Science this week 2

Science is questioning. Questioning dogmas of physics is a branch of science. Therefore, questioning the reified reality dogma of physics is valid scientific field that needs to be a section in the It is more efficient to organize the world’s knowledge on question level than on formal professional paper level that requires pre-internet strength of attention concentration skills to parse. To meddle with physicists’ sacred publication habits will result in blog posts complaining that physics is under attack because marketing is the fundamental process of nature and physics as the rotten unhuman organism feeding on human intelligence is defined and shaped by marketing forces. As a stealth corporation without a definite business address and without a known headquarters physics corporation is more like a secret brotherhood than a scientific endeavor and appropriately it was found by the great marketing genius Newton the corporate raider who meddled in politics, religion and mysticism when he wasn’t scheming to overthrow Aristotle. As a legal-born corporation physics does not care about rational science but only about what is legal. Physics markets itself as an experimental science but it is full of ideological physics experiments. The employees of the GSHC, like all other professionals in the service of unhuman organisms, use puns such as the equivalence of universe, cosmos and totality and loaded words such as God, infinite, zero, one and singularity to program our natural language in order to make us their customers, clients, pupils or victims.
Questioning the Reified Reality of physics 

  • Physicists make the religious assumption that there is a true nature existing eternally for them to discover
  • Similar organisms behave similarly. Physics and catholic church has  the same hierarchical structure based on the sanctity of authority and rank. Consequently their worldview is the same
  • Physicists fit observations into theories they’ve concocted from their preferred first principles by long and arduous mathematical negotiations conducted through the antiquated medium of formal papers. This method only proves that physics is an ugly bureaucracy. It does not prove that physics is an experimental science or that physicists’ polemical experiment reveals any truth about nature.
  • There are no crucial experiments in physics, there are only testing of fits in order to obtain a better fit.

Physics is a rotten unhuman organism feeding on human intelligence

  • As a legal-born humanoid organism physics is the enemy of human individual and human science.
  • Instead of believing in the attractive propaganda of this vicious anti-human organism, prospective candidates must question it. Ask: Do I want to sell my humanity to this unhuman organism which is in the service of two anti-human monster organisms called the military and the states?
  • The sign on the door of Newtonism: Abandon all reason, ye who enter here.

Five ideological physics experiments 

  • Famous Coulomb’s law is based on a faked experiment and physics has been hosting this faked experiment as a true law-giver.
  • Physics is a legal system and therefore it respects precedent. Science is the questioning of the authority of the precedent.
  • Unless old experiments are opened to critical investigations physics will remain a religion impersonating science.
  • Sanctified experiments are nothing more than physical miracles.

Newton the corporate raider 

  • The Global Scholastic Holdings Corporation is historical constant that changes its marketing name to adapt to changing times
  • Physics profession as we know it today was founded by Newton as a fully-owned subsidiary of the GSHC.
  • Today’s Doctors of Philosophy the physicists are the direct professional descendents of the 16th century pre-Newtonian Doctors of Philosophy who switched their academic allegiance from Aristotle to Newton. They are the same anti-science careerist bureaucrats making careers by monopolizing human reason with their proprietary definitions marketed as absolute truth.

The equivalence of universe, cosmos and totality

  • Organisms make love only with similar organisms. Physics-military-state-media are similar organisms in love.
  • Physicists are the launderers of state-sponsored mythology into science
  • Physicists like all other professionals use puns to program into our language their mythology as science

Physics under attack

  • Cosmology has been the battleground between Doctors of Theology and Doctors of Philosophy
  • The origin of the enmity between these two types of theoretical doctors is Newton’s doing
  • Both doctors are fighting to teach their own religion as the true science

To organize the world’s knowledge

  • Information becomes knowledge by exchange.
  • Doctors of Philosophy never want exchange, they want to teach.
  • At the fundamental level, professional doctors are the enemy of any kind of knowledge that does not belong to themselves.
  • Doctors of Philosophy turn scientific notions into fetish: science, experiment, observation are examples. Branding by reification is the fundamental method of professional doctors  such as physicists.
  • Theoretical knowledge can be organized on the question level better than on the published paper level which is nothing more than a career advancement tool with incidental scientific content.

Marketing the fundamental process of nature

  • Strict religious nature of physics with its sacred compartments of nature rejects the existence of other exchanges in nature such as marketing.
  • Newton understood that standard is the thing and defined force as a standard and turned it into a legal physical quantity. Newton’s disciples blindly obeying Newton’s authority does not yet realize that force is a reified standard.

God infinite zero one and singularity

  • Organisma view of the world is more general than physical view of nature
  • There is no true nature
  • Nature is not physical
  • Professionals love puns. This is nothing new. Infinite, zero, one and singularity are all old puns exploited by the oldest professional class known as the scribes whose current representatives are the academic physicists

God infinite zero one and singularity

  • People sued LHC authorities for potential harm to the universe.
  • People sued Darwinism for potential harm to their ego.
  • And now a U.S. senator filed a lawsuit against God to grab some headlines.

The case against god was dismissed by Douglas County District Court Judge Marlon Polk because “the Divine Defendant cannot be served notice because of his unlisted home address.”

I think that the legal realm is a perfect platform to ruminate on philosophy.

In this case we have three different types of organisms:

1. The human individual

a bodily organism with the ability to produce written word

2. The court

an unhuman organism without body that has the ability to produce written word

3. The god

an undefined organism that prefers to communicate with its constituency through a professional class called god’s earthly contractors or professional doctors of theology. God concept may have been the original singularity invented by professional doctors.


Human = Body + written word
The court = Human – Body
God = Infinite / zero = Singularity

We are also faced with this philosophical question:

If an entity has no known address can it influence the earth?

In physics it can. All physicists have to do is to label god Dark Glow and define its physical properties as unseen but not unfelt. This new dark physical quantity will manifest itself from outside the observable universe just like Dark Flow and will have measurable effects on earth.

Physicists’ method to explain anything unknown and unknowable is always the same: 1) Have a catchy name for a new physical quantity candidate 2) issue a press release 3) dig some evidence for it from the white noise called WMAP.

Therefore, the laws of physics allow an unseen but not unfelt Dark Glow. But you have to make sure not to say the word “god” to physicists so that they don’t feel threatened and under attack.

The organisma view of the world views the world in terms of love. The world is not matterful as physicists assume but the world is operational. So how can we analyze this situation?

For god to have influence on earth god does not need to exist. Only organisms called humans need to love god. And this is what Christianity says. Or maybe not. Christianity says that God exists absolutely. Similar to the Copenhagen interpretation in Christianity loving god makes it manifest.

But from the organisma point of view there is no paradox. The love of god has been causing all kinds of havoc on earth for a long time. Therefore, god need not exist to cause physical change on earth.

We are not reasoning via slogans and legal entities and ideologies here. We apply the organisma view of the world to the problem and see what we can deduce.

Legal systems including the law, religion and physics are unable to resolve a question like this because it’s outside their realm. Legal professionals cannot look at a question as a question to be solved. They must fit it into their immense legal system first to own the question and then assert a legal solution. But our organisma view transcends the legal and unifies nature and eliminates the professional priestly class, or the middlemen.

By ignoring the legal authority of physics and assuming a matterless and operational world which manifests itself as love we were able to solve a problem that physics could not solve.

Newton made use of this creative love. Newton knew that if he defined a quantity called force and if he made it attractive enough so that his disciples loved it unquestioningly, force will become a true physical quantity. And this is what happened.

Singularity is a physical quantity

Big Bang Singularity

Big Bang Singularity

Ralph Alpher in the Genesis of Big Bang:

To physicists it is just as bad to say that one can divide a finite number by zero and get away with it as it is to ascribe to a physical system the existence of a singularity.

Things must have changed a lot in physics since then. Singularity has long become a legal physical quantity.

General relativity says god exists

Here’s another false factoid perpetuated by physicists:

Einstein’s general theory of relativity says that the universe began with the big bang singularity, a moment when all the matter we see was concentrated at a single point of infinite density.

Einstein’s general theory of relativity says that, sure, but it also says “no, the universe did not start with a singularity.” It all depends on physicists’ taste. If they choose to remove the cosmological constant from Einstein Equations they will get a solution with a Big Bang singularity. Einstein equations have an infinity of solutions.

General relativity is a truly general theory.

General relativity predicts all possible generalities in all possible universes. You see now what a great physical theory general relativity is! What the string theory is trying to do now, general relativity has been doing since its discovery.

General relativity is infinitely general.

General relativity encompasses all multiverses of string theory, all backgrounds and vacuums and so on. But how come general relativity works so well if it predicts anything and everything? Initial boundary conditions! Initial conditions are also known in general relativity as authority gauge. A physicist, if he has enough rank and authority, can add and remove and pick and choose and define any solution to prove anything he wants. God’s existence not excluded. In fact, statements such as “general relativity says . . .” or “general relativity predicts . . .” have no more scientific meaning than “God says . . .” or the “the Bible says. . .”