The mission statement for a non-profit: Love over law

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Our mission is to recover natural rights of human body that our ancestors sold to the legal organism.

Humans lost their right to

  • travel freely on earth
  • form couples freely and reproduce freely
  • raise own offspring
  • resolve disputes among themselves
  • judge and punish the guilty
  • live by love not by law

We aim to recover these lost natural rights of human body by challenging the legal organism in the court of law.


Love Over Law

Any entity born of a legal contract is a living legal organism. A legal organism is a form of life without a well-defined surface visible to human senses. Legal life form includes flag states, logo corporations, brand religions and color sport clubs. In order to perceive the legal organism humans must make it visible by representing it with a flag, logo, brand or color.

The relationship of humans with cats can enlighten us about the relationship of humans with the legal organism.

Humans and cats

Human species is the owner of cats. Cats entered into a covenant with humans and with this covenant cats gave up most of their natural rights including the right to reproduce, freedom of mobility, freedom to form couples and the right to practice and perpetuate their own natural habits and the right to educate and own their offspring. Cats have none of these freedoms that actually belong to them by birth and by being a cat. Cats sacrificed their natural freedoms for protection by humans. Cats became humans’ pets.

Mules, on the other hand, were not as intelligent as cats to draw a contract that allowed them to sleep all day and be fed for free. In addition to giving up all their natural rights mules became beasts of burden. If cats are pets, mules are slaves with no rights.

Owner has no accountability towards its property

Human individual as the master and owner, have no accountability for his actions towards pets and beasts of burden. The owner can sell them, throw them away, make fun of them, treat them as objects and work them to death or keep them at minimum survival rations and the animals cannot bring their owner to justice in any court of law.

Legal organism owns the human body the way humans own pets and beasts of burden. The relationship is the same.

Love against law

Humans impose on cats human habits by forcing them to live by the rules of the human house; the legal organism forces human body to live by the rules of its house, that is, by the law of the land.

Therefore the never ending war between human body and the legal organism is the war between love and law.


Humans perceive their environment by their five senses; human body has a surface. The legal organism does not have a surface that can be perceived by any of human senses. The legal organism exists as a legal entity; it can only perceive the law; it can distinguish what is legal and what is not legal and nothing else makes sense to it. The legal organism does not know what love is, in the sense humans use that word. What humans call “war” is the lovemaking of the legal organisms called flag states.


Humans are forced to live in the prison of law and yearn to live freely in love.


Love is human; law is unhuman

Law alienates human body from itself and from its natural environment. An organism which is alienated to itself and to its natural environment (and who learned to love its alienation) is easily controlled.

Legal organism perceives the world as a legal place. Therefore, this bodiless human, the legal organism, is not good or bad; it has no feelings, it has no passion; it has no reason; it does not see or hear the way we see or hear; it has no eyes or ears. The legal entity reacts to a challenge to its authority from an individual only if it is challenged in a court of law with proper jurisdiction.

Only when its interpretation or enforcement of the law is challenged in a legal venue that has jurisdiction over the legal organism that the legal organism feels the challenge to its authority by an individual.

Therefore the only hope for human body to change the world for his benefit is to fight the legal organism through legal channels. This is exactly how Gandhi freed India from the British rule.


Take New York City. The City Hall and the city government is the owner of the city and it is our landlord. The City Hall manages the city for the flag state who owns the land. New York City government is a legal organism and it is not good or bad. “Good government” makes no sense. Calling a government “good” is to give an unhuman organism human qualities.

Don’t try to make the government good. Good is a human quality it does not apply to the government.

The government enforces the law; nothing more, nothing less. The government has no human morals, it knows nothing else but enforce the law.

Law is unilateral

Government enforces laws of his own definition to rule over human body. Do not complain that laws are not just. Why would the legal organism who defines these laws to rule over the human body make the laws just so that the human body can have equal rights to retaliate against the government by using the same laws?

Laws are not made to benefit or serve human beings; laws exist to benefit the ruler (your landlord) and the collaborators of the ruler, the professional classes, such as bankers.

The law is the habit of the legal organism

The older the law the harder it is to change and the more legitimate it looks. New York City just updated for the first time noise control laws drafted 40 years ago. For a bureaucracy of the size of New York City government 40 years is not such a long time. For citizens noise control is the most important quality of life issue; they complain about noise all the time. For the government noise control is not a priority.

But the government does not take 40 years to collect taxes. Is this surprising? The fact that the government collects taxes diligently but does nothing about noise control to help citizens live a comfortable life does not mean that the government is being bad. The government does not have ears. Why should it worry about noise.

Rulers rule in the name of law not love

Human body has been ruled by law for a long time. First it was in the name of the law of god… then it was in the name of the law of the king… and now it is in the name of the law of the legal organism. Finally, the legal organism claimed what belongs to it: the law of the land. Is it surprising that the law belongs to the legal organism who defined it?

Initially the owner of human species was the god because humans were told that they had a covenant with the god. Then kings and tyrants took over and claimed to have their power given to them by god. And then the legal organism took over the ownership of land on earth and anything who lived on the land including the humans. Today the living legal organisms we call flag states are the landlords of the earth. We are seeing the completion of this transfer of ownership of the land as the flag states are pressuring the last human owners of land to give up power as in Libya and Syria.

Why are humans get so excited because they are replacing a human landlord with an unhuman landlord? Maybe because they are programmed from birth to despise their own and love the legal organism.


Humans as sentimental and reasonable beings project human values to legal organism and try to fight it by trying to reason with it. Or by appealing to its feelings or justice. This won’t work.

To project human characteristics to an organism which is not human is like explaining thunder by Zeus; this is the pre-scientific way. Do you fight a virus by calling it “bad” or by trying to reason with it? No. You fight a virus with the language it can understand. Both the virus and the legal organism prey on the human body – but at different scales. The virus uses the human body as host; human body uses the legal organism as host. Human body loves good viruses; the legal organism loves good humans. The relationship is the same.


The legal organism does not understand anything which is not law. Proof: The only way an individual can communicate with the government is through printed forms prepared by the government. If the government does not want to discuss a matter with its subjects it does not print a form for it. The individual as the property of the legal organism is bound to remain always a petitioner at the mercy of the legal organism.

Only legal action can change the wrongs of legal organism against human body.

To change the law you need to challenge the law. Some believe that in order to change the law you must first break the law. Civil disobedience has a long tradition in our society. But civil disobedience works only as marketing; change, if it occurs, only occurs in the court of law.

Once the law is changed the government starts to enforce the new law and the same government elevates the breaker of the old law into a hero and inserts a new holiday into the legal calendar of the state named after the hero who the state killed earlier as an outlaw for breaking the law. Why go through this process! Don’t break the law. Go directly to the court and challenge the law through the court system.

Legal logic has no logic

You can tell that the legal organism has its own peculiar logic: first it kills somebody for breaking the law and then defines him as the greatest hero of the state. This is the legal logic. Legal logic has no morals and it has no contradictions. In legal logic every legal statement is true by its letter, by its spirit and/or by precedent. In other words, what is legal is true; what is not legal is not true and does not exist. Legal logic is not Aristotelian logic.

The legal organism makes changing laws as difficult as possible because legal entity too, just like humans, lives by its habits; and its habits are bureaucratic procedures based on laws.

We must yearn for good laws not for good government. We must yearn to put in every law a bit of love. The law must leave room for individuals to solve problems among themselves. We must fight to put the authority of love over the authority of law. Love means lack of law.

Human cooperation against the legal organism will take generations because humans are taught to hate each other and obey the legal organism who is their landlord and master. Or human unity may never happen because none of us as an individual has an incentive to sacrifice our happiness today for the well-being of next generations. Why should anybody sacrifice his or her happiness in this brief life for someone they do not know?


Just like cats humans have given up the right to educate and own their offspring. Human mother sacrifices her offspring to the legal organism who indoctrinates the human child to obey the laws made by the legal organism.


It is stupid and misguided to fight the government or state by destroying its property (including its most valuable property, the human body). There is nothing which makes the legal organism angrier than damage to its property; by causing damage to its property you are challenging the legal authority of the legal organism; you are striking the very soul of the legal organism. This is not acceptable.

Don’t do it. Don’t become a romantic revolutionary. The only way to recover human rights taken by us by the legal organism is to take legal action against the legal organism. The legal organism took our natural rights from us by a legal contract made by our ancestors. We can only get our rights back by making a new legal contract with our present landlord and master and overlord the legal organism.

Never be confrontational. Be legal.

Our mission is to change the law by arguing with the legal organism in the court of law.


The legal organism needs humans more than humans need the legal organism.


When we accept that the legal organism is a living organism without a body and with no senses, we observe that just like a human being this organism too lives through its habits. Just like human beings and other living organisms, just like cats, legal organism too enjoys living its habits; this legal organism is a creature of habit. What defines life is habits; not body, because motion defines surface. If it has habits it is a living organism.

The habits of the legal organism obviously are legal habits formed by repeating what is legal and then locking them in as the only truth. Written law is the DNA of the legal organism. It is all about habits. This is not about good or bad. We are faced with an organism with no feelings with no human qualities but who can emulate human functions like writing and whose soul is law and whose actions are defined by habit. And just like humans, the legal organism hates when its habits are challenged.

Consider how difficult it is for you to change a well-established habit. For an organism of the legal organism’s complexity changing a habit requires a colossal bureaucratic effort. Like all creatures the legal creature hates the unknown and resists change to the last possible legal brink. This is why it is so difficult to change an existing law. But once the law is changed; the legal organism will then enforce the new law.


Legal organism is a living organism. Law is the habit of the legal organism. Legal organism is the landlord of the individual and we must be in good terms with our landlord and when the landlord impinges on our rights we must discuss the issue in a court of law with proper jurisdiction because the process of the law is the only language our landlord understands.


The mission of the non-profit is to uphold the authority of love over the authority of law; to include in every law a “love fuse” that will “short circuit” the law as soon as the law starts to hurt the human individual.


Science this week 2

Science is questioning. Questioning dogmas of physics is a branch of science. Therefore, questioning the reified reality dogma of physics is valid scientific field that needs to be a section in the It is more efficient to organize the world’s knowledge on question level than on formal professional paper level that requires pre-internet strength of attention concentration skills to parse. To meddle with physicists’ sacred publication habits will result in blog posts complaining that physics is under attack because marketing is the fundamental process of nature and physics as the rotten unhuman organism feeding on human intelligence is defined and shaped by marketing forces. As a stealth corporation without a definite business address and without a known headquarters physics corporation is more like a secret brotherhood than a scientific endeavor and appropriately it was found by the great marketing genius Newton the corporate raider who meddled in politics, religion and mysticism when he wasn’t scheming to overthrow Aristotle. As a legal-born corporation physics does not care about rational science but only about what is legal. Physics markets itself as an experimental science but it is full of ideological physics experiments. The employees of the GSHC, like all other professionals in the service of unhuman organisms, use puns such as the equivalence of universe, cosmos and totality and loaded words such as God, infinite, zero, one and singularity to program our natural language in order to make us their customers, clients, pupils or victims.
Questioning the Reified Reality of physics 

  • Physicists make the religious assumption that there is a true nature existing eternally for them to discover
  • Similar organisms behave similarly. Physics and catholic church has  the same hierarchical structure based on the sanctity of authority and rank. Consequently their worldview is the same
  • Physicists fit observations into theories they’ve concocted from their preferred first principles by long and arduous mathematical negotiations conducted through the antiquated medium of formal papers. This method only proves that physics is an ugly bureaucracy. It does not prove that physics is an experimental science or that physicists’ polemical experiment reveals any truth about nature.
  • There are no crucial experiments in physics, there are only testing of fits in order to obtain a better fit.

Physics is a rotten unhuman organism feeding on human intelligence

  • As a legal-born humanoid organism physics is the enemy of human individual and human science.
  • Instead of believing in the attractive propaganda of this vicious anti-human organism, prospective candidates must question it. Ask: Do I want to sell my humanity to this unhuman organism which is in the service of two anti-human monster organisms called the military and the states?
  • The sign on the door of Newtonism: Abandon all reason, ye who enter here.

Five ideological physics experiments 

  • Famous Coulomb’s law is based on a faked experiment and physics has been hosting this faked experiment as a true law-giver.
  • Physics is a legal system and therefore it respects precedent. Science is the questioning of the authority of the precedent.
  • Unless old experiments are opened to critical investigations physics will remain a religion impersonating science.
  • Sanctified experiments are nothing more than physical miracles.

Newton the corporate raider 

  • The Global Scholastic Holdings Corporation is historical constant that changes its marketing name to adapt to changing times
  • Physics profession as we know it today was founded by Newton as a fully-owned subsidiary of the GSHC.
  • Today’s Doctors of Philosophy the physicists are the direct professional descendents of the 16th century pre-Newtonian Doctors of Philosophy who switched their academic allegiance from Aristotle to Newton. They are the same anti-science careerist bureaucrats making careers by monopolizing human reason with their proprietary definitions marketed as absolute truth.

The equivalence of universe, cosmos and totality

  • Organisms make love only with similar organisms. Physics-military-state-media are similar organisms in love.
  • Physicists are the launderers of state-sponsored mythology into science
  • Physicists like all other professionals use puns to program into our language their mythology as science

Physics under attack

  • Cosmology has been the battleground between Doctors of Theology and Doctors of Philosophy
  • The origin of the enmity between these two types of theoretical doctors is Newton’s doing
  • Both doctors are fighting to teach their own religion as the true science

To organize the world’s knowledge

  • Information becomes knowledge by exchange.
  • Doctors of Philosophy never want exchange, they want to teach.
  • At the fundamental level, professional doctors are the enemy of any kind of knowledge that does not belong to themselves.
  • Doctors of Philosophy turn scientific notions into fetish: science, experiment, observation are examples. Branding by reification is the fundamental method of professional doctors  such as physicists.
  • Theoretical knowledge can be organized on the question level better than on the published paper level which is nothing more than a career advancement tool with incidental scientific content.

Marketing the fundamental process of nature

  • Strict religious nature of physics with its sacred compartments of nature rejects the existence of other exchanges in nature such as marketing.
  • Newton understood that standard is the thing and defined force as a standard and turned it into a legal physical quantity. Newton’s disciples blindly obeying Newton’s authority does not yet realize that force is a reified standard.

God infinite zero one and singularity

  • Organisma view of the world is more general than physical view of nature
  • There is no true nature
  • Nature is not physical
  • Professionals love puns. This is nothing new. Infinite, zero, one and singularity are all old puns exploited by the oldest professional class known as the scribes whose current representatives are the academic physicists

Science this week 1

If physics had a written Constitution and it had a Registry of Physical Quantities what would be the number of the Cosmological Constant? The numbers are of this form, AAAAA-BBBB where A is the category number and B is the species number. Probably, Cosmological Constant would have belonged to category Cosmology and species Unconstant Constants. In the realm of humanoid organisms relationships are by contract not by contact. Therefore, the fundamental operation of the world is love which manifests itself as contract. The world is not matterful and forceful but operational. It is possible that nature allows an infinite possibility of appearances, thus nature is a mirror. It is a mistake to assert that one appearance of nature reflected by a particular representation is the absolute and true nature. This is what professional doctors do. Physics has been designed by professional doctors to be the absolute representation of nature. This is the reason why they defined nature to be physical. And for the same reason physics is not science but a legal where the sociology of physics defines the science of physics. Consumers do not yet realize that physics is mythology marketed as science. Most consumers don’t want to. As humans we need a framework to perceive the world. Physics is as good as any. In the realm of the organisma death occurs when the contract is dissolved. But the same professional doctors that invented physics and theology have an absolute monopoly on the concept of death. This concept needs to be emancipated from the monopoly of professional doctors so that it can be studied scientifically.

1. From consumers of mythology to educated customers of science

  • The relationship between professionals and consumers
  • The relationship of professionals with science
  • Existence is contractual
  • Humans are domesticated animals of the Humanoid organism

2. What is cosmological constant?

  • What is the relation of cosmological constant to einstien’s equations
  • What is the relation of einstein equations to totality 

3. The realm of the humanoid organisms

  • Why question old physics dogmas
  • Questioning old physics assumptions is science
  • There is a realm of humanoid organism defined by scale just like the realm of microorganisms

4. Does physics need a written constitution?

  • A Registry of Physical Quantities is proposed
  • Each physical quantity must have a unique number as well as a marketing name
  • If the professional is in the equation that equation is a legal statement not a scientific statement 

5. Sociology of physics comes before science of physics

  • The question of indivisibility
  • How semantic atom becomes physical atom
  • Mathematics is powerless to separate cultural elements physicists insert in equations 

6. Nature is a mirror

  • The observational tools define what is observed
  • my-definition-is-the-true definition method

7. Dead and alive cats have different gravitational fields?

  • Trying to find out if this is a joke
  • What is the situation classically

The realm of the humanoid organisms

Looking at these pictures of the macroscopic world sent me into a soul searching mood. There is an interesting invisible world out there waiting to be discovered.  And here I am writing blog posts criticizing the penultimate oldest profession in the world. I am talking about the scholastic corporation that employs physicists. This corporation will continue to exist infinitely and will never be aware of the meaning of my articles decomposing in the eternity of Google. So what is the point of criticizing this ancient corporation?

When you look at the photographs of the micro realm you see that there is a world that exist in that realm. We don’t see it but it is there. As humans we learned about that world relatively recently. The study and criticism of the profession of physics taught me that there is a similar super macro world, the world of corporations. I call them Unhuman Organisms or maybe Giant Humanoid Organisms. Humanoid because these organisms are not burdened with human body but they are purely human because they are capable of producing written word, the defining characteristic of humans.

These unhuman organisms are masters of humans. Humans are like domesticated animals of these organisms. (Don Miguel Ruiz talks about human domestication on page 8 of The Four Agreements) The recognition of the existence of these humanoid organisms as live beings, although without body, is possible only when you deny the atomic materialist ideology of physics and see the world as made of contractual existence. The world is operational and not matterful. And this result follows from a scientific criticism of physics.

Human history? There is room for improvement

From the internets:

For the Religious, History (like everything else) presents no problems. It (and everything else) manifests God’s will. For the intellectual Atheist (scientist and philosopher alike), everything, let alone history, including the very concept of god itself and its creation by Man, presents a problem that needs definition, analysis, intellectual construction, restoration, continual restructuring and re-re-definition, endlessly. Religious folk are happy people, getting their answers from their leaders – the Catholic Church, the Jehovah Witnesses, like Judaism and Islam (and the Protestants – not at all) present their followers with a complete way of life, while self-respecting intellectuals and non-superstitious scientists suffer the unspeakable anxieties of the sceptical mind.

Man was verbal (for a very long time) before becoming literal. Alphabets are virtually ‘modern’ creations in mankind’s history, and post-date the visual man, who learnt to draw before he could write. But Man could certainly think all the time, from the very first moment of his human existence. Cognition seems to be the most fundamental innate skill the human child is born with.

Myth making was pre-historical man’s first intellectual activity (to include all later cognitive processes of poetry and philosophy, ritual and religion, history, psychology etc.) Ancient myths thus record (and serve as a source of data) as much for religion and poetry, as for pre-historical events as yet un-deciphered or little understood. The poets Homer, Hesiod, and classical Greek Dramatists provide us with our primary sources of Western myths.

One of the most ancient is the myth of Prometheus, the Titan. The Titans were the ancient Greeks’ conception of the gigantic children born of the union of the masculine Uranus (=Sky) and the feminine Gaia (=Earth). Chronos (=Time) was one of them (3), the father of Zeus who (like Satan in the Christian dogma) rebelled and declared a global war against the Titans. Like father, like son, Zeus battled ruthlessly with no holds barred for a decade, and finally won the war in the heavens (in the biblical book of Revelations, Satan’s war against the heavenly host has not began yet), deciding upon Mount Olympus (in Greece) as his new abode, where he lived with his divine siblings, together referred to as ‘The New Olympians’.

Zeus was particularly vicious to his uncle Prometheus for stealing the Fire from the gods and giving it to mankind. Zeus enchained him in perpetuity in the mountains, where an eagle (or, a vulture in some versions of the myth) visits Prometheus daily to feed on his liver, which grows back by night, as a sign of Prometheus’ defiance of the state of affairs created by Zeus’ anti-humanity.