Asymptotic mysticism
the claim of asymptotically approaching communion or conscious awareness of ultimate reality through direct experience, intuition, mathematics or any other means
Atomic materialism
doctrine that asserts the existence of the absolute and indivisible. Atomic materialism ascribes absolute discontinuities to nature
Cargo cult physics
physics version of cargo cult programming. A style of practicing physics dominated by ritual inclusion of legal code or boilerplate mathematical symbolism culled from the literature that serve no real purpose except maybe to bring two desired symbols on either side of an equality sign. A cargo cult physicist will usually start by writing dozens of superfluous terms and symbols and then eliminate them one by one and explain what he is doing as derivation
Cargo cult programming
A style of programming dominated by ritual inclusion of code or program structures that serve no real purpose. A cargo cult programmer will usually explain the extra code as a way of working around some bug encountered in the past, but usually neither the bug nor the reason the code apparently avoided the bug was ever fully understood
asserting legal precedent as absolute truth. Casuistry is the fundamental process of physics and defines physics. Physicists cannot change legal precedent and must use casuistry to save new observations that contradict legal physics laws.
Keyword: Casuistry
the art of proving what you have assumed by magic, by miracles, or by “physical” theories you invent.
a continuous extent, succession, or whole, no part of which can be distinguished from neighboring parts except by arbitrary division
a) the modelled world
b) an ordered and harmonious truncation of totality defined fraudulently as totality assumed to obey the current laws of legal physics in its entirety
a) a table made of named rows and columns. Each column contains information of the same type defined implicitly or explicitly, i.e., numbers or strings, and each row contains instances of column heads
b) most valuable commodity on earth
Density continuum
Kepler’s rule is the definition of density and describes a continuum and this continuum we call the density continuum
is nothing more than cycles. When we observe a repetition we name that repetition and we say that it exists
the old scholastic active principle renamed by Newton as force, also known as Newton’s soul that permeates the universe and is the cause of all motion
general name given to periodic motion of organisms. Wave motion, simple harmonic motion, orbits, sleep habits of a cat, 9 to 5 cycle of a corporation, military procurement habits are all periodic motion with different names
Implicit Cosmological Principle
the fundamental pun of cosmology which says that cosmos is universe is totality and transforms locally legal to totally legal. Without this punaxiom cosmology reduces to mythology. With the application of this punaxiom cosmology is elevated to charlatanism
Kepler’s rule
definition of density and the density continuum. Kepler’s rule says that 1.5 power of the radius of an orbit is proportional to the period. This rule was later hijacked by Newtonian fanatics who incorporated it into Newtonian semantics by calling it Kepler’s Third Law. Kepler’s rule is fundamental — Newton’s force is not. Kepler’s rule is independent of Newtonian ideology
Local is total
a traditional method used by all professional monopolists to leverage their monopoly as the ultimate truth. In physics and cosmology local is total manifests itself as the Implicit Cosmological Principle which is used to project observations of a few galaxies to totality
love is that which results in a contract or strives towards a contract. Example: war is the lovemaking of legal-born unhuman organisms
the art of using the authority of mathematics to reach non-mathematical conclusions.
density differential
counting the unit.
Model-dependent realism
Hawking’s theory of reality which says that nature admits no preferred model; the way there are no preferred reference-frames there are no preferred models.
the claim of achieving communion or conscious awareness of ultimate reality through direct experience, intuition, mathematics or any other means
is what you define it to be. Same as the world
Newtonian mechanics
newtonian phenomenology
a type of state sponsored religion that replaced Christianity as state religion in the 18th century Europe and from there spread to the entire globe. Newtonism teaches that the Christian God created a material world (Newton’s zeroeth law) obeying Newton’s laws and enforces its teaching through indoctrination in schools
Newton’s zeroeth law
the prophesy revealed by the Christian god to the founder of physics that nature was Newtonian. Newton made good use of God’s revelation to him and made atomic materialist doctrine the absolute dogma of physics. Later, Newton was kind enough to pass on to humanity, in his role as Moses of Mechanics, the word of God: “God in the beginning formed matter in solid, massy, hard, impenetrable, movable particles.” May his sacred soul be blessed. Amen.
Physical quantity
a unit with a number
Wikipedia – Physical quantity
Physical quantities that make up physics.
a) the name of an academic field that defines, names and studies relationships among numerical units. In physics numerical units are called physical quantities
b) the collection of physical quantities arranged into a legal code which is manipulated by using the rules of mathematical operators to move physical quantities around in order to bring them on either side of an equality sign
c) the art of philosophizing to define, maintain, manipulate and study relationships between physical quantities to publish papers to advance in the academic hierarchy
d) a professional profession who enjoys a protected monopoly where its practitioners define and manipulate physical quantities and combine them into laws of physics which are then marketed as the true laws of nature
a professional class licensed to practice physics
a provisional statement offered for evaluation
the reality-model taught to us when we were learning our alphabet; in our time that model is newtonism
branded faith package offered to humans as framework for living. Requires giving up skepticism for peace of mind
when shamans incorparated themselves into the academia they started to call themselves doctors of philosophy.
the unknowable. Totality is not locality
The world
is what you define it to be. Same as nature

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