Principles of Densytics

Can we explain all phenomena that physics explains by rejecting the fundamental doctrine of physics and by assuming that all surface is definitional?

Yes, we can and more simply. I call such new science without Newtonian branding and Newtonian atomic materialism, “densytics”.

Densytics assumes that nature is natural and change is the fundamental process of nature.

These are the first principles of densytics:

  • Nature is natural;
  • Surface is definitional;
  • Density defines surface;
  • Motion is flow of density;
  • Change is change in density

For an application of densytics take a look at my calculation of the Lagrange point L1 by using principles of densytics; and here are Newton’s computation of orbits in the Principia reduced to densytics.

The following table shows the principles of densytics versus the principles of physics.

fundamentals densytics physics
first principles nature is natural; surface is definitional; density defines surface; density is finite; there is no absolutely hard surface; motion is change of density nature is supernatural; god revealed to newton that he created an atomic materialist world with absolutely hard, indivisible particles with infinite density moved by an occult quality called force acting instantaneously
fundamental process change motion
unit of study density infinitely dense indivisible that moves without changing
measurables length, volume, density, area physics’s fundamental concepts are not measurable; mass is the finite value of the sum of the infinitely dense matter; force is the finite value of the sum of infinitely fast force; both are absurd quantities and they do not exist in operational formulas; they are written by physicists to save the doctrine and then canceled
theater of change density continuum nothingness
rule of change kepler’s rule; also known as the orbit rule; or the density rule kepler’s rule decorated and branded with ideologically named units and constants and packaged as Newton’s laws and Newtonian mechanics
origin of the rule of change astronomical observations divine revelation
mathematical unit proportionality “physics equation” which is a scholastic tool of casuistry
objective investigate how nature works fit nature to newton’s doctrine of atomic materialism by using mathematical sophistry and casuistry
ultimate goal curiosity career advancement by “discovering” more species of force and mass to obey Newton’s directives in the Principia to his followers
business model open source; free distribution hoard all knowledge wholesale as trade secret hidden behind walls of an esoteric language and monetize retail by teaching to new recruits and by teaching to the laymen through popular books

We have all the requirements for a new science:

  • a well-defined unit of study; and
  • a rule that defines how the unit changes.

All we are missing is people who feel that these initial assumptions are promising and would like to contribute to the development of this new science.

See Contract of Definitions for more on initial assumptions of Densytics.


Switching the focus of our investigations of how nature changes from supernatural atomic materialism to natural densytics will have important results in our understanding of nature.

Physics is based on the assumption of atomic materialism as an absolute truth. Atomic materialism aims to explain nature with movable units with absolutely hard surface and infinite density, therefore, physics accepts motion but rejects change because these units move but never change. In other words, physics defines nature to be supernatural.

In densytics, motion is the flow from more dense to less dense; where there is no such density gradient, motion is uniform and on a closed curve. This explains orbits without Newtonian matter and force.

Newton, on the other hand, defined rectilinear motion as the natural motion in order to save his assumption of atomic materialism; he then made this natural motion to curve under the action of his occult force to form orbits. No rectilinear motion was ever observed. We have no need for Newton’s fantastic scenario of orbit formation because densytics explain orbits naturally as equidensity.

Kepler’s rule is the definition of density; so it is natural that orbits are explained with the concept of density without force or matter.

Density continuum is where change occurs according to the density rule.

Why is it important to eliminate Newtonian branding and atomic materialism from physics?

According to physicists, physics is a system of self-evident theories and it is the only true way to discover and describe nature.

This exact claim was made for the Euclidean geometry up to the 18th century. Then, mathematicians realized that there was nothing “self-evident” or “true” about Euclid’s axioms and other consistent geometries were possible. The same realization also led to the development of new algebras.

By using one of these new geometries, Einstein developed his relativity theory and ever since then physicists have been using many different geometries and algebras in physics.

But none of these geometries and algebras can create new physics in the sense of new geometries. Because physics theories based on new mathematics such as General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and String Theory are all Newtonian theories because they accept without question the Newtonian doctrine of atomic materialism.

Only rejecting the fundamental axiom of physics, namely, atomic materialism, will create new physics and one of these new physics is densytics.

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