Unification explained

To understand why physicists are so obsessed with “unification” we need to understand what physics is. To understand what physics is we need to ignore the marketing image that physics projects to the world and see through it and identify the real face of physics.

Physics is the study of physics.

A physic is a Physical Quantity. A Physical Quantity is a number with a unit. Therefore, physicists can define any word they want as a physical quantity. All it is required for a physicist to define a new physical quantity is to have enough rank and authority. That’s all.

What confuses outsiders is that physicists corrupted the way we perceive nature by defining “physical” to mean “natural”. So people think that a Physical Quantity must be a “natural” quantity. But there is no such requirement.

A Physical Quantity is a physic and a physic is any number with a unit.

A physicist with enough rank and authority can define any word as a Physical Quantity and publish it in an official organ of physics such as Physical Review Letters and delve into market-making activities to create a market for his new Physical Quantity so that with each repetition in official organs of physics this new Physical Quantity becomes a well-branded physical quantity that can be marketed in bestsellers as the latest wonder of “nature.”

The most common method to create new physical quantities is to load a new meaning to an existing physical quantity. For instance, a physicist will define “nothing” as “something” and then use some off-the-shelf quantum mechanical equations to write a book creating the universe from nothing. This is the oldest trick in the book of academic scholaticism.

This is not surprising when you realize that the professional title of a physicist is a Doctor of Philosophy.

A physicist is a scholastic doctor of philosophy.

Doctors of Philosophy have been in charge of defining new languages and new words in order to corrupt human language for thousands of years. These most vicious strain of Learned Doctors are the collaborators of the unhuman organisms such as flag states, logo corporations and pennant schools. These organisms treat human individual as their pets and slaves and they use physicists as their agents to control the human individual. Doctor means teacher and teaching is how the human individual is programmed.

Doctors of Philosophy get their paycheck and academic authority from schools. But they sell the acedemic content they produce to Big Publishers to earn fame because in the academia fame earns them much more academic authority points than publishing in official organs of physics.

Doctors of Philosophy always adapt to new conditions in society to project themselves as the defenders and producers of true knowledge. A physicist is a direct professional descendant of the Peripatetic Doctors of Philosophy. The only difference is that a physicist is a Newtonian Doctor of Philosophy who corrupts your mind in the name of the cult of Newton, not in the name of Aristotle. The name of the school changed, the profession stayed the same.

The Latin of physics is the legal language expressed in the form of corrupt mathematics; the unit of this scholastic language is the equation which is the most powerful tool of sophistry ever invented by Learned Doctors of any type.

Therefore physics is a self-consistent system of units that studies Physical Quantities that may or may not be natural; and physics is practiced by Doctors of Philosophy who vehemently reject that they are philosophers but write commentary on the oldest scholastic philosophical subjects such Gravity, Space, Time, Creation and Nothing.

Physicists defined these old scholastic philosophical subjects to be “physical” and they philosophize on them by using their tool of casuistry they call the equation.

Unification is big business because physics studies physics, not nature. Physicists work to conform physics to itself. This is the only way a physicist can move up the ranks of physics brotherhood.

So unification of physics is a very important process in physics but it has nothing to do with nature. We must learn to reject “physics is nature” pun that physicists invented to corrupt our perception of nature.

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