How to philosophize with a physics equation

Given two physical quantities a and and a constant c with proper units, every physics equation apparently looks like this:

But, if you write the hidden terms explicitly every physics equation in truth looks like this:

Consider the most famous equation in physics

The above equation appears to state an equality because it uses the equality sign to relate the terms of an expression. But in physics no symbol can have just one meaning and the equality sign is no exception.

So the above equation can be read as an equality but it is not an equality, it is a sophisticated tool of casuistry called a “physics equation” which is a unique tool physicists invented to philosophize without appearing to philosophize. So

in fact contains the hidden symbols of equivalence, identity, proportionality and definition, among others:

It is very easy to prove this. A physicist would usually read this equation as “E equals m c squared”. If you ask “why is there a speed of light term in this equation?” The same physicist will say, “c is there just to make the units work, this equation really states the equivalence of energy and mass”.

There you go, physicist writes his physics equation with an equality symbol and reads it with the hidden equivalence symbol. Physicists have scholastic magic vision that lets them see hidden symbols that you and I cannot see.

If you ask more questions the same physicist will also say that “E is proportional to m and c is the proportionality constant”.

If you call more physicists into this discussion one of them will eventually read this same equation as a definition of energy in terms of mass or the other way around.

Same is true for the other famous double definition in physics:

In general, a physicist can read any given equation case by case as an equality, a proportionality, an identity, an equivalence or any combinations of these to assert his authority.

In physics the meaning of an equation can only be parsed by knowing who said it.

Every physics equation can only be parsed by applying to it the necessary scholastic authority of a physicist. Physics is casuistry. Physicists are master casuists who ply their casuistry by using their corrupt version of the equality sign.

How can this be? Is this how science works?

Physics is defined by physicists as science, therefore, this must be how science works:

science is the authoritative interpretation of polemical symbols that look like mathematical symbols to prove physics doctrines by using the authority of mathematics as false witness.

If physicists make their career by legislating nature with their supernatural and absurd equations supported with casuistry, lawyers make their career by using the same scientific method used by physicists to interpret case by case the law of the land. If one lawyer argues the letter of the law the other will argue the spirit of the law and they will fight over how to define each symbol to best benefit their case; at the end the judge will accept as true the definition of the lawyer who has the most authority hired by the party with most money.

Physics is a mathematical science so physicists argue the meanings of mathematical symbols they did not write on the equation. Professionals discussing hidden meanings of hidden symbols. . . mmm. . . this sounds familiar. . . yes, this was how scholastic philosophers have been practicing their trade for thousands of years.

Now it all makes sense. These professional doctors who do business as physicists are really scholastic doctors of philosophy doctoring mathematics and philosophy and physics and diligently corrupting human knowledge to further their career.

Anyone who reads the equality sign in the same expression with seven different ways and claims all of them are true is a charlatan.

So, next time a physicist starts talking about how mathematically precise his physics is, let’s tell him what he is doing is not mathematics but charlatanism practiced with his casuistic equation.

The most famous equation of physics

is not a mathematical expression, it is a physics equation. Physics equation is the crooked timber of physics;  or was it the loaded balance of physics? In either case, the physics equation is the scholastic vehicle physicists use to practice their art of casuistry. Physics equation  exposes physicists as what they really are — scholastic doctors of philosophy actively corrupting human knowledge by abusing their academic authority.

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