New observation disproves Newtonian materialism

Brian Schmidt explains in this video that astronomers found

planets that do not seem to be associated with a star. Planets that are out there floating in space for reasons we don’t quiet yet understand.

There is no mystery; the reason is very simple: We are living in a matterless world; we are not living in a Newtonian world; orbits are not forceful; natural motion is circular (as Galileo knew).

Only Newton’s disciples who call themselves physicists who are blinded by Newton’s authority and believe as their faith in the Newtonian materialism; cannot see the obvious: the world is not Newtonian.

Newton’s disciples are exposed as the faithful Newtonian fanatics who refuse to accept the simplest and correct explanation of their observations. The observation of “free-floating” planets tells them that they must dump their dogma of Newtonian materialism and see the world as it really is: as a density continuum.

The observation of “free-floating” planets is the vindication of my research. This research presents convincing evidence that we are living in a matterless world; and now observations prove that orbits are not forceful as Newton’s disciples believe. What other evidence do they need to understand that we are living in a matterless world?

And this is not the first observational evidence that natural motion is circular. There are countless “binary” stars with no central body. Instead of accepting the obvious, physicists invent invisible central bodies to save the authority of their master Newton.

There is evidence closer to home; what physicists call “halo orbits”. SOHO is in such an orbit, free-floating around an empty point.

The evidence is overwhelming that natural motion is circular motion; orbits are not forceful; people blinded by Newton’s authority still refuse to accept the evidence. Why? Because physicists are the direct professional descendants of Scholastic Doctors of Philosophy who believed blindly the authority of Aristotle as their faith until Newton replaced Aristotle with himself as the new master of the European scholasticism. What do you expect from people who invented a ceremonial unit for a quantity that does not exist in nature and named it after the sacred name of their master Newton?

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