Is physics a stealth religious cult?

The historical evidence is indisputable.

Newton founded physics on his arbitrary assumption of atomic materialism (Today this should be stated as “particle/wave materialism”). Atomic materialism is the assumption that defines nature as supernatural. If Newton simply assumed the supernatural and declared as much to the world, we could not say that physics was a religious cult.

But Newton assumed atomic materialism then defined himself as a prophet and claimed to have received a message from God telling Newton that God created a Newtonian world with “solid, massy, hard, impenatrable movable particles”. Today physicists deny that they believe in atomic materialism as defined by Newton. Today physics teaches a quantum mechanical nature. In this view, some dubious things called “particles” which is understood to be matter act sometimes as particles and sometimes as waves based on the interpretation of one experiment according to Newtonian atomic materialism.

Newton then invented a convoluted system of the world and invented as many absurd qualities as necessary to fit nature into his initial assumptions. He marketed his absurd system of the world based on the occult force and intelligent matter as the true laws of nature.

This behavior makes Newton the Grand Master and the false prophet of the Cult of Newton and makes practicing physicists the priests of the Cult of Newton happily perpetuating their atomic materialist faith Newton revealed to them and keep finding “solid, massy, hard, impenatrable movable particles” in ever expensive machines as prayer to their Master Newton.

It goes without saying that physicists will deny that they believe in an atomic world made of absolutely indivisible units. Physics is not science but it is legal. Physicists uphold the authority of legal logic. In legal logic precedent has the highest authority and it is always true and cannot be questioned. To fit the erroneous precedent to new observations that contradict it physicists use casuistry and sophistry.

A physicist will be teaching Newtonist atomic materialism to his student in the morning; write a paper in the afternoon claiming that what is observed is not matter but waves in fields; he would then write a blog post explaining that what he called waves in fields are not really material waves but probability waves. He would then continue to call probability waves “particles”.

This physicist fails to understand the reason why keeps digging himself deeper and deeper in a casuistic hole. The reason is simple: he is unwilling to give up his Newtonian faith of atomic materialism. He cannot say that he is not observing “particles” so he keeps renaming them something else but keeps calling them particles. After all he is a “particle” physicist. Whatever he observe he will call particle. He is a charlatan.

How is it that most people still believe these charlatans who call themselves “physicists” and believe fair tales these charlatans invent and sell to the media?

Physics and fame

Sabine at Backreaction realized that in physics authority is proportional to fame. She does not say it in so many words, but she is obviously wondering why a physicist such as Lisa Randall who is a relentless marketer and promoter of herself has so much authority than Sabine herself. The answer is simple. Physics lives in symbiosis with Big Media, Big School and Big Government. The government pays the school who pays the physicist and gives physicist authority; physicists supply mythological  content to the media and the media gives back fame… This reminded me the following draft which I am publishing now…

* * *

Lisa Randall’s physical attributes, anatomical specifications and her affiliations with organized religion have no relevance in her work. Remember, all humans are human.

On the other hand, I may make a legitimate connection, for instance, with Newton’s appearance and his science, namely, the elaborate wig Newton wears and the kind of book he writes. The wig is an authority symbol symbolizing Newton’s grand master status in the scholastic hierarchy.

But today there are no such visible authority symbols. We are living in a more sophisticated society. In our society there is only one authority symbol: fame.

Why? Because the only unit the Big Media understands is fame. The only criteria the Big Media uses to judge and to evaluate human beings is fame. Consequently, the only unit the audience of the Big Media uses to judge other human beings is also fame. Most people who buy Lisa Randall’s book buy it because she is famous.

So someone with manufactured fame such as Lisa Randall, gets all the attention, while a physicist working in the trenches, or teaching and doing useful scientific work gets no credit at all. A previous commenter mentioned that he has been writing about extra dimensions without getting the recognition enjoyed by Lisa Randall.

And when you look at history, you would see that it was Newton who created the scientist as a deity institution. Before Newton only tyrants and rulers were allowed to deify themselves. Fame is deification for the people. Newton invented the category of the modern shaman to which both Lisa Randall and Brian Greene belongs. That’s why Newton is buried in Westminster Abbey in the most elaborately baroque tomb ever for a scholastic doctor to be buried in.

General Relativity and GPS: A long standing physics fable

Note to the editors of Wall Street Journal who forgot to fact check a physicist’s lies:

Sean Carroll wrote referring to General Relativity:

Because of gravity, clocks tick a bit more slowly near the surface of the Earth than they do in outer space. (This esoteric fact is of crucial importance to the functioning of the Global Positioning System, which compares local time with that of orbiting satellites.)

Dear editors: Mr. Carroll knows no more about the “functioning of the Global Positioning System” then you and I. He has not seen any of the operational source code used in GPS and he is not privy to any government or private proprietary source code proving that the functioning of GPS is dependent on General Relativity.

Mr. Carroll is an academic physicist and he is posturing as if he knows it all but in fact he is just repeating a physics fable. Next time make sure you fact check any claims Mr. Carroll makes which does not fall within his narrow specialty which is teaching introductory physics.

The originator of the physics fable that without General Relativity GPS will fail is a physicist called Neil Ashby. He made this claim referring to his work for the government and his claims cannot be verified and never were because they were classified. There are credible engineers (not dogmatic physicists selling a physics theory) who worked on the development of the GPS who claim that General Relativity has nothing to do with GPS. You can find all this online or read the comments here.

Mr. Carroll has no credibility as a scientist because he is repeating fables and hearsay and he will never admit that he is spreading falsehoods by abusing his academic authority. I suggest that you add a disclaimer to this article saying that the opinions Mr. Carroll presents here are his own opinions as a writer and layman regarding anything that falls outside his narrow specialty.

I challenge Mr. Carroll to come clean and publish here the GPS source code that he has seen (not some theoretical propaganda from a general relativity textbook) that contains General Relativistic corrections which are not just the nth term in an expansion that was branded as a relativistic term by some physicist.

What is Higgs boson and why do we want to find it?

Matt Ridley:

“What is Higgs boson, and why do we want to find it?”

If physicists were honest scientists they would have answered:

“We are priests of the cult of Newton doing business as physicists. God revealed to our prophet Newton that in the beginning he created a Newtonian world according to Newton’s Zeroth Law. This law is not usually revealed to outsiders but for the priviledge of joining you over the proposed free bottle of vintage Champagne here’s Newton’s Zeroth law God revealed to Newton as told by Newton:

God in the beginning formed matter in solid, massy, hard, impenetrable movable particles.

Our Standard Model is a great theory that explains all of our observations perfectly but it is wrong in one important respect, namely, it violates the sacred authority of our Prophet Newton by wrongly telling us that particles that we observe do not have mass.

God told our Prophet Newton that he created “massy” particles; Standard Model tells us that our particles are not massy. Physics is an experimental science therefore we must uphold God’s authority with an experiment so we built a 4 billion dollar machine to save Newton’s authority.

To make our complicated mathematical sophistry as simple as possible for you to understand here’s in layman’s term why we need Higgs: our great Standard Model errs big time by predicting that we are living in a matterless world where the unit of nature is not some absurdity we call absolutely indivisible matter with an infinitely hard surface but density. This is an unacceptable challenge to our Prophet Newton’s authority, after all physics is a hard science based on sound scientific and mathematical principles as expressed in Newton’s Zeroth law supported by God’s authority. Can there be a stronger scientific evidence than God’s authority claimed by a self-anointed false prophet?

To save our Prophet Newton’s sacred scientific authority against this uncalled for attack by our own Standard Model we built a 4 billion dollar machine as the greatest temple of the cult of Newton to coax the Higgs to give our beloved massless particles mass and put the world in order again.”

God particle in Newton’s temple

What evidence do you need to convince yourself that Newtonism is a cult?

What is Newtonism?

Newtonism is a religious cult whose revealed faith is atomic materialism. This old British cult presents itself to the world as “physics”.

There is no doubt that Newtonism doing business as physics assumes atomic materialism as its unquestionable faith. Once you agree that atomic materialism is the sacred hidden faith of physics that Newton claimed God revealed to him, then, it becomes obvious that Newtonism is a cult.

* * *

You’ve heard about Newton’s laws and you are told that nature is Newtonian and Newton the mortal closest to Gods discovered the laws of nature that lay hidden until Newton revealed them to humanity.

But have you ever heard about Newton’s Zeroth Law? No, you haven’t. Physics textbook will never mention this fundamental hidden assumption of physics.

Newton discovered no law of nature; Newton assumed the doctrine of atomic materialism as a revealed truth and tried to fit nature to his materialist and occult doctrines by defining his faith as laws of nature.

To believe that nature is matterful and that there are absolutely hard surfaces in nature is not different than believing in the occult. Physicists believe in the occult; and more importantly, physicists control the education system and they teach their occult faith as the only scientific truth. Do you want your child indoctrinated by these priests of the cult of Newton?

This is Newton’s Zeroth law:

God in the beginning formed matter in solid, massy, hard, impenetrable movable particles.

Newton claims, in the name of God that nature is discontinuous; there are absolutely hard surfaces and he calls these absolute indivisible discontinuities “matter” and endows matter with a quality he calls “mass”.

This doctrine of atomic materialism supposedly revealed to prophet Newton is the fundamental and unquestionable hidden faith of physics.

Atomic materialism is the revealed faith of physics that every physicist believes as his faith without question. No physicist can deny or even question his faith in the cult of Newton and remain a physicist. When a physicist repeats the official physics propaganda that as a physicist he always upholds the authority of mathematics and experiment, he is lying.

The last 300+ years physicists have been trying hard to fit nature into their absurd atomic materialist faith. But nature is not matterful. Nature is not occult.

* * *

Physics is based on atomic materialism; physicists made the occult the fundamental quantity of physics and they even defined a unit for the occult and named the unit of the occult with the sacred name of their Grand Master Newton.

By trying to explain nature with their occult faith physicists corrupted the old science of physics and filled it with absurdities and then claimed these absurdities generated by their physics belonged to nature. Physicists market bugs in their esoteric language as features of nature. What charlatans!

What other evidence do you need that physics is the cult of Newton!

Physics is the cult of Newton.

Physicists are ultra-fanatic, radical, and extremist anti-science priests of the cult of Newton who will defend the occult doctrines of their cult and the sacred authority of their Grand Master Newton at all cost.

Physicists built a 4 billion dollar machine to save Newton’s sacred authority.

Yes, you should be in awe of Newton. His disciples built a giant temple to their prophet Newton to save his sacred authority by using miracles they will coax out of a machine. LHC is the newest cathedral of the cult of Newton.

LHC exists because to this day physicists will not give up their unquestioning faith to Newton’s Zeroth’s law. If God revealed to their prophet Newton that he created matter in solid and “massy” particles, for physicists, nature must be matterful and massy regardless of what experiments and physicists’ own theories say.

* * *

What does their own Standard Model tell physicists? Standard Model tells physicists that particles that they observe are not massy as revealed to Newton and there are no particles.

The Standard Model is not just any theory; physicists claim that their standard model is the most beautiful theory ever and it explains all their particles and their interactions perfectly. This is true by definition because physicists built the Standard Model over 50 years by fitting observations to it, in other words Standard Model is “phenomenology” or a model that saves the phenomena.

Standard Model saves the observations and tells physicists that particles have no mass.

But Newton says that God revealed to him that particles are massy.

Can you guess what physicists will do? As cult members of the cult of Newton what would they do?

Unlike physicists, what would scientists do?

Scientists will reason scientifically, like this: here’s a theory that we built; it is so good that it explains all observations perfectly and it tells us that what we observe as particles have no mass; particles we observe are not massy as Newton claimed; forget Newton and his divine revelations; physics is a science, divine revelations and sacred authority of a prophet have no room in physics; our theory and experiments say particles are not massy therefore we are living in a world without matter regardless of what that self-annointed prophet Newton claims. Amen!

What do Newton’s disciples the physicists say: Wait a minute, forget the Standard Model and experiments; Newton’s authority is sacred and it cannot be challenged; Newton is always right therefore we must invent a field impersonating a particle impersonating mass so that Standard Model will give all massless particles mass.

And this is what physicists did and they built the LHC to save Newton’s authority.

Are you yet convinced that these people are fanatic priests of the cult of Newton and they built a huge machine to prove that nature is occult and matterful to save Newton’s authority?

Probably not. Then, let me tell you that this kind of charlatanism to overrule experiments and theory to save Newton’s authority is not the exception in physics, it is the rule.

* * *

The best example of how physicists uphold the authority of Newton over the authority of experiments is how they defined the Cavendish experiment of 1798 as the first observation of Newton’s occult force.

Newton’s disciples the physicists tried for over 200 years after their Master’s death to observe experimentally this occult quality Newton called “force”. Physicists could not find such a force in 200 years of trying.

What would you conclude? I would conclude that the force is occult, I would say, physicists tried 200 years to find the occult in nature and they failed and they could not find a trace of the occult in nature; so nature is not occult, Newton is lying.

What would physicists do? Physicists in the 19th century named the old Cavendish experiment posthumously as the first observation of the occult force!

Experiments say nature is not occult; physicists say nature must be occult because Newton says so, and they defined an old experiment as the first observation of the occult.

Never mind that Cavendish did not measure force and he did not intend to measure it, he just computed the mean density of the earth. But in order to save Newton’s sacred authority physicists redefined an experiment to fit their doctrines. Physicists could not observe the occult so they defined an old experiment as verifying the occult because the sacred authority of Newton must be saved.

You are still not convinced?

Physicists built another absurd edifice to save Newton’s sacred authority when they realized that the way they wrote Newton’s force definition resulted in division by zero at r=0. So what physicists do? Do they say, Newton’s force is absurd, we could not observe it in 300 years, and now the same occult and absurd definition of force results in division by zero, so enough is enough, let’s dump this force and forget about that self-annointed prophet Newton… Not a chance. Physicists are the priests of the cult of Newton and charlatans. Physicists are not scientists.

So what do physicists do? They invent elaborate mathematical procedures and mathematical gimmicks and mathematical polemics to divide by zero without appearing to divide by zero. And they dub the charlatanism of dividing by zero without dividing by zero “normalization”. When mathematics warns them again and tells them “don’t normalize me,” fanatic physicists don’t listen and increase the dose of their polemical sophistry and re-normalize and re-re-normalize until they got what they want and Newton’s sacred authority is saved.

Physicists Steven Weinberg and company are given a Nobel Prize for inventing subtle mathematical sophistry that overruled the authority of mathematics with Newton’s sacred authority.

* * *

These charlatans who corrupted the old science of physics with absurdities to save the sacred authority of their Grand Master Newton overruled experiments, overruled theory, and overruled mathematics with Newton’s authority… these people are continuing to corrupt what used to be the science of physics with their occult faith.

How can you let these charlatans and extreme priests of the cult of Newton to teach your child the occult doctrines of an 18th century British Grand Master of the Occult?

* * *

Newton was the agent of the British colonialism to impose British standards and colonize the continental Europe in the name of the Crown. Newtonism is now exposed as what it is: A British cult of the occult. Newtonism doing business as physics is a cult because it is based on the claims of a false prophet who claimed his corrupt materialist doctrines was revealed to him by God.

Newton the Grand Master of the British cult of Newtonism was invented to extend British political colonialism to human mind and it has run its course. Newtonism is now exposed.

Question the occult doctrines that Newton’s fanatic priests are teaching your child.

Join the campaign to stop teaching the Cavendish experiment lab as the observation of the Newtonian occult.

Axes of nature

The focus of physics is motion.

But motion is a limited case of change. To limit nature to motion by ignoring change and then claim to explain nature in its entirety by motion, and specifically, as motion on the axes of a coordinate frame, is arrogant ignorance of nature.

Physics accepts motion but denies change.


Physics is based on the doctrine of atomic materialism and atomic materialism explains nature with infinitely dense units that move but do not change.

Physics at its very core embraces the supernatural over natural.

Physics can only describe nature by casuistry and sophistry.

Unification explained

To understand why physicists are so obsessed with “unification” we need to understand what physics is. To understand what physics is we need to ignore the marketing image that physics projects to the world and see through it and identify the real face of physics.

Physics is the study of physics.

A physic is a Physical Quantity. A Physical Quantity is a number with a unit. Therefore, physicists can define any word they want as a physical quantity. All it is required for a physicist to define a new physical quantity is to have enough rank and authority. That’s all.

What confuses outsiders is that physicists corrupted the way we perceive nature by defining “physical” to mean “natural”. So people think that a Physical Quantity must be a “natural” quantity. But there is no such requirement.

A Physical Quantity is a physic and a physic is any number with a unit.

A physicist with enough rank and authority can define any word as a Physical Quantity and publish it in an official organ of physics such as Physical Review Letters and delve into market-making activities to create a market for his new Physical Quantity so that with each repetition in official organs of physics this new Physical Quantity becomes a well-branded physical quantity that can be marketed in bestsellers as the latest wonder of “nature.”

The most common method to create new physical quantities is to load a new meaning to an existing physical quantity. For instance, a physicist will define “nothing” as “something” and then use some off-the-shelf quantum mechanical equations to write a book creating the universe from nothing. This is the oldest trick in the book of academic scholaticism.

This is not surprising when you realize that the professional title of a physicist is a Doctor of Philosophy.

A physicist is a scholastic doctor of philosophy.

Doctors of Philosophy have been in charge of defining new languages and new words in order to corrupt human language for thousands of years. These most vicious strain of Learned Doctors are the collaborators of the unhuman organisms such as flag states, logo corporations and pennant schools. These organisms treat human individual as their pets and slaves and they use physicists as their agents to control the human individual. Doctor means teacher and teaching is how the human individual is programmed.

Doctors of Philosophy get their paycheck and academic authority from schools. But they sell the acedemic content they produce to Big Publishers to earn fame because in the academia fame earns them much more academic authority points than publishing in official organs of physics.

Doctors of Philosophy always adapt to new conditions in society to project themselves as the defenders and producers of true knowledge. A physicist is a direct professional descendant of the Peripatetic Doctors of Philosophy. The only difference is that a physicist is a Newtonian Doctor of Philosophy who corrupts your mind in the name of the cult of Newton, not in the name of Aristotle. The name of the school changed, the profession stayed the same.

The Latin of physics is the legal language expressed in the form of corrupt mathematics; the unit of this scholastic language is the equation which is the most powerful tool of sophistry ever invented by Learned Doctors of any type.

Therefore physics is a self-consistent system of units that studies Physical Quantities that may or may not be natural; and physics is practiced by Doctors of Philosophy who vehemently reject that they are philosophers but write commentary on the oldest scholastic philosophical subjects such Gravity, Space, Time, Creation and Nothing.

Physicists defined these old scholastic philosophical subjects to be “physical” and they philosophize on them by using their tool of casuistry they call the equation.

Unification is big business because physics studies physics, not nature. Physicists work to conform physics to itself. This is the only way a physicist can move up the ranks of physics brotherhood.

So unification of physics is a very important process in physics but it has nothing to do with nature. We must learn to reject “physics is nature” pun that physicists invented to corrupt our perception of nature.

Is paradox a physical quantity?

Newtonian mechanics is defined as:

Absolutely irresistible occult force meets absolutely immovable absurd matter.

The result is:

Physics: the great chain of the absurd.

If you try to explain nature with supernatural and occult forces acting between infinitely hard and absolutely indivisible particles that does not exist in nature you would end up with the absurd theories of modern physics.

Physics: a candidate for science

When we look at sciences such as chemistry and biology, these sciences are based on a well-defined unit of study. Chemistry studies atoms as defined by chemists and biology studies cells as defined by biologists.

Physics studies particles. But there is no well-defined definition of particle in physics. When a physicist writes the word “particle” or uses the symbol “m” standing for “mass” in an equation both are undefined. They can refer to an object which has infinite density and therefore indivisible; or they can refer to a composite object therefore divisible.

Physicists have no standard criteria to evaluate if an object is divisible or not; by default they assume that all objects they supposedly observe are “fundamental building blocks of nature”, that is, infinitely dense indivisibles.

Then, inevitably, the next generation of physicists with new colliders with higher energies prove that what the previous generation called indivisible were divisible and they call their own supposed-indivisibles the true fundamental building blocks of nature.

Physicists meticulously developed this charade into perfection and now they call anything and everything a particle. Some things physicists call particle are

  • state
  • level
  • atom
  • divisible
  • indivisible
  • wave
  • ripple
  • probability
  • bump

and each of these have their anti-particles.

In short, physics is still a “candidate for science” but not a science because practitioners still have absolute authority to define as they wish the fundamental unit of study of their business. As long “particle” remains as casuistry in physics, physics will remain a casuistry and will be a candidate for science but not science.