The real face of physics

Bob Berenz wrote:

I’m hoping that physics, as she is taught today, falls into disgrace or becomes recognized for what it actually is — a religious entity.

I don’t see physics falling “into disgrace” anytime soon. What is called “physics” today is the profession that’s been around for thousands of years. This is the profession that has its origins in the professional scribes of ancient Egypt and before. In Newton’s time the same profession was called “scholasticism.” Then, after Newton took over the European scholasticism these academic doctors changed their professional name to “natural philosophers” to indicate that they no longer worshipped Aristotle’s books but Newton’s book. When Newton will finally be gone, these same doctors will change their allegience again to whomever is the new master of scholasticism and worship that book.

Academic physics, is a protected monopoly like the other legal profession. To free science from the monopoly of doctors of physics we need to expose physicists as cultists, charlatans and fringe entertainers, in short, as the current representatives of the scholastic profession. And this can only happen if we take legal action against physicists and their teaching of the cult of Newtonism as science.

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4 thoughts on “The real face of physics

  1. jeanne:

    A lot of 21st century physicists don’t have a much time for Newton so don’t really get your point.

    I disagree. The entirety of modern physics is based on Newton’s Zeroth Law.

    As long as physics exists in its present form it will be based on the hidden assumption of atomic materialism expressed by Newton’s Zeroth Law.

    Physicists still believe Newton’s materialist doctrine by faith and try to explain nature which is definitional -not matterful- by taking the absolute indivisible they call “matter” as the fundamental unit of nature; consequently physics in the 21st century is still a Newtonian cult.

    Here are some examples to show that modern physics is the Newton cult, or the Cult of the Occult.

    1. Physicists corrupted Einstein’s General Relativity by adding Newton’s constant to it

    The holly writ of modern physics is Einstein’s Field Equations; physicists sanctified Einstein’s Field Equations, but Newton is the highest saint in physics and comes before Einstein so Newton’s disciples inserted the G also known by its political name as “Newton’s Universal Constant of Gravitation” into Einstein’s Equations.

    Einstein’s equations are supposed to explain motion without Newtonian force because Einstein correctly thought that Newton’s force was occult and wanted to remove force from physics, yet physicists corrupted Einstein’s theory by inserting G into Einstein’s equations to uphold Newton’s authority over Einstein.

    2. Mass is a Newtonian concept and it is still used

    Anytime physicists use the word “mass” they are praying to Newton because it was Newton who invented the concept of mass by labeling the constant term in Kepler’s Rule “mass”.

    3. Newton is the most fundamental units still used in physics
    Physicists still use “Newton” as the most fundamental unit of the most fundamental dormitive virtue in physics namely Newton’s occult force. To save their founder’s authority physicists made the occult the fundamental quantity of physics. Physicists teach the occult in school when they tell students in Cavendish lab that they just observed the occult force moving the pendulum arm.

    Physicists practicing in the 21st century -unfortunately- are Newton’s faithful disciples still teaching Newton’s occult doctrines to students.

    4. Physics is a legal system therefore what is new must conform to what already exists

    Modern physics cannot be independent of Newtonism and Newton’s force because as a legal system physics is always right, which means that modern physicists spend their careers to make the latest physics to conform to what is already in legal physics literature, this is what unification means. Everything must conform to Newton. Even if the String Theory succeeds which means it becomes legal, it must conform to General Relativity and to Newtonian physics. Even Quantum Mechanics and its absurd contradictions exist because Quantum Mechanics is physicists’ attempt to save Newtonian atomic materialism over experiments that conradict Newtonian doctrines. Academic physics even today is to its core a Newtonian cult.

  2. hello

    can you please provide a source for this statement? “Einstein correctly thought that Newton’s force was occult and wanted to remove force from physics”

    reading with interest,


  3. I found plenty of secondary sources stating that Einstein did not believe in instantaneous action at a distance and objected to Newton’s force on this ground. As far as a direct quote, I found this in Einstein’s Collected Papers:

    not only the assumption of an instantaneous spread of some effect, but also, more generally, any assumption of the spreading of an effect with a velocity greater than the velocity of light is incompatible with the theory of relativity.

    Is this acceptable?

    The way I understand it Einstein rejected Newton’s definition of force because he believed that instantaneous action at a distance did not exist in nature and that nothing could move faster than light. Instantaneous action at a distance is occult and Einstein wanted to eliminate this occult quality from physics.

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