From deification to reification

Because change is the only constant; humans, like cats, yearn for constants to make sense of life.

Like other Greeks, the Athenians believed in an array of divinities, from the Olympian gods and goddesses who had Zeus as their king, to the chthonic powers of the underworld, such as the Furies, to local deities, such as river gods. They also deified phenomena that we would consider abstractions, such as Justice, Persuasion, Fear, Madness, and Necessity.

By divination Greeks created constants of life. Today physicists create constants for us by not deification but reification. Physicists reify Time, Space, Spacetime, Force, Infinity, Eternity and anything that can be named a Physical Quantity which does not have to be “physical” or a “quantity”. So physicists’ Physical Quantity is really “Reified Quantity.”

Here’s an example:┬áThis physicist believes and wants us to believe that clocks, which are nothing more than oscillators, measure the reified Time with capital “T” invented by physicists. This physics “Time” is no different than “Madness” or “Persuasian” deified by old Greek deifiers of nature.

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