Contract of definitions

I. Introduction

I call this set of definitions “a contract of definitions” to contrast them with the absolute “laws of nature” of scholastic Doctors Of Philosophy doing business as physicists who claim to own nature as their intellectual property.

DOP’s definitions have divine provenance

DOP claim that their definitions are revealed to their prophet Newton by God and therefore their definitions are absolutely true “laws of nature”.

DOP prove what they assume

DOP assume the truth of their definitions and then prove what they assumed with experiments. This is the pre-pre-scientific method of shamans who flourished during the intellectual stone ages of humanity. DOP are the institutionalized shamans who package and sell their arbitrary definitions as the absolute truth.

We like our definitions

Our definitions are as arbitrary and as good as their definitions and we claim no divine provenance for our definitions and we are not attempting to prove what we have defined. If you like our definitions, you agree to them, if you don’t like them, don’t agree to them, ignore them.

Nature is definitional

If you prefer, define your own system of definitions. Nature is definitional. Only professional Doctors Of Philosophy doing business as physicists who make their living by teaching their absolute doctrines want you to believe that they are the priestly class who have a privileged access to the secrets of nature and that if you want to know the absolute truth you must pay them to reveal it to you.

DOT sold indugences; DOP indulge in supernatural absurdities

DOP’s professional cousins, the DOT, used to sell indulgences to the people; DOP sell their own definitions combined in absurd theories as the absolute truth revealed to them by God. DOT at least proposed to save your soul; DOP take your money and confuse you even more.

Let’s ignore these professional doctors of physics and go on having fun investigating nature for ourselves without paying a priestly caste to sell us their definitions as the absolute truth. Who needs them.

* * *

II. A list of favorite definitions

Nature is natural.

This definition is in reaction to physicists’ hidden assumption that nature is supernatural.

Nature is definitional.

Nature is what you define nature to be. Another way of saying this is that we can only know what we already know, because we cannot know what we did not define.

Physicists define nature to be supernatural and discover absolutely indivisible supernatural particles moved by a supernatural force and make nature conform to their supernatural doctrines with casuistry. Physics is a good proof that nature is definitional and not physical.

Nature is rational.

There are no absolute laws in nature but there are rules that we can define; the natural rule of nature is equality of ratios. Nature is not equational because nature is not legal; physics is legal, nature is rational.

Science is the pursuit of curiosity for the fun of it.

According to this definition, only amateurs can call themselves “scientists”. No professional doctor can be a scientist because his profession severely limits his curiosity; a professional doctor is allowed to be curious only about finding loopholes in physics to further his career by writing new commentary to old legal code; no professional doctor is allowed to pursue freely his curiosity because his curiosity may lead him to question his faith.

If a professional doctor who calls himself a physicist is not allowed to question his faith of atomic materialism and must fake all experimental results to save his faith, surely, he has no right to call himself a scientist.

Beware of the professionals who define a “scientific method” in order to own the word science and define themselves the only true scientists who know how to apply the scientific method they defined.

Surface exists when defined and named.

Every surface is definitional; there is no absolute surface. Consider the earth which is defined by a surface. To assume that there is a preferred surface defining the earth is anthropocentric reasoning.

To claim that the spherical surface humans defined as the “surface of the earth” is the true surface of the density continuum that stretches from center to space is as anthropocentric as claiming that the earth must be at the center of the universe because it is the abode of humans.

We may define the earth to include the atmosphere or we can define the earth as the surface of earth’s core; all surfaces are definitional and the density continuum that includes what is conventionally known as the earth does not have any preferred surface.

There is nothing special about the density level where humans live. All absolute truncations of a continuum are ideological. Five hundred years after Copernicus human-centric point of view is still with us.

Surface is defined by density.

Either by the square of the unit making up the boundary or by the contiguous parts of the density continuum where more dense meets less dense, for instance, where water meets air.

Density is the unit of nature.

Not that there is anything special or ultimately true with the concept of density. It is that density is naturally based on measurable quantities.

The Cult of Newton who claim to own nature defined the absolute indivisible moved by the occult force as units of nature. Both the indivisible and force are supernatural absurdities and do not agree with our first definition, so we choose density as our unit of nature.

Density is the number of units in a given boundary or frequency squared.

Because volume is proportional to area.

Density continuum is the continuous variation of density according to the Density Rule.

Motion is the flow of density from more dense to less dense.

Density continuum is in constant flow but density is conserved. Where Density Continuum has constant value motion is on a closed curve.

We don’t need to include physicists’ mass terms “m” and “M” to explain orbits or motion. There is a reason why “m” and “M” always disappear from equations. In nature there is no mass “m” moved by the occult force “F”. Motion is flow.

Physicists corrupted the good old science of physics with the atomic materialism and defined nature to be “physical”. It will take a few generations to fix the damage caused to human understanding of nature by these corrupt doctors of philosophy doing business as physicists.

Density continuum varies as the 1.5 power of distance.

This is the density rule discovered by Kepler. Kepler’s Rule says that volume is proportional to area or the radius cubed is proportional to period squared. Kepler’s Rule is also known as the density rule.

Unit is length which is kept constant.

Unit is definitional; there are no absolute, ultimate or true units; any length can be chosen as the unit; therefore, only length is the measurable quantity.

Consequently, there are no absolute constants.

Counting of the unit is measurement.

Measurement can only measure what is defined as measurable.

There is no measurement without units.

Since unit is arbitrary, measurement is independent of units. Anything physicists claim to compute by using their branded units and branded constants can be computed by any unit whatsoever.

Of course, we don’t claim to have the superpowers of doctors of physics so we let them compute to seven significant digits the number of angels dancing to the tunes of the gravitational waves in the witten-kerr-broccoli spacetime 3 seconds before God created time in order to start his countdown to the big bang.

The same is true for computation.

Computation can only compute what is defined by the unit.

No amount of computation can prove what is not included in the computation. Physicists, on the other hand, like nothing better than to prove what does not exist in their equations by philosophical commentary they attach to equations. Only doctors of philosophy doing business as physicists will prove the letter m by rearranging terms in equations that do not contain the letter m. Doctors of physics defined “computation” to be the ritualistic changing of the guards in front of the temple of Newton. No quantity needs to be computed in a physics computation.

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