who claims to know as a revelation from a higher authority — whether that authority is god or equations — is a shaman, a charlatan and a scientific fraud.

Anybody who claims to compute, derive, observe or know through whatever means whatsoever the properties of the totality is a shaman, a charlatan and a scientific fraud.

There is no escaping this fact.

Totality is unknowable and therefore eschatologists cannot have access to a higher authority who knows the properties of totality. It doesn’t matter if they claim god as their higher authority or a language they have invented such as mathematics.

I hope that readers recognize this age old doctoral racket nowadays perpetuated by Doctors of Philosophy the physicists and call their bluff.

8. No known physics can reveal the properties of totality^

What about particle physics that Mark mentions to support his eschatology? He claims to use well-established particle physics boilerplate to reveal the properties of totality. This is a lie too.

Mark is lying again because the first assumptions he made about knowing the volume and density of totality is false.

Immutable fact: Mark knows nothing about totality.

Any and all attempts to associate particle physics with the totality starts and stops at NASA’s white noise map. NASA’s white noise map is not a map of totality.

This is another professional lie.

9. Science does not apply to eschatology^

Here Mark explains to us the scientific method observational eschatologists use to prove their speculations, namely, the Big Bang.

We then extrapolate back in time to infer what the early [totality] must have been like. . . .

Is this a scientific extrapolation or is it a cargo cult extrapolation? How can we tell?

Anyone who deduces from an observation of local galaxies that totality is expanding is a fool and a liar. No matter how much he extrapolates, Mark will never arrive at the early totality.

Again Mark is assuming that he knows the totality.

Mark is assuming that the galaxies that he observed constitutes the totality. This is not true.

10. No passage from local to total except through charlatanism^

So Mark observed a few galaxies for a few years then he concluded that the totality must be expanding.

As a professional eschatologist Mark enjoys 5000 years of accumulated authority of the oldest professional class called the scribes. He gets to fool humanity with this silly putty extrapolation by asserting his eschatological authority that comes with his association with the Scholastic Corporation.

cargo cult physics

Mark’s description of scientific method is really the scientific method of cargo cultists who have taken over the academic physics.

Because he is using the words “extrapolate,” “infer,” “test,” “theory,” “predictions” “observations” Mark pretends that what he is doing is science. This is exactly what cargo cult means.

Using scientific sounding buzzwords to conduct cargo cult activities such as extrapolating from local to total and justifying them by own doctoral authority is practicing cargo cult physics.

11. Eschatologists call their prophesy prediction^

So far Mark claimed that he developed an eschatological speculation called the Big Bang and he offered mathematics as false witness, and now he is saying that he makes predictions about the properties of totality and then verifies that his proposed theory predicts them.

You recognize the same circular reasoning Mark’s ancestors used to prove their definitions with their sacred book.

First of all note that physics is an unregulated professional industry full of crooked professionals. What do crooked professionals do?

They introduce whatever fake ad hoc parameters needed to save their theory. If the Big Bang fails to explain observation X, no problem, here comes the shaman Guth with his inflation and the Big Bang is saved.

This is charlatanism.

But more fundamentally, as we have seen, every assumption made by Mark about totality is faked.

Irreversible fact: Mark does not know the totality but assumes it.

So when Mark says that he is testing his eschatological theory about the totality by observations he is lying. He is just adding new lies to save his old lies.

12. An eschatological speculation cannot be tested^

This methodology . . .

We have shown that his methodology is the cargo cult. Eschatology has never been science and still is not. Science has nothing to say about the origin or end of the totality.

. . . works remarkably well and has provided us with an extremely well tested, self-consistent and coherent understanding of the [totality.]

This is a lie. Mark does not know the totality. He does not have an “extremely well tested, self-consistent and coherent” model of totality.

13. How do eschatologists get away with scientific fraud?^

How can Mark get away by claiming that he modeled the totality while he admits that he does not know the totality? I believe this happens for two reasons.

First, general public wants to believe.

The old brand religions lost their authority on cosmogonic model building. Doctors of Philosophy have taken over this department of the Scholastic Corporation. In the consumer society cosmological theories are commodities packaged as any other consumer item.

new and improved big bang

Every cosmological season a new and improved version of famous brands such as the Big Bang are repackaged with new labels: “NEW! 10% MORE ABSURD!” “COOL OR HOT! NEW BIG BANG! BELIEVE NOW!” “EXPERIMENTALLY PROVEN: 9 OUT OF 10 PHYSICISTS RECOMMEND BIG BANG TO SAVE YOUR SOUL!”

military-state-media complex

And second, as I mentioned above, Mark is in the payroll of the Scholastic Corporation who does its business with the military-state-media complex. This association gives Mark an unrivaled authority to cosmologize.

No other professional class, not even lawyers, can challenge Mark’s professional lies. The fact that all professional eschatologists repeat the same lies does not make their lies truth.

Physicists who practice eschatology are the judge and the jury. In other words, physics is pre-scientific cargo cult.

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