Newton the humanoid deity

Newtonian scholastic doctors of our day sell this image to us as science. Newton with his bleeding apple F=ma is sold by physicists as science.

Newton the humanoid deity

Newton the humanoid deity

Can we expect anything else from Newton’s faithful disciples, Modern Scholastic Doctors of Philosophy, the physicists? These physicists enter the Temple of Newton and study Newtonist Doctrine and obtain a license to practice the Newtonist religion.

Newtonist Doctors of Philosophy live in a world filled with Newton’s Soul.

Newton adapted most of Christian symbolism in order to create his own religion.

A religion is made of a faith, a doctrine, and a set of rituals and ceremonies and symbols. Without the rituals, ceremonies and symbols the faith cannot continue. The priests perpetuate the faith through its rituals and symbols. When the substance of the doctrine is gone only rituals remain and this is called religion.

When you look at physics today, Newtonist elements are all ritualized ceremonies. Nothing Newton invented or discovered is ever used in practical calculations.

Newtonian Doctors of Philosophy always pray to Newton by a ritual they call derivation. Derivation prayer consists of writing F=ma and ritualistically sacrificing Newton’s Soul depicted by F. More Newtonian symbolic paraphernalia such as G and M and other species of F are also added and Newtonist Doctors ritualistically eliminate them in order to obtain the underlying proportionality Newton stole from Kepler.

In Christian symbolism the holiness of a humanoid deity is symbolized by the halo behind humanoid’s head. In this case the halo behind deity Newton’s head is the orbits of planets. In Newtonist religion the sacred Soul of Newton holds these planets in orbit as stated in Newton’s chest. This is the fundamental miracle of the Newtonist religion believed by every physicist. This is a miracle because Newton’s Soul does not exist in nature.

Newton’s Soul is not used to put satellites in orbit. Newton’s Soul does not hold planets in place.

The religious mythology invented by the master marketer Newton is still perceived as science today. Newton cleverly associated his soul with the apple which is the most loaded symbol in human history. Newton appropriated the Christian orchard myth and wrote a version of it. The way Christianity adapted pagan mythology in order to create a smooth passage from paganism to Christianity Newton adapted the same template of mythology and added Newton’s Soul as its fundamental doctrine in order to establish the mythological basis of his religion.

Remember, the mythological symbols are the lifeblood of any religion. Without the mythology a religion does not continue after the founder’s death. Newton knew all this. And he carefully designed his religion including all of the necessary mythology.

Every new religion defines itself as science and the old religion it intends to replace as religion. Newton made this definition with great authority and his definition is still going strong today. Newton defined Newtonist Scholasticism as science and Peripatetic Philosophy as scholasticism.

Newton established the dominance of Doctors of Philosophy over Doctors of Theology. Newton transferred scholastic subjects which used to belong to Theological Doctors to Doctors of Philosophy. Cosmogony is the major subject Newton appropriated and made it the fundamental topic of commentary for his disciples who continue the tradition today.

A Doctor of Philosophy in physics who delves in cosmogonic scenarios of String Theory would be recognized as a colleague by a European Doctor of Philosophy of half a millennium ago. The profession is the same. Only the language of the Profession has changed.

A look into humanoid science deity Newton in this picture reveals that in the year 2008 the state of science has deteriorated into what it was before Thales’ time. In many ways humans made great progress. But, in science humans are still colonized by humanoid deities invented by marketers in order to stop human reason from reaching its free state.

It is now possible to obtain our scientific freedom.

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