Peddlers of Secrets

Scholastic doctors of philosophy have been the custodians of humanity’s theoretical knowledge base ever since the investigation of nature was coupled to education with the founding of first universities in Europe. Doctors make their living by teaching; this means that:

  1. doctors turn the knowledge base into a sacred secret doctrine
    1. so that they can teach it to generations of students without changing it;
    2. so that they can implement standardized tests that stay true through generations.

The business model of professional doctors is peddling the secret; or to hoard and hide secrets wholesale and teach it retail

    1. to new recruits in schools
    2. to laymen through “popular” books.

Doctors keep adding scholastic ideology and decoration to the doctrine by hair splitting the existing content in order to create more material for themselves to teach. It’s all about who controls the lucrative business of education. Previously it was doctors of theology who controlled education in the name of the global church; today we are being educated by doctors of philosophy doing business as physicists in the payroll of the state.

Furthermore, these professional teachers defined “science” to be this process of canonization and hairsplitting of the doctrine. Just in two generations, scholastic doctors of philosophy doing business as physicists hairsplitted Einstein’s few papers into the 1000+ pages of MTW. No one can deny that academic scholasticism is getting more efficient. Today more commentary on General Relativity is written in one semester than the sum total of Peripatetic commentary written in 2000 years.

The result is that every few hundred years physics and math need to be cleaned up from scholastic content. And this is one of those times.

Orbits are not forceful

How could Newton compute orbits with this occult quality he called force?

Nature is not occult.

But the occult has always been a part of scholasticism in the form of occult causes and dormitive virtues the doctors of philosophy used to explain their doctrines. Scientific tradition that started with Galileo discredited these scholastic occult causes and we no longer accept the occult as a motion causing agent.

If we believe as scientists that occult does not exist in nature we must conclude that Newton could not have used the occult force in his operational formulas to compute orbits.

If we look at Newton’s computations we see that indeed there are no force terms in his computations. Newton used a sophisticated deceit weaved around Kepler’s Rule to establish himself as the new master of European Scholastic tradition.

There are no force terms in operational formulas used to compute orbits. This proves that orbits are not physical, forceful or matterful but geometric and densytic.

Rejection of Newton’s atomic materialism leads to a new science

By reverse-engineering Newton’s System of the World and its modern extension called “physics”, we see that Newton built a complicated and absurd structure in order to save his assumption of atomic materialism. The assumptions named force, mass, rectilinear inertia, instantaneous action-at-a-distance are all Newton’s inventions to save his atomic materialist assumption.

As soon as we reject Newton’s assumption of atomic materialism, all of his supporting assumptions disappear from physics.

But atomic materialism is the doctrine that claims that entities of finite density are composed of unit entities of infinite density. When we reject this absurd assumption, we realize that the good concept of density is freed from Newtonian ownership and now we can make density, not matter, as the operational unit of nature; this is densytics, physics without Newtonian branding.

Physics: ENRON of sciences

Physicist Frank Close writes:

Unfortunately, in its raw form, Quantum Field Theory doesn’t make sense — its outputs are physically impossible infinite percentages when they should be something simpler, like the number 1. The kind of physics that the Higgs boson represents seeks to ‘renormalize’ field theory, forcing equations to provide answers that match what we see in the real world.

So, according to a physicist who is an expert in the field, Quantum Field Theory is a bankrupt theory. If QFT were a company it would be ENRON.

If QFT is ENRON, who are physicists?

Physicists are the professional doctors who are doctoring the book of physics. ENRON’s accountants cooked the books of ENRON to make the company look good to its investors; doctors of physics doctor the books of physics to look good to their employees.

No, not exactly. We should give more credit to physicists than that. Physicists cook the books of physics not to look good to their employees, no, physicists cook the books of physics to save their faith; to fit nature to their faith. Like all priests of a cult, physicists care more about their faith than monetary rewards.

Accountants are the bean counters; doctors of physics are the particle counters and it is true that there are more absolutely fundamental indivisible building blocks than there are species of beans. And all these absolutely fundamental indivisible building blocks that physicists discover, you guessed it, turn out to be as divisible as any bean.

Let us now draw our attention to this most incriminating admission of scientific fraud by any physicist ever:

… forcing equations to provide answers…

sounds awfully close to “forcing balance sheets to provide answers…” that the corrupt CEOs want.

The correspondence is perfect: Accountants manipulate one kind of loaded balance and physicists manipulate another kind of loaded balance.

But there is also a big difference. Accountants who cook books go to jail; physicists who cook the books of physics by forcing equations to provide answers to save their faith are celebrated for their great “discoveries”.

Physicists can easily “renormalize” a bankrupt theory of physics with their mathematical sophistry and sleight of hand so that they can divide by zero without appearing to divide by zero. No accountant can do this, can he? Inventing creative solutions to cook books and forcing equations to give results to save their faith… thank god physics is the hardest of hard sciences…

Atomic materialism is the faith of the Cult of Newton and physicists have been cooking the books of physics for a long time to save their faith.

But you might ask, is there a way to regulate corrupt professional physicists the way accountants and bankers are regulated? Well, there is such a regulation, it is called mathematics.

But it is a well-established fact in professional industries that professionals will corrupt any self-regulation rule imposed on them and make it their most powerful tool to continue their corruption. So professional physicists corrupted mathematics to its core in order to use the authority of mathematics to prove their doctrines.

How did this all start?

The professional ancestors of today’s scholastic doctors of philosophy called themselves peripatetic philosophers and they have been busy mixing philosophy and physics for over many centuries. Peripatetics were philosophers with a good philosophy education; physicists are philosophers manque with zero respect for philosophy and are in denial that they are philosophers doing philosophy with equations.

The story is well-known; Galileo realized that physics has become more philosophical speculations than description of nature and his solution was to transfer the scholastic authority of professional doctors to geometry.

By using geometry Galileo eliminated scores of scholastic labels doctors of philosophy had invented to explain motion and cleaned physics from scholastic philosophy.

This worked for a while but then God said “Let Newton be” and corruption in physics became legal again. Newton corrupted geometry to assert his materialist doctrines by using the authority of geometry. Newton inserted pictures into geometric diagrams. . . Newton proved geometric theorems by his authority. . . Newton made use all of his scholastic arsenal to corrupt mathematics to assert his materialist faith. Newton’s disciples the physicists have been copying their master exactly, as usual, and have been corrupting mathematics ever since.

It seems that we now reached another breaking point and even physicists are aware that they have corrupted physics to its mathematical core and some kind of rectification is in order.

How can we clean physics from physicists’ scholastic junk?

Physicists’ equation is the corrupt version of proportionality and the equation is the vehicle physicists use to apply their art of casuistry. If we could enforce that each and every equation physicists write with their branded units and branded constants ultimately reduce to proportionalities that would be a great progress toward rectifying physics. Let’s ask physicists to give up their professional authority over mathematics, like their ancestors did, and stop “forcing equations to provide answers they want” and take an oath to always read an equality sign only as an equality sign.

And let’s eliminate Newtonian branding, that would be a good start too. Physics without Newtonian branding is called densytics.

All professionals are in the business of hiding information and then selling the information they hid as absolute truth. Their business model is to package and sell their hidden doctrines as true laws.

Each professional field has a monopoly and a law for that field and professionals milk the laws they wrote to corrupt the world and enrich themselves.

Physicists are professional doctors of philosophy; they are the ones who wrote the book on how to use scholastic sophistry to corrupt your language. This is why you think that “physics describes the physical world and the physicists are scientists who describe the physical world to us.” Physicists defined nature as “physical” and called themselves “physicists” so you cannot even perceive a definitional nature without an absurd notion called matter.

Physicists enjoy a protected monopoly to legislate nature and their monopoly is protected by the government and the media and schools.

My advice to all accountants working for global corporations: When you are caught cooking the books just tell regulators that you simply “renormalized” the balance sheets. You should not be punished for using the same scientific method used by physicists.

And my advice to physicists: admit that you bankrupted the old science of physics and file for intellectual bankruptcy in the courts of science and start your recovery process as an honest scientist.

Physics is stuck in the 18th century

A practicing physicist pats herself on the back:

In the last century we have made dramatic progress with our understanding of space, time and matter, but open problems in today’s best theories tell us that our knowledge is incomplete.

The problem with this statement is that the absolute indivisible that physicists call “matter” does not exist in nature; life is definitional, not matterful. Physicists, as the priests of the Cult of Newton, made no progress whatsoever about their understanding of “matter” since the 18th century. They have been doing nothing but repeating Newtonian doctrine of atomic materialism blindly as their faith.

Newton assumed matter as revealed to him by God. So a modern physicist such as the one above believes by way of Newton that God created the universe according to Newton’s laws. I think this is really sad.

I advise practicing physicists to finally start reading some history of physics and start questioning Newtonian cult that they belong to. Or do like Galileo did and quit academic scholasticism by denouncing your doctorship and pursue your curiosity freely as an amateur.