R.I.P. Particle physics

Matt Strassler is a “particle” physicist and he writes:

what we call particles are not really particles but ripples…


in physics today, all of the things we call particles are actually little ripples in corresponding fields. They are like little waves…

[Note: December 9, 2012 -- It turns out that what Matt Strassler calls "ripples" are "probability waves", that is, mathematical fiction. Sorry for believing Matt Strassler's deception. See this post for more.]

Therefore, this is an indisputable physical fact confirmed by respectable “particle” physicists:

There are no particles in nature; there are only ripples.

For centuries physicists told us that a particle is a spherical ball with a finite radius and they kept finding these particles in physics experiments.

Now physicists are telling us that there are no particles but only ripples.

That’s fine.

In a science, if an established doctrine is contradicted by repeated observations, the practitioners would drop that concept and replace it with the new one. But physics is not a science; physics is a legal profession that uses casuistry as its fundamental tool of discovery.

Therefore, the legal canon of physics can never be wrong and can never be proven wrong by new discoveries. If  official legal physics says nature is made of elementary indivisible particles, this cannot be changed by contradicting experiments.

So what physics operatives to do? They do what all Learned Doctors do when faced with observations contradicting their doctrine. They corrupt the meaning of the word particle to keep particle in physics and in their professional title. Physicists corrupt the words contradicting their doctrines by loading it with new meanings so that they can interpret it case by case. This is called casuistry and it is the oldest method in the book of academic scholasticism.

Will particle physicists listen to the call of nature and change their professional title to Ripple Physicists? Not a chance. The stakes are high. Big governments fund physicists to discover new particles not new ripples. So this is the reason why physicists choose charlatanism and sophistry and casuistry to keep particle in physics while corrupting its meaning. Yet another proof that physicists are the modern representatives of the old scholastic profession.

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