Dark matter is corporate science

NASA’s hardware needs are supplied by other big corporations. NASA’s theoretical needs are also supplied by big corporations, in this case, schools. This is because only similar organisms can interact with each other on equal terms. And also, this must be so because individuals do not have the resources to be theoretical contractors for NASA. Corporate science is done on a huge scale and it is closed to amateur investigators.

These professional researchers built a consortium called Virgo Consortium to supply NASA with Dark Matter theory.

As bloggers anything we write about Dark Matter is absolutely totally irrelevant. Of course, corporate scientists publish papers on Dark Matter and some simulations are publicly available. But do we stand a chance of ever figuring out as outsiders the simulation reported in the media?

Dr. Volker Springel, of the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, led the computer simulations which took 3.5 million processor hours to complete.

These calculations finally allow us to ‘see’ what the dark matter distribution should look like near the Sun where we might stand a chance of detecting it.

This calculation has redefined the state of the art in cosmological simulations. At times I thought it would never end.

Dr. Springel says his simulation will allow NASA to see Dark Matter. Maybe. Maybe not. We are totally out of the loop.

Dark matter is being decided between NASA and other similar organisms and they will let us know their results when they are finished. We, as amateurs, have no clue on the results of this corporate science. We will never have a clue. So what is the point of talking about dark matter here? I think it is totally futile and irrelevant. This is not defeatism. I am just observing the facts.

And I wonder if individual speculators on Dark Matter such as these are also out of the loop even though they are affiliated academics? (They have better press agents).

Science this week 3

Physics is nature is newton is as good a framework as any. Physics is only one of an infinitely possible representations of nature. Physicists are not crackpots but the faithful working for the Ministry of Natural Truth programming our perception of nature with their physical semantics that’s why all of us in physics we trust. He who pays physics gets to define the world and for a few dollars physicists will define the universe for you as a spherical cow. If you pay the price you can have an FLRW universe with a cosmological constant of your choice. If your name appears in Forbes list then you can ask physicists to design a multiverse to match the color of your couch. Zeus’ physical theory of lightning was hidden physics that was revealed to us by a 2000 year old programming code. Be flattered that Doctors of Philosophy and Doctors of Theology are staging the great cosmology wars to save your soul.

1. Similar organisms behave similarly

2. Professional classes use doublespeak equipped with poisonous puns to program their constituency

3. Physics is nature is a pun encoded in our language by professional physicists

4. Crackpot as defined by physicists is someone who questions legal physics. Questioning legal physics is science, therefore, in technical physics jargon a scientist is a crackpot

5. Academic physics is an unregulated industry because academic physics has no practical value

6. Nobel laureates should draft a physics ethics rules and establish it as a required class for all physics students

7. Observations, database and model — physics has its own names for these concepts

8. Physics is trigonometric dynamics

9. In physics, if the same observation is saved by many theories and also by a legal physics theory, the legal physics theory is defined as the absolute true representation of nature

10. Physicists have been the guardians of theoretical human knowledge

11. Physicist have betrayed the trust bestowed on them to safeguard human knowledge from unhuman organisms

12. Physicist sold human knowledge to unhuman organisms for personal profit

13. Physicists use the philosophical notion of falsifiability to rate their physical theories

14. The ratio of model to database is a better indication of the worth of a theory

15. Can we know the simplification order of the universe?

16. The word physical is a physical operator that turns any word into a physical quantity semantically

17. What is measured is not physical

18. Newton decreed that his disciples shall search for hidden qualities in nature by studying motion. This is what physicists have been doing

19. Cosmology is the old battle ground where professional doctors fight to save the soul of their constituency

20. Mathematics will prove any physical miracle as well as any sacred book

21. Both physics and religion allow miracles. Physics discover physical causes of miracles

22. Nth nature is a quantitative alternative to falsifiability to rate physical theories

23. Physics still uses anthropomorphic causes

24. Physics allows explanation by reification

25. Professional physics is an unhuman organism just like the state, the church and the military and the media

26. Big bang is a state-sponsored mythology physicists developed for the states and the military for their own unhuman purposes

27. Legal is corporate science is human

28. Prometheus story was written by professional ancestors of physicists to program humans for the rulers

29. Newtonian worldview is a political standard and it has been designed to serve unhuman organisms

30. Physicists are the present day collaborators of unhumanity against humanity

31. Physicists use semantics to hide information in mathematical symbolism

32. Hidden meaning are encoded in statements called physical laws

33. A physical theory is a generally accepted container of hidden physics

Science this week 1

If physics had a written Constitution and it had a Registry of Physical Quantities what would be the number of the Cosmological Constant? The numbers are of this form, AAAAA-BBBB where A is the category number and B is the species number. Probably, Cosmological Constant would have belonged to category Cosmology and species Unconstant Constants. In the realm of humanoid organisms relationships are by contract not by contact. Therefore, the fundamental operation of the world is love which manifests itself as contract. The world is not matterful and forceful but operational. It is possible that nature allows an infinite possibility of appearances, thus nature is a mirror. It is a mistake to assert that one appearance of nature reflected by a particular representation is the absolute and true nature. This is what professional doctors do. Physics has been designed by professional doctors to be the absolute representation of nature. This is the reason why they defined nature to be physical. And for the same reason physics is not science but a legal where the sociology of physics defines the science of physics. Consumers do not yet realize that physics is mythology marketed as science. Most consumers don’t want to. As humans we need a framework to perceive the world. Physics is as good as any. In the realm of the organisma death occurs when the contract is dissolved. But the same professional doctors that invented physics and theology have an absolute monopoly on the concept of death. This concept needs to be emancipated from the monopoly of professional doctors so that it can be studied scientifically.

1. From consumers of mythology to educated customers of science

  • The relationship between professionals and consumers
  • The relationship of professionals with science
  • Existence is contractual
  • Humans are domesticated animals of the Humanoid organism

2. What is cosmological constant?

  • What is the relation of cosmological constant to einstien’s equations
  • What is the relation of einstein equations to totality 

3. The realm of the humanoid organisms

  • Why question old physics dogmas
  • Questioning old physics assumptions is science
  • There is a realm of humanoid organism defined by scale just like the realm of microorganisms

4. Does physics need a written constitution?

  • A Registry of Physical Quantities is proposed
  • Each physical quantity must have a unique number as well as a marketing name
  • If the professional is in the equation that equation is a legal statement not a scientific statement 

5. Sociology of physics comes before science of physics

  • The question of indivisibility
  • How semantic atom becomes physical atom
  • Mathematics is powerless to separate cultural elements physicists insert in equations 

6. Nature is a mirror

  • The observational tools define what is observed
  • my-definition-is-the-true definition method

7. Dead and alive cats have different gravitational fields?

  • Trying to find out if this is a joke
  • What is the situation classically

The realm of the humanoid organisms

Looking at these pictures of the macroscopic world sent me into a soul searching mood. There is an interesting invisible world out there waiting to be discovered.  And here I am writing blog posts criticizing the penultimate oldest profession in the world. I am talking about the scholastic corporation that employs physicists. This corporation will continue to exist infinitely and will never be aware of the meaning of my articles decomposing in the eternity of Google. So what is the point of criticizing this ancient corporation?

When you look at the photographs of the micro realm you see that there is a world that exist in that realm. We don’t see it but it is there. As humans we learned about that world relatively recently. The study and criticism of the profession of physics taught me that there is a similar super macro world, the world of corporations. I call them Unhuman Organisms or maybe Giant Humanoid Organisms. Humanoid because these organisms are not burdened with human body but they are purely human because they are capable of producing written word, the defining characteristic of humans.

These unhuman organisms are masters of humans. Humans are like domesticated animals of these organisms. (Don Miguel Ruiz talks about human domestication on page 8 of The Four Agreements) The recognition of the existence of these humanoid organisms as live beings, although without body, is possible only when you deny the atomic materialist ideology of physics and see the world as made of contractual existence. The world is operational and not matterful. And this result follows from a scientific criticism of physics.

Is physics an organism?

From comments:

Physics is not an organism. Physics is a science.

To define physics as science does not say much. Science is another word for knowledge. It is true that physics is a type of knowledge.

The word physics has many meanings.

  1. The name of a profession
  2. The name of the professional code studied by the professionals
  3. Physics is used by physicists as a synonym for science
  4. It may be used as a synonym for “property” as in the “physics of stars.”

My post was about the professional code called physics. I believe that physics code can be seen as an organism. Probably, physics is an organism similar to this:

Physics may be a complex network similar to the Internet

Physics may be an organism similar to the Internet

1. Physics is a living system
Physics is living because it  grows continuously. It is a system because it is consistent. Physics is made of units called physical quantities and rules that allow the study of relationships between physical quantities.

2. Physics reacts to stimuli
For instance, if you divide by zero, it gives an error message.

3. Physics is capable of reproduction
Just like living cells it reproduces by division, i.e. Newtonian physics, relativistic physics and stringy physics, etc.

4. Physics continually grows
This is proved by the length of physics education which gets longer and longer but teaches less in a given semester.

5. Physics maintains itself as a stable whole
The core of physics did not change for centuries. Post-Newtonian physicists developed the content of the Principia into a sophisticated system of algorithms or mechanics and this mechanics is like the faith of the profession and maintains it as a stable whole.

According to Wikipedia an organism is a living system capable of reacting to stimuli, reproduction, growth and maintenance as a stable whole. So, I’ve shown that physics is an organism.

The realm of organisms

What happens if we postulate that everything is an organism? Physics is an organism. The code of physics is an organism even though like the Internet it is not in one place and it is everywhere and it is nowhere. The scholastic corporation that hosts physics is an organism. This realm reveals itself when we reject Newtonian atomic materialism and accept a matterless world.

This is a more general approach than physics. Physics is limited with physical quantities.

Politics of cosmos

I think physicists do not know what the word cosmos means. They don’t want to.

Cosmos is not a synonym for the universe.

But there is a relation between cosmos and astronomy.

The line separating science from fraud is very thin.

Cosmos is a closed system that cosmos makers define as a physical quantity. If you look at the history of physics you would see that physicists always sell their cosmos as the universe.

They use the latest observations and the latest astronomical knowledge to design a closed system that obeys their current modelling tools.

Car marketers always market this season’s model as the ultimate driving machine. Physicists market this season’s cosmos as the ultimate universe. What’s clever marketing in the car business is scientific fraud when used to sell a cosmos as the ultimate universe.

Cosmos existed ever since professionals existed.

Cosmos have always been a political concept.

The players who designed, bought and sold and consumed the cosmos did not change for thousands of years:

1. Rulers
2. Professionals
3. Consumers

The marketing names of these groups may change over the course of history but the exploiting rulers and their paid collaborators the professionals and the exploited consumers remain historical constants.

Rulers were once deified humans
They were branded humans
Branding was done by the professional class
Professionals have always been the scribes
They are the professional class in charge of language
Scribes program the consumers for rulers to exploit
Everyone is familiar with this process
Maybe consumers today think that rulers and their collaborators the professional classes are historical relics
Not true
They are alive and well and they are exploting you
What is true for bankers is also true for physicists
They both exploit the consumer
One steals money the other steals reason
The rulers are no longer deified humans
Today rulers are unhuman organisms
They don’t have human feelings they don’t know human feelings
Professional classes do not write on papyrus anymore they use laptops
But their profession did not change a bit
This professional class is not human either
They have sold their humanity to the unhuman organism for protection and comfort in this life
We pay the price
Today the professional class is called physicists
Don’t you see
In this scheme consumers who are left ignorant by the rulers and their professional collaborators desperately want to know where they stand in this universe
They want someone with authority to tell them where they stand
They want a cosmic framework to hold on to
Religion used to do that
Newton changed this
Newton took cosmology from doctors of theology and gave the right to cosmologize to his brethren doctors of philosophy
In old egypt there was an elaborate cosmology designed and developed by the priestly scribes in collaboration with religious priests
The consumers were fed this mythology
There was a big mythmaking industry
In greek times what we call today mythology was the official cosmology
Consumers loved the mythology and were programmed by rulers who talked to them through the gods they loved respected and feared
Today things got split into even finer programming
There is television
The mythological gods metamorphosed into hollywood celebrities
Just hop into the subway in NY during evening rush hour and look at working womens faces who read celebrity magazines they are serious they are happy they are critical they are immersed in that ideal world they will do anything they are told through celebrities they love nothing changed in thousands of years
So in our time what was once done by religion is now done through several different types of professionals
Cosmology is a separate field now
But cosmology is still religion
The rulers still use an offiicial cosmogony for their own purposes
Big bang is the official cosmogony of the rulers
Rulers are the unhuman organisms called states
They pay physicists to design and develop and market big bang as the official cosmogony of humanity
Then the states use cosmology as a cover for military research
As a cover for technology research
States build a giant machine and advertise it as an experiment that is supposed to create the conditions of the big bang
Big bang is charlatanism
But the authority of the professional physicists overrule any objections
Politics of the big bang