The religious roots of Newtonian atomic materialism

Even during Newton’s time some people knew that Newton was creating a religion. Today physicists as Newton’s disciples perpetuate this stealth religion. Nice discussion here:

…Our epistemology comes before our method of investigation. Physicists ignore this fact and uphold the authority of “experiment” as supreme. But “experiment” is a method of investigation. What phycists call “experiment” is nothing more than “measurement” and what we can know by measurement is very limited.

Hawking timeline: A brief history of black holes

This is so typical of every absurdity invented by physicists. I wonder when physicists will come up the with the idea of “classic black holes” and “Hawking black holes”. This way they can save all of the commentary they have written so far and then keep writing for eternity.

It all starts with water…

Life is dealing with water.

Eating means molecularly chewing up big molecules with water. The molecules that cells make are shaped by water. Even the cell membrane is held together by a layer of structured water. DNA is shrink-wrapped with a layer of water. So understanding water is the foundation of understanding cells, organisms and life.

Human body is mostly water:

As babies we are approximately 75 to 80% water and as we grow older this percentage decreases until the percentage is reduced to approximately 60 to 65% for men and 50 to 60% for women.

A Pro-human research center – 2

(See also the previous article on this topic.)

 The problem

  • research relating to human well-being is owned by unhuman organisms
  • humans are not in control of their own business

The solution

  • start a pro-human research center owned and operated by humans

What are the operational principles of research

  • distribute the research globally
  • share all data
  • open source
  • practice just-in-time learning
  • involve everybody not only so-called experts and specialists or people with educational degrees
  • make search/discovery a habit instead of a mysterious process that can only be conducted by a priestly professional class licensed by Big School

What type of issues can we focus on?

  • nutrition
  • harmonious functioning of the human body
  • re-establishing respect for nature and animals
  • technological innovation for a better life
  • improvement of existing technology
  • (need a more specific list)

What are the obstacles for establishing a pro-human research center

  • society is based on money and monetary system is set up to profit the unhuman organisms not the human individual
  • human individual does not have the motivation, desire or time to support long-term research even if it will benefit him

What should be the next step

  • reach out to individuals and ask if they would support a pro-human research center
  • would you support a pro-human research center? Why and why not?

Densytics and physics

Can densytics explain all phenomena that physics tries to explain?

What are the phenomena that physics tries to explain?

- How many angels were dancing on a God particle three seconds before God created the universe by dividing infinity by zero?

- What is god thinking at a given moment stated mathematically with group theory, category theory and symmetry breaking in infinite dimensional string theory?

Densytics cannot explain these religious ruminations favored by the standing army of doctors of philosophy doing business as physicists but we can explain with densytics

- orbital motion.

Physics cannot explain orbital motion except as forceful and dynamical fantasy invented by Newton.

Why is it not possible to open source a scientific project?

In the programming community, someone designs a new language and lots of people contribute to it. Most popular computer languages such as Python and Clojure are open source.

I’ve sketched the fundamentals of a new science I call densytics and I wish that people would work with it and contribute to its development.

I call it science because densytics has a unit of study (density) and a rule (Kepler’s Rule). Densytics is physics without Newtonian branding.

People can contribute by adapting standard physics calculations using only Kepler’s Rule without using Newtonian units or Newtonian ideological branding such as “Newton’s constant of universal gravity”.

I computed Lagrange point L1 by using Kepler’s Rule only. And there is a “tutorial” about how to use proportionality instead of equations to compute orbits. Newton worked strictly with proportions.