An open letter to the French people

[Read this letter in French]

Dear friends:

Let me start by asking you a question:

Is France an intellectual colony of Britain?

I can guess your answer:

No! Of course not. France is proud of her intellectual independence; France has the best educational system in the world; and French people like to think for themselves. France an intellectual colony of Britain? No way.

My answer is different than yours and I hope that you will give me the chance to explain.


My thesis is this:

As long as France teaches her pupils the Newtonian doctrines as true science; France will remain an intellectual colony of Britain.

To explains this thesis, let’s go back to the 18th century, just before Newtonism reached Continental Europe. Let’s observe that today Newtonism is the official state religion of practically all countries in the world, including France, but before Newtonism took over, it was the French-speaking scientists of the continental Europe who defined the scientific world view. Newton was a great admirer of Descartes so much so that he stole Descartes’ First Law of Motion and renamed it “Newton’s First Law of Motion”.


History is written by the victors; so Newtonians corrupted history of science to define Newton as the perfect scientist and Newtonian doctrines as the true science.

In truth, when the Newtonian doctrines reached the continent, French scientists and other continental scientists writing in French (which was the language of science along with Latin) rejected the Newtonian doctrines of occult force and animistic matter.


These continental researchers correctly identified Newton’s doctrines of occult forces and intelligent and animistic matter (now called “mass”) as the reincarnation of the old scholastic “hidden virtues”.

This is very important; let’s repeat:

True scientists, such as Clairaut, Huygens, Leibniz, d’Alembert [and others] rejected Newtonian force and mass as scholastic hidden virtues.

Huygens went even further and with great insight perceived that Newton meant his “force” to be “Newton’s Soul” which permeated the universe. Huygens clearly saw that the British cult of Newtonism was aiming to reestablish the rule of scholasticism in Europe.

But even though the continental scientists resisted Newtonism for over a century, they finally gave in and accepted Newtonism.


The reason why the continental scientists had to accept Newtonism was because Newton claimed to have computed astronomical quantities with his new dynamical system using force and mass.

If so, what is the problem?

If Newton computed astronomical quantities successfully by using his doctrines; then you may think that his doctrines must be correct. For instance, according to the Newtonian myth, Newton and Halley computed the return of the Halley’s comet by using Newton’s dynamical doctrines. . . correct? No. When you look at Newton’s original calculations in the Principia, you will see that Newton uses purely geometrical methods to predict the orbit of the comet.


Newton successfully fooled the greatest minds of his time into believing that he was using his own dynamical methods to compute orbits and astronomical quantities while he was using only geometrical methods.


How can we explain this Newtonian fraud, proved by Newton’s own writings, to the general public without getting too technical?


My goal is to ask the French government to establish an independent committee of experts to investigate the truth of what my research has revealed. This committee should include scientists, historians and lawyers but not fanatic Newtonian physicists.


But for now, let’s state without explaining that Newton did all his astronomical computations by using what I call “Kepler’s Rule”. This rule was discovered by Kepler and was appropriated by Newton and later by Newton’s disciples who now write it with Newtonian units to make it look like a Newtonian law. Kepler’s Rule is a geometric rule and explains orbits without Newtonian force and mass.


Please bear with me. I know that if you are not a specialist in the history of science or in physics, you may start losing interest in the subject when I start writing about the fine points of how Newton may have computed orbits; but this is a “political” issue of great national interest to the French people (in fact to the entire humanity) so please continue reading.


I wrote extensively about how Newton used Kepler’s Rule to compute astronomical quantities in this blog; if you are interested you can read them here; but for now I want to ask you to ignore the details and just go along with the story. In fact, I am asking your help and support so that I can collect all the evidence I have so far on this topic to show definitively how Newton fooled the world into believing his occult force and materialist faith.


What is important to understand is that French scientists mentioned above were right:

Newton was trying to reintroduce occult forces and hidden qualities to science in order to colonize and dominate European science with British standards.


British are the undisputed masters of colonization:

the British colonization is nothing more than the imposition of British standards on a non-British people.

You know how “political” colonization works; now understand how “intellectual” colonization works: the British have been colonizing your mind through the British cult of Newtonism presented to you as the true British standard of science.

A world view is also a standard. Newton, with the aid of the British institutions, was able to establish a British religious cult as standard of science in Europe.

As long as France teaches Newtonism as the true science; France will remain a British colony; whoever controls your mind becomes your master.

French speaking scientists of the 18th century lost their fight against Newtonism; the British won and they have been colonizing the mind of humanity with the Newtonian cult ever since.


Newton’s force is an occult hidden soul and it does not exist in nature. Now we know that Newton did not use force to compute orbits; he used Kepler’s Rule.

But Newton’s crime against science was not to compute orbits with a geometrical rule and then to claim to have computed orbits with his so-called laws.


Newton indeed made a discovery of historical importance but he encoded this discovery as a hidden message in his Principia.

Newton’s discovered that Kepler’s Rule is the definition of density.

And this discovery leads to the post-Newtonian world without matter.


As a French citizen you have a duty to protect your heritage from British and American corruption. Of all nations, France is the most protective of her own culture. You protect your cinema against Hollywood; but you accept with open arms an American/British religious cult and teach it to your children as the true science!


Protect your heritage and clear the reputation of the French scientists of the 18th century who tried their best to defend the colonization of science by the British.


I am asking you to start questioning your irrational belief in the British cult of Newtonism. I am offering enough evidence here for you to question Newtonian doctrines that were taught to you as absolute truths. All I am asking you is to believe that French-speaking scientists of the 18th century were correct and that Newtonian force and mass are occult scholastic hidden qualities and do not exist in nature.

I understand that it is difficult for you to question Newtonian doctrines of force and mass because Newtonism was taught to you when you were a child as the only true representation of nature. You were indoctrinated to see nature as material and forceful; atomic materialism is the British religion believed by Newton and still believed as their faith by Newton’s disciples who call themselves “physicists”.


You are taught to perceive nature as material and Newtonian. Over the centuries the Newtonian faithful corrupted your language by defining the words “Nature” and “Newton” and “Physics” as synonyms so that when you say “physical” the word implies a material and Newtonian world.


You may be skeptical about what you have been reading here because you believe that I do not have academic credentials to project to you enough authority in this matter; you may think that I do not have enough authority to claim that we are not living in a materialist and Newtonian world but in a matterless world.

To convince you that nature is matterless may I mention a venerable French scientist called D’Espagnat? You may have heard of him, he believes that matter does not exist and we are living in a matterless world. He arrives at this conclusion through his studies of Quantum Mechanics; I believe that my argument is stronger and more fundamental but what matters is that we arrive at the same conclusion and he has more authority for you to respect the idea that nature is matterless.

Newton’s contemporary Leibniz also denied that nature was material and believed in the matterless world. Even some British thinkers such as Bishop Berkeley denied the materialist view of Newton. D’Alembert also questioned materialism.

There is a strong scientific tradition in France to reject the British materialism.

But as I said, history is written by the victors and in this case the British and the Newtonians were the victors and they deified Newton and established his materialist cult as true science. And this British cult infiltrated the education system in France (and around the world) and started to impersonate science.


Free thinking and questioning dogmas imposed on them by foreign forces are also strong traditions in France. It is time again to practice some scientific skepticism against this British cult of Newtonism colonizing your mind for over 300 years.


Let’s go back to the scientists who refused the Newtonian occult as scholastic hidden virtues. They were right in their identification of the Newtonian doctrine as a cult trying to overtake the continental science just recently freed from scholasticism. But they should never have given up their faith in their belief that nature is not occult.

I never did. And now I am asking you to do the same: uphold the principle that nature is not occult.

This principle is so important that I call it the Scientific Principle:

Nature is not occult.

If nature is not occult and if Newton’s force is occult (and Newton’s force is occult by definition); then Newton could never have computed orbits by using his occult force.


If nature is not occult then Newtonian force could not be used to compute orbits. Now I know how Newton computed orbits by using Kepler’s Rule. Newton never used force in his computations of orbits


I am asking your support to expose Newtonism as a British religious cult. I am asking you only to start being skeptical about Newtonian atomic materialism as taught to you as the absolute truth.

The idea is very simple:

  • Newton’s force is occult;
  • Nature is not occult;
  • Newton used only Kepler’s Rule to compute orbits;
  • Newtonian atomic materialism is a religious cult; and
  • Newtonism must not be taught in the classroom as the absolute scientific truth.

Take action and show your support by commenting here or writing to me in person.


Let France lead the war to free humanity from the British colonization of the mind!




An open letter to the faithful

No one so far took my research seriously enough to question their faith in Newtonism; readers of this blog do not find the evidence presented here convincing enough to suspect that their world view is shaped by a religion.

Why? Maybe the evidence presented here does not meet your high level of standard of evidence? But that can’t be because as someone who believes without question the absurd theories of physicists, your standard of evidence must be really, really low. In fact, you don’t care about evidence at all; you are taught to trust the authority of the professionals and that’s what you do.

I have been writing about a discovery of historic proportions and you fail to get involved. Why? Because you cannot judge a discovery on your own; you don’t trust your own judgment when it comes to science; you believe it only if it is reported to you by the Big Media as a discovery made by a physicist who is dubbed to be the “new Einstein.”
I claim to have discovered a major historical fact that was hidden from humanity up to now; you are lucky to be living in era where such a discovery is made and this is not enough to motivate you? No. Because, any discovery reported in a blog cannot be a discovery that can meet your high standards of scientific authority. You don’t care about evidence; you only care about authority.
No one ever “refuted” – by using their own independent powers of reasoning – the conclusions that I draw from my research. When it comes to science you defer to the professional doctors. Do not argue with me by reporting the authority of physicists as evidence. I present hard historical facts and verified data for your review; I don’t argue by authority or by platitudes such as “Newtonian mechanics works therefore it must be correct.” I am explaining why Newtonian mechanics cannot and does not prove the Newtonian doctrine of atomic materialism.
Physics assumes atomic materialism as its faith. And you still call physics a science! Physics is institutionalized shamanism that “proves” its faith with “mechanics.” This fact alone must raise red flags against Newtonism.
You, as a human being, were taught the Newtonist faith as true science. If you are happy with this, I don’t blame you. Do not change. It takes a great investment of time and curiosity and skepticism to change a hard-wired faith. And Newtonism is a hard-wired faith that was administered to you through your natural language. Newtonism is built into your natural language. Newtonism is a physical prison that you cannot escape; you are not even aware that Newtonian priests corrupted your natural language to make their faith appear “natural” to you. Or should I say “physical”. Until you get the “physical” pun you will never realize how much physicists corrupted your mind. That’s why you hate anyone who tells you that Newtonism is not science but a religious cult.
For you there is no hope. You will never give up your faith in Newtonism for several reasons. The first reason is your absolute respect for professional teachers. Newtonism which you think is science is a professional field, practiced by professional Doctors of Philosophy and for you the word of a physicist is the word of science.

The second reason is that in this brief adventure we call life, you do not have the time to question useless philosophical and existential topics that do not increase your financial worth or do not contribute to your entertainment. So you ignore this issue. Who can blame you.
The change can only come through legal action against institutions that teach Newtonism as scientific and experimental truth. Such a trial can last a decade or more; it will take generations before post-Newtonian worldview takes root.

I do not have the funds to pay for this trial and I do not know who can fund it, although I know that there are parties who will be interested in this issue if they become aware of it. The first group must be parents who trust the education of their offspring to the state. These parents would not want their children to be poisoned with the doctrines of a religious cult.

Another party, is the conventional religious institutions who are told by the state to stay out of the classroom; they do not realize that the state keeps them out of the classroom but teaches a British religious cult as the state religion under the name of true science.

Also, everyone who believes that he or she is living in a Newtonian world should get involved in understanding how they are being indoctrinated with Newtonism.
Let’s be clear: I am not trying to “convert” you or anyone else to a “new religion.” I just want you to be aware that we have here a major discovery that must be of interest to you as a human being. This discovery is as important as the realization of the Earth’s motion.
I do not claim to have made this discovery: Newton did. Newton discovered that Kepler’s Rule is the definition of density. The rest follows from this unique discovery.
I claim credit for ignoring physics mythology that Newton discovered an occult force in nature and Newton’s disciples verified this force with an experiment.

I also claim credit for reverse engineering 300 years of scholastic commentary Newton’s disciples weaved around Newton’s branding of Kepler’s Rule as Newton’s laws.

And I claim credit for being absolutely uncompromising about the principle that nature is not occult. I continued my search until I understood the reason why the occult Newtonian force apparently explained natural phenomena as claimed by Newtonian priests.

Nature is not occult; Newtonian force is occult; then how come “Newtonian mechanics” based on the Newtonian occult force appears to explain orbits?

The answer is obvious — with hindsight: Newtonian mechanics is Kepler’s Rule written with units named after Newton.

Physicists claim that because they write Kepler’s Rule with units named after Newton, the world must be Newtonian.

This Newtonian world revealed to Newton by God and believed by physicists as their faith is atomic, matterful, forceful, occult and animist. Newtonian priests teach you this absurd and occult doctrine of their cult as the representation of true nature. And you believe it!
I offer you concrete evidence that Newton used Kepler’s Rule, and nothing but Kepler’s Rule, to compute astronomical quantities; Newton’s disciples hid this fact further by writing Kepler’s Rule with units named after Newton.

So, I am telling you that Newtonism is a hoax; Kepler’s Rule is fundamental; Newtonism is a scholastic school that morphed into a religious cult and it is taught as state religion around the world.

But against all evidence, you refuse to question your hard-wired faith in Newtonism.

This religious faith was imposed on you by professional teachers in the payroll of the states. You still refuse to think for yourself and evaluate the evidence I present here by your own powers of reasoning by ignoring the past and present authority of professional teachers. These teachers are paid to teach the legal doctrines of scholasticism as legalized in their books; these professional teachers never ever encourage you to question their own books; they defined scientific skepticism as the questioning of the books of the “other” teachers. As you know there are two species of professional teachers who hate each other as much as they hate science.

Doctors of Theology tell you to question the books of Doctors of Philosophy (Newtonian priests the physicists) and the physicists teach you to question the books taught by Doctors of Theology. For professional doctors of either type you are nothing more than a walking dollar sign they call a “student” who is lured into their temple to get an “education.” These two types of scoundrels have been fighting each other for market share in the education business ever since written word existed. You are just their newest victim.
Understand this: Bankers own the money; teachers own the written word. These professionals designed the system to profit themselves at your expense.
My advice to you is to question the teachings of both species of doctors. Remember “doctor” means “teacher.” In fact do not believe the books of any kind of professional doctor on the words of these doctors. Questioning the doctrines of professional doctors of any kind is science. Do not stop with just one type of books because your teacher is teaching you its own book as the only true knowledge. Once you realize this you become a scientist.
You think that for an ideology owned by a hierarchical bureaucracy such as Newtonism to be called a religion it must be the owner of a branded building we call a temple or a church. Since Newtonism does not have a church it cannot be a religion. So, you really do not realize that physics departments are the temples of Newtonism? Unless physicists hang a sign in the entrance to their department saying “The Church of the Sacred Soul of Newton” you will not believe that Newtonism is a religion? Are you really such a fool?
Understand that religion never tells you that it is religion.

Once you perceive religion as religion it becomes religion. You then realize that you have been fooled by professional teachers working for that religion.

Maybe it is difficult for you to understand this fact: Every new religion presents itself to its customers as true knowledge or, scientia. Every new religion defines itself as true knowledge and defines the old religion as religion. Understand this, please, and don’t be fooled again by the same professional doctors selling you their latest snake oil as the true science. Classic example: Emergent monotheism successfully challenged the state religion of Rome by presenting itself as true knowledge – not as an alternative religion.
Newtonism is religion because it impersonates science. Religion is revealed knowledge sold to you as true science. And Newtonism fits this definition: Newtonism is revealed knowledge taught to you as true science.
If you are such a rational human being, why aren’t you supporting this project to expose Newtonism as religion?
Remember that the Fed is a private corporation owned by a cartel of private banks. You perceive a private corporation as a government entity because it is named “Federal” Reserve. Bankers needed to pretend that – not them – but the government controlled the money in the land so they branded their cartel the Federal Reserve.
Newtonism is branded as science – not by bankers who control the money – but by another professional class – who control your education, that is, your mind.

Think about it.

Join the Revolution


Once you understand this you will experience an epiphany and you will join the new scientific revolution.


In the original scientific revolution DOT used Latin to hide and corrupt the content of the Bible. DOT monetized Latin by keeping the faithful ignorant and extracted money from the faithful by revealing to them TRUE KNOWLEDGE supposedly revealed to DOT because they read Latin.


Yes, now you think you are soo clever that you easily recognize this professional racket perpetuated by DOT for thousand years.


If you are so clever how come you do not recognize that DOP is the professional brethren of DOT; they are in the same racket; they make their living by hiding information in a proprietary language of their own definition; DOT corrupted the Bible; DOP corrupt the book of nature.


Let me help you wake up.


As the result of the original revolution against DOT the professional doctors were forced to divide themselves into 2 rival brotherhoods, DOT and DOP.

Scholasticism is all about teaching. Doctor means teacher.

This is all about controlling the education market.

Who teaches what to whom. Follow the money. Who pays your teachers? Teachers are paid to indoctrinate you with the doctrines of who pays them. Understand this.

The state outsources the education business to professional doctors. Up until the original scientific revolution DOT controlled the education business as a state-protected monopoly; and  after the revolution DOP took control of the education market as their own monopoly; DOP teach the state doctrine in free education sponsored by the state and also in paid education sold by Universities.


So now, DOP is in charge of teaching you the “true science” which they defined as Newtonism, which started as “Natural Philosophy” and then morphed into “physics.”

Doctors make their living by revealing the hidden knowledge they hid in their proprietary language and by teaching this revelation as the only true knowledge.

Therefore,  Latin of DOT is the physics equation of DOP.

You know that Latin was the Latin of DOT but you are not aware that physics is the Latin of DOP.

Wake up and join the revolution! We need you! We need to expose the DOP as the new DOT!

All you need to do is to think for yourself. When it comes to religion you are all rationality; but when it comes to questioning Newtonism… what do you do? You take the word of DOP! Why? Do not believe the professional racket perpetrated by the DOP; it is the same professional racket; start questioning the religious cult of Newton perpetrated by the DOP!

Welcome to the revolution!


Time in physics

A search for “gps general relativity” reveals all kinds of content claiming that without general relativistic corrections your GPS will not give correct results. The entire myth about this GPS and General Relativity has been started by a physicist called Neil Ashby who at the time worked for the government. There is no evidence, except Neil Ashby’s own word which cannot be verified independently that there are general relativistic corrections in the operational code used by GPS satellites. Neil Ashby writes about theoretical General Relativity and like all physicists his papers are yet one more iteration of boilerplate General Relativity fare.

Remember that physics is an unregulated professional industry practiced by individuals who lie and cheat regularly in their work to advance their career. Their lying and cheating is exactly analogous to the lying and cheating of lawyers; because physics too is a legal system. These professionals lie and cheat by selecting favorable legal statements from the official legal body. In the case of physics every statement comes in contradictory triplicates and the physicist can chose the one that works and dismiss the others.

So it is business as usual in physics to enforce an unverified legal speculation about GPS and General Relativity as a natural law discovered by physicists. But here I am concerned more about how physicists abuse the concept of time in the name of physics.

In this case we are against a scholastic army of Doctors of Philosophy aka physicists who spent a lifetime to rationalize that a clock has anything to do with Time, the time with capital T — a clock is an oscillator; nothing more; nothing less.

In other words, physicists are fools (or professional crooks, depending on your point of view) who confuse intentionally the measurement of time with the concept of time.

Such speculations about nature of philosophical Time are the oldest of scholastic speculations.

Why are speculations about Time are scholastic speculations?

Because operational equations used in astronomy do not contain a term for philosophical Time; time t, associated with clocks are for period; and period is essentially a length or an angle.

Physicists load a geometric angle with scholastic philosophy about Time and dilate it, contract it, and mess with it in every mystical and scholastic way possible.

So, a scholastic doctor of philosophy who plied his trade in the time of Galileo, made his career by loading the a geometric line with peripatetic philosophy; Galileo removed peripatetic philosophy and called a line a line. This started the scientific revolution.

Removing the branding of modern scholastic physics from geometry, once again, will lead to a scientific revolution.

Like their professional ancestors, modern scholastic doctors of philosophy aka physicists too use the language of mathematics to practice their trade in the speculative scholastic philosophy (and call what they do “science”. . . obviously).

Computation of Lagrange point L1 without Newtonian branding

[The result of this computation is not correct. Thanks to Otto's for discovering the error.
1/20/13: See also this new computation.]

This is a computation of Lagrange point L1 without Newtonian branding.


Compute Lagrange point L1 without using Newtonian branding.


  • Kepler’s Rule is an operational geometric rule that ties the period and radius of an orbit; Kepler’s Rule successfully describes orbits without any Newtonian ideological terms attached to it;
  • Newton’s laws are non-functioning philosophical axioms expressed as ideological labels and they must be eliminated from operational formulas used to compute orbits.

To uphold their doctrine of Newtonian atomic materialism, physicists use Newtonian decorative labels to brand Kepler’s Rule as Newton’s laws. This is a scientific fraud.

Why do physicists perpetuate scientific fraud to save Newton’s authority?

Because nature is not Newtonian; but every practicing professional physicist is a disciple of Newton.

An academic physicist is somebody who has been indoctrinated during his Newtonian physics education and was accepted to the Brotherhood when he successfully earned his license (the PhD) to practice and to perpetuate tirelessly the Newtonian religion by teaching the Newtonian creed to new candidates.

Physicists worship Newton; but Nature rejects Newtonian occult force and atomic materialism.

Therefore, Newton’s fanatic disciples who call themselves physicists must uphold their founder Newton’s authority against Nature by corrupting the old science of physics into the very definition of the scholastic anti-science.

Academic physics is the modern incarnation of scholasticism

To uphold Newton’s authority physicists invented what they call a “derivation.” A derivation is a prayer to Newton. A derivation is the ritual elimination of the Newtonian terms to arrive at Kepler’s Rule. The hoax of writing and then eliminating ideological Newtonian terms to brand Kepler’s Rule as Newton’s Laws has been the official method of academic physics since Newton; in fact, Newtonian physicists have been blindly repeating the same hoax first initiated by Newton in his Principia.

Take a look at this official official Newtonian “derivation” of the Lagrange point L1 and see for yourself how Newton’s disciple performs his prayer to Newton by writing and then eliminating Newtonian ideological terms over Kepler’s Rule. There are no Newtonian terms in the final statement used to compute orbits. The computation is done with Kepler’s Rule. The ideological Newtonian part is written and eliminated. And you thought that scholasticism was dead in the 18th century with the “scientific revolution.”

Nature does not recognize Newtonian ideology

The decorative labels used by physicists in their prayers to Newton include

  • G (ideologically labeled as Newton’s Universal Constant of Gravitation by Newton’s disciples);
  • M (mass of larger body);
  • m (mass of smaller body);
  • F (Newtonian occult and magical force).

To assert Newton’s authority, physicists start their prayer to Newton by writing these decorative terms and then one by one they eliminate them to arrive at Kepler’s Rule. Then they compute orbits by using Kepler’s Rule without Newtonian ideological terms but they claim to have used Newton’s laws.

Kepler’s Rule is independent of units

Newton’s disciples claim that Kepler’s Rule works only if it is used with units named after Newton. This is wrong; it is more than wrong, this is a scientific fraud; to impute to nature Newtonian doctrine is a crime against science.

In this computation I use no Newtonian ideological terms and no Newtonian units. Newton himself did not use any Newtonian units; Newton did not know “Newton’s Universal Constant of Gravitation.” That was invented by Newton’s zealous disciples in the 19th century to brand Kepler’s Rule with Newtonian units.

Newton’s disciples the physicists have corrupted the old science of physics into a hoax

Who would insert ideological terms into equations in order to eliminate them later? This practice of fouling mathematical equations with ideological terms to prove their own doctrine has been a well-established tradition of the European academic scholasticism practiced for millennia by the scholastic doctors of philosophy.

Today, scholastic doctors of philosophy call themselves physicists.

Instead of using rotten scholastic and ideological methods of scholastic doctors of philosophy who call themselves physicists, here, I start directly from Kepler’s Rule without any Newtonian branding and compute the value of L1. In the computations of the L1 no Newtonian branding is used.

The world is not Newtonian

This computation proves that astronomy is not Newtonian. More generally, Newtonism is a religion and a scientific hoax; Newtonism is rejected by nature. What is fundamental is Kepler’s Rule; Newton’s laws are superficial branding of Kepler’s Rule.

To compute the Lagrange point L1 I use only distances and periods; there is no reason to use any dynamical or magical or occult quantity invented by Newton and Newton’s disciples.

R_0 is the Earth-Sun distance; T_0 is the period of the Earth around the Sun. Both R_0 and T_0 are unity, corresponding to the Astronomical Unit (AU) and 1 year.

r_0 is the Earth-Moon distance expressed in AU and t_0 is the period of the Moon expressed in Earth year.

r is the distance from Earth to the L1, the quantity we want to calculate.

Each and every quantity used in the computation is a length or an angle. No Newtonian terms are used in the computation.

Kepler’s Rule for Sun and the Earth:

Kepler’s Rule for the Earth and the Moon:

Solve for T and t:

L1 point is where T and t are equal:


Collect constant terms on one side:

Invert to match the Newtonian derivation here:

Solve for r and compute:

Solution for r as calculated by WolframAlpha:

Comparison of the value of L1 computed by praying to Newton and computed without reference to Newton and physics:

L1_Newton is the L1 point computed by Newton’s disciples by praying to their god Newton; and L1_Kepler is the value computed scientifically by using Kepler’s Rule without ideological Newtonian branding of physics. Results are equivalent.

A professional physicist is a scholastic doctor of philosophy who is bound by his professional oath to forever uphold Newton’s authority and will always use the prayer version; a scientist will prefer the scientific version and apply Kepler’s Rule directly. It is up to you to decide.

* * *

See also: Newtonian computation of Lagrange point

If Newton were to come back to earth…

In this article Professor Cormac O’Raifeartaigh asks “What would [Newton] make of today’s [physics]?” His answer is:

Isaac Newton would be astounded that his theories of motion and gravitation had been usurped by Einstein’s theory of relativity.

I beg to differ with this evaluation.

First of all, Newton will immediately recognize that Einstein’s argument is based on a minuscule angle on the motion of Mercury that can barely be measured; therefore, Einstein’s theories actually prove how precise Newton’s theories are. Newton could easily add a correction term to his theory to account for this insignificant angle that Einstein made a huge deal about; and without using the philosophical mysticism Einstein introduced to physics to explain an academic angle in the motion of a planet.

Newton would be happy to see that the Newtonian school that he established after replacing Aristotle with himself has been successful as he planned and has taken over the entire world as the true representation of nature. Newton would be pleasantly surprised to learn about the “Newtonian Mechanics” that his followers meticulously developed over the next 300 years after Newton left this earth to join the pantheon of physics deities; Newton knew nothing about “Newtonian Mechanics.”

Newton would be proud to learn that his followers love and respect him so much that they named the unit of force after him.

One thing Newton won’t be so happy about is that his followers changed their professional name from “natural philosophers” to “physicists.” Newton instructed his followers to call themselves “natural philosophers” (from the title of his book Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy) to indicate that they were Newton’s disciples. Newton would ask his followers to change their name back to “natural philosophers” but academic physicists are considering changing their professional name to “fine physicists” to better describe what they are doing.

If Newton wants to enter the academic life again in our time; Newton will have to learn a lot of new mathematics. Newton never worked with equations; he worked with simple proportionalities. The way modern physicists cannot read and understand Newton’s mathematics; Newton will not be able to understand modern physics.

You may think that Newton will master modern physics in an hour or so; the genius that he is; but this is not true. Modern academic system is designed to kill any budding genius; every candidate working to earn his license to practice physics has to go through the same 25 years of scholastic education to pass standard tests in order to move up to the next level; there is no shortcut. Newton has to start like everybody else from physics 101; learn Newtonian mechanics and calculus in its modern form; learn all official interpretations of quantum mechanics; study general relativity for a decade or so in order to calculate the same bending of light that Newton can calculate in his sleep; learn the string theory and the rest of physics and become a postdoc; then work as an instructor and if he is lucky become a professor so that he can have fun applying to the National Science Foundation to get a grant to conduct his alchemical experiments. NSF does not fund alchemical research but if the application is signed by one Isaac Newton, the deified founder of the profession of physics, no doubt the NSF bureaucrat who is reading Newton’s application will find ways to bend the rules to accommodate the mortal closest to gods.

Let’s add also that as soon Newton takes a look at Einstein’s field equations; he would immediately recognize that it was Newton who conquered Einstein; not the other way around. Newton’s followers cleverly inserted a “Newton’s universal constant of gravity G” in Einstein’s equations who are supposed to deny the existence of Newtonian force! There it is! The Newtonian unit of occult force physicists call “G” in Einstein’s equations designed to overthrow Newton.

No! Einstein could not overthrow Newton. The best Einstein could do was to divide physics. That’s all. Newton can now go back where he came from happy that Newtonism is stronger than ever among mortals.

So Newton will be very proud of his followers if he were to come to earth and saw how successful Newtonism is.

Newton will also be very proud that in the civilized world it is no longer the teachings of Jesus which is taught at schools; but it is the materialist doctrine of Newtonism.

Newton will see that Newtonism is doing well. There is no reason for Newton to worry.

Fix Physics First

It is stupid to trust members of an elite and regulated profession. –Lawrence Lessig

And fine physics is not even regulated.

People know not to trust

  • Doctors of Juris
  • Doctors of Medicine
  • Doctors of Theology
  • Doctors of Finance

But people still trust

  • Doctors of Philosophy (Physicists)

These are learned professionals; lawyers (and politicians), medical doctors, priests, bankers and physicists. When will people understand that academic physicists are in the business of doctoring their mind by corrupting their language?