The religious roots of Newtonian atomic materialism

Even during Newton’s time some people knew that Newton was creating a religion. Today physicists as Newton’s disciples perpetuate this stealth religion. Nice discussion here:

…Our epistemology comes before our method of investigation. Physicists ignore this fact and uphold the authority of “experiment” as supreme. But “experiment” is a method of investigation. What phycists call “experiment” is nothing more than “measurement” and what we can know by measurement is very limited.

What are physical objects?

Physicists never ask (and are forebidden to ask) this fundamental question:

What are physical objects?

The word “physical” in this question is a definite sign that the questioner assumes secretly the Newtonian materialist worldview taught to him from birth as true nature. The correct way to ask this question is:

What are objects?

Instead of asking and trying to answer this question physicists secretly chose one of the possible answers to this question as the secret dogma of physics. The fundamental doctrine of physics that physicists believe as their faith but do not reveal to the world is the doctrine of atomic materialism.

Physicists believe that existence is atomic and matterful. What physicists call “the physical world” refers to this imaginary and fairy-tale nature invented by physicists. In this “physical” world indivisible and invisible units (the supposed atomic matter) combine to form visible objects. This is a fantastic view of nature and does not represent what we perceive as nature because existence is definitional; existence is not atomic and matterful. There are no absolute discontinuities in nature as postulated by atomic materialism.

All of the absurdities and paradoxes physicists package and sell as true mysteries of nature that they discovered are in fact by-products of physicists’ attempts to reconcile their Newtonian materialist faith with a non-materialist nature. Physicists corrupted the word “physical” to mean “material” and any time you use “physical” you serve the secret Newtonian brotherhood.

Physical explanation of a definitional nature results in casuistry and absurdity. That’s why there are so many absurdities in physics that physicists spend careers to “normalize” by mathematical sophistry and gimmickry.

Our view of nature has been deeply corrupted by physicists. It’s the power of marketing that such corrupt professionals are presented to the world as genius and humble scientists working for the best of humanity.

* * *

Who are these people who do business under the trade name of “physicist”. Where do they get the right to corrupt our perception of nature with their Newtonist doctrines and materialist faith? Who gives them the right to build mass destruction weapons killing millions of innocent people? How can these corrupt and evil mass murderers are allowed to teach our kids and corrupt them with their pervert theories of nature formulated in the 18th century by a religious fanatic? Who markets physicists as genius and scientific heroes while physicists should be shamed as traitors to their species?

Officially, a physicist is an underpaid academic professional who is licensed to teach physics. In addition to the obligatory teaching, most physicists also practice physics.

And what is this physics that physicists practice? Physics is simply the legal professional code of this corrupt profession. Physicists define, package and market laws of their own invention as true laws of nature. Of course, they do this when they are not building mass destruction weapons for their employers. In short, physicists are modern practitioners of the old profession of academic scholasticism. These academic professionals who were busy writing scholastic treatises on the theory of motion suddenly became valuable employees of military powers of the time because they could use their knowledge of the burgeoning field of electrics to build powerful weapons. Empowered by their collaboration with the global powers “natural philosophers” renamed themselves as “physicists” and became academic mercenaries building weapons for any nation promising to support them and using their new “scientific” authority replaced their cousin DOT as cosmic shamans.

It is now physicists who fulfill the role of shamans in our society. They are not dressed as medicine men and are not as honest, useful and entertaining as the medicine men, but physicists serve the same purpose. Physicists are institutionalized shamans offering the general public authoritative answers to big questions that do not have answers by definition. Religion used to this do, now it’s the physics’ turn. This is not surprising because theological doctors and doctors of philosophy are professional cousins always fighting to save the soul of the book-buying public by injecting them with their version of “true knowledge.”

By selling authoritative answers to questions without answers physicists reduced themselves to charlatans. Physicists are charlatans but they enjoy a ready market for their absurd and wacky theories of nature; global military powers for whom they build weapons use physicists’ cosmic scenarios as “scientific” cover for their weapons research. It’s up to you to expose these charlatans and criminals as what they really are.

1. Don’t buy the books sold by physicists pretending to reveal to you the deepest secrets of nature as “science”.

2. Write to physicists and ask how can they associate themselves with a profession that is supported and sponsored by global military powers to build weapons.

3. Ask them to renounce this corrupt and criminal brotherhood of physics and disseminate their ideas freely online, if they have any useful ideas besides how to build weapons.

The Evil Symbiont

Christ drives the money changers from the temple by Rembrandt

Do you know who owns your body? You may think that you are the owner of your own body but you are not.

Your body is owned by your evil symbiont. Who is your symbiont? Let’s explain.

Humans live in symbiosis with a species of legal-born organisms that do not have a well-defined surface and therefore are not perceivable in its entirety by human senses. Your body is owned by this bodiless legal organism. Since this organism has not yet been identified as a life form it does not have a name.

Every human individual is either a pet or a slave of humanity’s invisible master. The master of human beings is also the landlord of the Earth. Since land is the source of all power and your master also makes the laws for you to live by on the land that it owns, your master is all powerful and has full control over you. Now that you know who your owner is, be in awe and show proper respect where respect is due.

* * *

Every human baby is born as a slave in this human plantation known as the planet Earth. The parents of the baby relinquish all natural rights of the baby to the master in return for protection and the right to live in the land owned by the master.  How come humans lost the ownership of land? At some point in history, these unhuman legal organisms took the ownership of the land from the human feudal lords and made the entire humanity their indentured servants. We are witnessing the historic transfer of the ownership of land still owned by human dynasties to the unhuman organisms.

Upon its birth the baby is assigned a serial number and recorded in the database owned and maintained by the master. Your master who has no flesh and bones body and therefore no senses cannot perceive you as a human being with natural rights but perceives you only as a number in its database. For the master the value of the baby is proportional to the amount of tax it can extract from this baby during its lifetime. Money is the essential nutrient of this unhuman bodiless organism and without a constant circulation of money it would expire. Everyone in this database is expandable and can be sent to die during the lovemaking of this unhuman species with its peers which we humans perceive as war.

Humans are aware of the war-torn, divided and tragic state of their species but no one appears to be aware that humans live in symbiosis with a being without body. Their symbiont have become their master. The symbiont is also a parasite preying on the human body. It somehow became dominant and enslaved the human species. Humans are unable to perceive their master as a living organism because human beings are programmed to perceive nature as material. But existence is not matterful, existence is definitional. New life forms appear only by networking among existing life forms, not by evolution. The way cells combined to form the human organism as a new species, humans formed the legal organism as a new species.

* * *

Once you become aware that you are a servant, pet or slave of the master (colloquially known as “The Man”) all you can do is to deny it and rationalize it by believing that you are a free-born. But you are not free until you pay off all of the debt you were born with. Once the master can no longer extract taxes from you and decides that you are old and useless it will set you free, then you are free, not before then.

You were born as an indenturer, you paid your debt all your life and when you are finished you were kicked out of the society and sent into a sunny location to “enjoy” your withering existence!

Humanity has been groping to perceive and name this unhuman and bodiless legal organism for a long time. I called it the Org before, now I call it the Evil Symbiont or the Big Parasite in homage to Orwell’s Big Brother; man in the street calls it The Man… but no one realizes that this organism is a real living being and it is a biological species like any other known species. What the human master is to a cat, this unhuman legal organism is to humans. The cat can only perceive an instance of the human species — the owner of the house the cat lives in — but we should be able to perceive this organism as a species because we perceive it in time, across generations.

* * *

We have no choice but to live by fooling ourselves that we are free-born people living freely in the land of the free forgetting that we must pay our rent to the global landlord for everything of value that we pretend to own and that we are not allowed to trespass any land owned by another unhuman organism without asking for written permission. Considering that we cannot form couples without asking written permission from the agents of our master…. how can you still pretend that you are a free-born living freely in the land of the free? All evidence proves without a doubt that the human individual is a slave of its evil symbiont. When you are aware of all this evidence, how can you still pretend to yourself that you are a free individual?

R.I.P. Particle physics

Matt Strassler is a “particle” physicist and he writes:

what we call particles are not really particles but ripples…


in physics today, all of the things we call particles are actually little ripples in corresponding fields. They are like little waves…

[Note: December 9, 2012 -- It turns out that what Matt Strassler calls "ripples" are "probability waves", that is, mathematical fiction. Sorry for believing Matt Strassler's deception. See this post for more.]

Therefore, this is an indisputable physical fact confirmed by respectable “particle” physicists:

There are no particles in nature; there are only ripples.

For centuries physicists told us that a particle is a spherical ball with a finite radius and they kept finding these particles in physics experiments.

Now physicists are telling us that there are no particles but only ripples.

That’s fine.

In a science, if an established doctrine is contradicted by repeated observations, the practitioners would drop that concept and replace it with the new one. But physics is not a science; physics is a legal profession that uses casuistry as its fundamental tool of discovery.

Therefore, the legal canon of physics can never be wrong and can never be proven wrong by new discoveries. If  official legal physics says nature is made of elementary indivisible particles, this cannot be changed by contradicting experiments.

So what physics operatives to do? They do what all Learned Doctors do when faced with observations contradicting their doctrine. They corrupt the meaning of the word particle to keep particle in physics and in their professional title. Physicists corrupt the words contradicting their doctrines by loading it with new meanings so that they can interpret it case by case. This is called casuistry and it is the oldest method in the book of academic scholasticism.

Will particle physicists listen to the call of nature and change their professional title to Ripple Physicists? Not a chance. The stakes are high. Big governments fund physicists to discover new particles not new ripples. So this is the reason why physicists choose charlatanism and sophistry and casuistry to keep particle in physics while corrupting its meaning. Yet another proof that physicists are the modern representatives of the old scholastic profession.

Rejection of Newton’s atomic materialism leads to a new science

By reverse-engineering Newton’s System of the World and its modern extension called “physics”, we see that Newton built a complicated and absurd structure in order to save his assumption of atomic materialism. The assumptions named force, mass, rectilinear inertia, instantaneous action-at-a-distance are all Newton’s inventions to save his atomic materialist assumption.

As soon as we reject Newton’s assumption of atomic materialism, all of his supporting assumptions disappear from physics.

But atomic materialism is the doctrine that claims that entities of finite density are composed of unit entities of infinite density. When we reject this absurd assumption, we realize that the good concept of density is freed from Newtonian ownership and now we can make density, not matter, as the operational unit of nature; this is densytics, physics without Newtonian branding.

Physics: ENRON of sciences

Physicist Frank Close writes:

Unfortunately, in its raw form, Quantum Field Theory doesn’t make sense — its outputs are physically impossible infinite percentages when they should be something simpler, like the number 1. The kind of physics that the Higgs boson represents seeks to ‘renormalize’ field theory, forcing equations to provide answers that match what we see in the real world.

So, according to a physicist who is an expert in the field, Quantum Field Theory is a bankrupt theory. If QFT were a company it would be ENRON.

If QFT is ENRON, who are physicists?

Physicists are the professional doctors who are doctoring the book of physics. ENRON’s accountants cooked the books of ENRON to make the company look good to its investors; doctors of physics doctor the books of physics to look good to their employees.

No, not exactly. We should give more credit to physicists than that. Physicists cook the books of physics not to look good to their employees, no, physicists cook the books of physics to save their faith; to fit nature to their faith. Like all priests of a cult, physicists care more about their faith than monetary rewards.

Accountants are the bean counters; doctors of physics are the particle counters and it is true that there are more absolutely fundamental indivisible building blocks than there are species of beans. And all these absolutely fundamental indivisible building blocks that physicists discover, you guessed it, turn out to be as divisible as any bean.

Let us now draw our attention to this most incriminating admission of scientific fraud by any physicist ever:

… forcing equations to provide answers…

sounds awfully close to “forcing balance sheets to provide answers…” that the corrupt CEOs want.

The correspondence is perfect: Accountants manipulate one kind of loaded balance and physicists manipulate another kind of loaded balance.

But there is also a big difference. Accountants who cook books go to jail; physicists who cook the books of physics by forcing equations to provide answers to save their faith are celebrated for their great “discoveries”.

Physicists can easily “renormalize” a bankrupt theory of physics with their mathematical sophistry and sleight of hand so that they can divide by zero without appearing to divide by zero. No accountant can do this, can he? Inventing creative solutions to cook books and forcing equations to give results to save their faith… thank god physics is the hardest of hard sciences…

Atomic materialism is the faith of the Cult of Newton and physicists have been cooking the books of physics for a long time to save their faith.

But you might ask, is there a way to regulate corrupt professional physicists the way accountants and bankers are regulated? Well, there is such a regulation, it is called mathematics.

But it is a well-established fact in professional industries that professionals will corrupt any self-regulation rule imposed on them and make it their most powerful tool to continue their corruption. So professional physicists corrupted mathematics to its core in order to use the authority of mathematics to prove their doctrines.

How did this all start?

The professional ancestors of today’s scholastic doctors of philosophy called themselves peripatetic philosophers and they have been busy mixing philosophy and physics for over many centuries. Peripatetics were philosophers with a good philosophy education; physicists are philosophers manque with zero respect for philosophy and are in denial that they are philosophers doing philosophy with equations.

The story is well-known; Galileo realized that physics has become more philosophical speculations than description of nature and his solution was to transfer the scholastic authority of professional doctors to geometry.

By using geometry Galileo eliminated scores of scholastic labels doctors of philosophy had invented to explain motion and cleaned physics from scholastic philosophy.

This worked for a while but then God said “Let Newton be” and corruption in physics became legal again. Newton corrupted geometry to assert his materialist doctrines by using the authority of geometry. Newton inserted pictures into geometric diagrams. . . Newton proved geometric theorems by his authority. . . Newton made use all of his scholastic arsenal to corrupt mathematics to assert his materialist faith. Newton’s disciples the physicists have been copying their master exactly, as usual, and have been corrupting mathematics ever since.

It seems that we now reached another breaking point and even physicists are aware that they have corrupted physics to its mathematical core and some kind of rectification is in order.

How can we clean physics from physicists’ scholastic junk?

Physicists’ equation is the corrupt version of proportionality and the equation is the vehicle physicists use to apply their art of casuistry. If we could enforce that each and every equation physicists write with their branded units and branded constants ultimately reduce to proportionalities that would be a great progress toward rectifying physics. Let’s ask physicists to give up their professional authority over mathematics, like their ancestors did, and stop “forcing equations to provide answers they want” and take an oath to always read an equality sign only as an equality sign.

And let’s eliminate Newtonian branding, that would be a good start too. Physics without Newtonian branding is called densytics.

All professionals are in the business of hiding information and then selling the information they hid as absolute truth. Their business model is to package and sell their hidden doctrines as true laws.

Each professional field has a monopoly and a law for that field and professionals milk the laws they wrote to corrupt the world and enrich themselves.

Physicists are professional doctors of philosophy; they are the ones who wrote the book on how to use scholastic sophistry to corrupt your language. This is why you think that “physics describes the physical world and the physicists are scientists who describe the physical world to us.” Physicists defined nature as “physical” and called themselves “physicists” so you cannot even perceive a definitional nature without an absurd notion called matter.

Physicists enjoy a protected monopoly to legislate nature and their monopoly is protected by the government and the media and schools.

My advice to all accountants working for global corporations: When you are caught cooking the books just tell regulators that you simply “renormalized” the balance sheets. You should not be punished for using the same scientific method used by physicists.

And my advice to physicists: admit that you bankrupted the old science of physics and file for intellectual bankruptcy in the courts of science and start your recovery process as an honest scientist.