Physics puns

It is true that the most famous pun in physics is stated as an equivalence principle:

mass is weight

Why are puns so popular in physics? Pun is a play on meaning. Since physics is about attaching meaning to mathematical forms punning comes naturally to physicists.

Recently light is dark has been proposed as a new pun candidate by these authors. The outcome is still open because these relatively low ranking physicists haven’t yet reached the critical mass of authority necessary to define global puns in physics, but I’ve pencilled this new candidate in to the list below anyway.

Be sure to check tropes, or standard legal polemics, in theoretical physics.

  1. constant is unit
  2. definition is law
  3. definition is discovery
  4. divisible is indivisible
  5. field is particle
  6. gravity is gravitation
  7. gravity is graviton
  8. light is dark
  9. linear is non-linear
  10. mass is weight
  11. physical is measurable
  12. physical is natural
  13. physical is physical
  14. physics is science
  15. universe is cosmos
  16. universe is totality
  17. eternal is not eternal
  18. nothing is something

More physics puns.

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