Peddlers of Secrets

Scholastic doctors of philosophy have been the custodians of humanity’s theoretical knowledge base ever since the investigation of nature was coupled to education with the founding of first universities in Europe. Doctors make their living by teaching; this means that:

  1. doctors turn the knowledge base into a sacred secret doctrine
    1. so that they can teach it to generations of students without changing it;
    2. so that they can implement standardized tests that stay true through generations.

The business model of professional doctors is peddling the secret; or to hoard and hide secrets wholesale and teach it retail

    1. to new recruits in schools
    2. to laymen through “popular” books.

Doctors keep adding scholastic ideology and decoration to the doctrine by hair splitting the existing content in order to create more material for themselves to teach. It’s all about who controls the lucrative business of education. Previously it was doctors of theology who controlled education in the name of the global church; today we are being educated by doctors of philosophy doing business as physicists in the payroll of the state.

Furthermore, these professional teachers defined “science” to be this process of canonization and hairsplitting of the doctrine. Just in two generations, scholastic doctors of philosophy doing business as physicists hairsplitted Einstein’s few papers into the 1000+ pages of MTW. No one can deny that academic scholasticism is getting more efficient. Today more commentary on General Relativity is written in one semester than the sum total of Peripatetic commentary written in 2000 years.

The result is that every few hundred years physics and math need to be cleaned up from scholastic content. And this is one of those times.

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