Google’s Calico and human well-being

Calico is launched as a well-being company with a dual mission: To increase human life span by a substantial amount and to find the elixir of life. I wish Google good luck with their search for immortality but I have a few things to say about extending human life span.

* * *

Calico will aim to extend human life span by focusing on the human genetic code. But this is trying to solve the wrong problem. Why is the human body not living as long as it can? Is it because there is something wrong with its genetic code? No. Human body is not living to its potential because it is poisoned and sick. Human life span will extend naturally and humans will be stronger, healthier, more resistant to disease and live longer and happier lives if they learned to respect the land, the animals and the environment that makes life possible. Human body is sick because it’s being fed the flesh of sick animals and poisonous plants raised on sick soil.

In its natural environment human body lives a healthy and long life. Natural environment includes clean air, natural food from healthy soil and healthy animals. Human life span will increase naturally if humans respected other animals and the environment.

* * *

Healthy soil, healthy animals and healthy air makes strong and healthy individuals.

But instead of respecting their food and life sources humans have been defecating on the plate from which they eat. That’s why they are fat and sick. Look at the soil. The arable land on earth is poisoned with chemicals that are called “fertilizers”; plants that grow on poisonous chemicals lack nutrition and are made of nothing but poisonous chemicals. As seen by your digestive system the vegetables that you buy from supermarket are poison. Wheat too has been turned into poison by genetic engineering.

You consider the milk that you drink every day one of the healthiest and nutritious foods that you give your body. But you are mistaking the propaganda of the milk lobby for truth: Packaged milk supplies no more nutrition for your body than chalk water. Pasteurization and all other processing that cow’s milk goes through turn your milk into poison. More importantly, your milk comes from sick animals. Cows are sick and their milk is also sick. Dairy cows spend their life standing on concrete floor in a small cell enclosed by iron bars unable to move. They have so many diseases that they are kept alive by antibiotics. By drinking milk you are supporting global corporations that torture innocent cows for their own profit.

You also eat the meat of these sick animals. You might as well eat poison. By feeding your body sick food from tortured animals you are making yourself sick and shortening your life span. If you treat the animals that supply your food without respect and treat your cows as machines then you will be poisoned by their milk and flesh. This is what I mean by respecting animals.

Humans also fouled the environment; the air you breath makes you sick.

If we respect the earth, the land and the animals, human life span will increase naturally without any genetic modification.

* * *

Do you agree with the above picture? It is hard not to agree that animals are sick and they are making us sick, that our land is poisoned with chemicals and it is making us sick. If the land is the body of the earth, it is diseased just like our body is diseased with chemicals we take supposedly to cure diseases. The air we breath is poisoned with toxic chemicals.

* * *

Humans living in a natural environment with clean air, obtaining their food from healthy animals raised freely on pasture land, live healthy and long lives. respecting the earth and the rights of your fellow animals will increase the human life span. We don’t need to mess with the genetic code.

But the claim that humans are the polluters of the earth is not correct.

I wrote that humans do not respect the land, the animals and the environment. This is not true. You and I and everybody else, if left on their own, will respect our fellow animals. No human being will be so cruel to cows as to imprison them in a cell and torture them by forbidding them to move; for a cow not to be able to move and not to graze and sit down to ruminate is torture. Humans will not do this to such a nice creature.

The damage to the Earth and the environment is caused by a being who is not an animal born of love and flesh but a bodiless organism born of legal contract. This legal organism is unable to empathize with organisms with body. The legal organism has no senses because it has no body and cannot perceive the world directly and has no notion of what is good or bad for human body. The legal organism can only distinguish what is legal and what is not. It perceives the world as a legal world. As long as it is legal to pollute the air, poison the land and torture the animals, it will do so. This bodiless monster is responsible for enslaving humans and their animals and poisoning the air and the land.

This organism is your symbiont and it is also your master.

Global conglomerates, banks, religions and flag states are species of the legal organism.

Humans recognize that global chemicals corporations are poisoning the land with what they call fertilizers; big pharma is poisoning our body with their chemicals they call medication; the flag states own all the land on earth and it is in collusion with the big pharma and chemicals companies and furthermore will not hesitate to send humans to their death for its own pleasure.

Humans recognize that banks own humans through debt but they do not realize that banks are a form of life and it is a species of legal organisms. When banks need money they dip into your savings and when they are caught stealing your money they go under. When your bank goes bankrupt your money is lost to you but it is transferred to another bank with a different branding. Banks always win; they just change their name. Unlike humans, banks reproduce by dividing and combining because they are legal entities without body.

We know all this and we are powerless to change the system and we recognize that these organisms are detrimental to human health and happiness but we fail to see that all these organisms are instances of the same life form. This life form is legal-born and has no body, but it is a live organism living in symbiosis with humans.

* * *

It is important to recognize that this organism has no body and no senses like humans. This organism is a living being but it is not an animal like humans. Compared to human life span it is immortal. Catholic church is such a legal-born organism and has been around for 2000 years and it is still going strong. Empires last 500 years on the average. Google itself is such a species of bodiless organisms. People are starting to be suspicious that Google is not really a do-no-evil company. In the world of legal born organisms human morals do not apply. These organisms do not know what is evil or not evil. Such human values do not make sense to a legal-born organism. for them only what is legal exists….

There is a lot to write about these legal organisms but what is important to understand in this context is that it is not humans who are making the earth poisonous but it’s the evil symbiont of humans. The first step is to realize this simple fact and then decide how to fight this powerful and immortal organism to get our natural rights back,

I am not sure that the human individual wants to fight its evil symbiont. Most humans are content to live under the protection of their symbiont. Just like a pack of dogs, Humans fight for dominance among themselves and consider dominance of their peers a sign of power and freedom. But humans can only pretend to be free, because an individual is not the owner of its own body, human body is owned by its master. All evidence show that humans are slaves. They live a life addicted to the potent drug called entertainment to pass through this life in a happy slumber. They don’t want to waste their life fighting for the freedom of future generations. Who can blame them? Your symbiont master knows this fact and feeds humans ever more potent strains of the drug that we all love so much. Half of humanity makes a living entertaining the other half. Why would they bother to question the motives of their master and their own state of slavery?

* * *

Cats and humans are in the same situation. Can cats fight to regain their natural rights from humans? Impossible. Can humans fight to regain their natural rights. Yes. It is possible in the long run. As far as I know, there is only one instance of a successful species level fight for independence and that’s the victory of female species against their male masters. We happen to live at the latest stage where female species is enjoying their newly earned freedom. Humanity as a whole can take that fight as a model and try to emulate it. It is a long shot but it seems to me the only hope.

But neither humans nor cats have any incentives to exchange their current happy slumber for something as meaningless as freedom of future generations.

On a more practical level, you are aware that you are being poisoned by another organism who owns your body. What are you doing to regain your natural right to have access to non-poisonous natural food? Most people accept the situation as is, others who can afford it try to buy “organic food”. The young do not care because the effects of malnutrition and poisoning start to bother them only as they get older. Is there a way to change the system? There needs to be a better system to replace it. What do you think? What can we do to regain our natural right to have access to natural food?

The Evil Symbiont

Christ drives the money changers from the temple by Rembrandt

Do you know who owns your body? You may think that you are the owner of your own body but you are not.

Your body is owned by your evil symbiont. Who is your symbiont? Let’s explain.

Humans live in symbiosis with a species of legal-born organisms that do not have a well-defined surface and therefore are not perceivable in its entirety by human senses. Your body is owned by this bodiless legal organism. Since this organism has not yet been identified as a life form it does not have a name.

Every human individual is either a pet or a slave of humanity’s invisible master. The master of human beings is also the landlord of the Earth. Since land is the source of all power and your master also makes the laws for you to live by on the land that it owns, your master is all powerful and has full control over you. Now that you know who your owner is, be in awe and show proper respect where respect is due.

* * *

Every human baby is born as a slave in this human plantation known as the planet Earth. The parents of the baby relinquish all natural rights of the baby to the master in return for protection and the right to live in the land owned by the master.  How come humans lost the ownership of land? At some point in history, these unhuman legal organisms took the ownership of the land from the human feudal lords and made the entire humanity their indentured servants. We are witnessing the historic transfer of the ownership of land still owned by human dynasties to the unhuman organisms.

Upon its birth the baby is assigned a serial number and recorded in the database owned and maintained by the master. Your master who has no flesh and bones body and therefore no senses cannot perceive you as a human being with natural rights but perceives you only as a number in its database. For the master the value of the baby is proportional to the amount of tax it can extract from this baby during its lifetime. Money is the essential nutrient of this unhuman bodiless organism and without a constant circulation of money it would expire. Everyone in this database is expandable and can be sent to die during the lovemaking of this unhuman species with its peers which we humans perceive as war.

Humans are aware of the war-torn, divided and tragic state of their species but no one appears to be aware that humans live in symbiosis with a being without body. Their symbiont have become their master. The symbiont is also a parasite preying on the human body. It somehow became dominant and enslaved the human species. Humans are unable to perceive their master as a living organism because human beings are programmed to perceive nature as material. But existence is not matterful, existence is definitional. New life forms appear only by networking among existing life forms, not by evolution. The way cells combined to form the human organism as a new species, humans formed the legal organism as a new species.

* * *

Once you become aware that you are a servant, pet or slave of the master (colloquially known as “The Man”) all you can do is to deny it and rationalize it by believing that you are a free-born. But you are not free until you pay off all of the debt you were born with. Once the master can no longer extract taxes from you and decides that you are old and useless it will set you free, then you are free, not before then.

You were born as an indenturer, you paid your debt all your life and when you are finished you were kicked out of the society and sent into a sunny location to “enjoy” your withering existence!

Humanity has been groping to perceive and name this unhuman and bodiless legal organism for a long time. I called it the Org before, now I call it the Evil Symbiont or the Big Parasite in homage to Orwell’s Big Brother; man in the street calls it The Man… but no one realizes that this organism is a real living being and it is a biological species like any other known species. What the human master is to a cat, this unhuman legal organism is to humans. The cat can only perceive an instance of the human species — the owner of the house the cat lives in — but we should be able to perceive this organism as a species because we perceive it in time, across generations.

* * *

We have no choice but to live by fooling ourselves that we are free-born people living freely in the land of the free forgetting that we must pay our rent to the global landlord for everything of value that we pretend to own and that we are not allowed to trespass any land owned by another unhuman organism without asking for written permission. Considering that we cannot form couples without asking written permission from the agents of our master…. how can you still pretend that you are a free-born living freely in the land of the free? All evidence proves without a doubt that the human individual is a slave of its evil symbiont. When you are aware of all this evidence, how can you still pretend to yourself that you are a free individual?

Physics by press release

The title is an homage to Halton Arp’s Astronomy by press release – news from a black hole. I used to think that this method of promoting so-called scientific discoveries on the media was a new invention popularized by the likes of Brian Greene or Lisa Randall. Apparently not. In 1948 George Gamow’s clever marketing gimmick of giving the first Big Bang Nucleosynthesis paper the punny authors/title to make it read Alpher, Bethe and Gamow or Alpha-Beta-Gamma was so successful that the resulting publicity attracted the attention of newspaper reporters to Ralph Alpher‘s defense of his thesis which had the subject of this paper.

According to Simon Singh

Reporters had taken special note of one of Alpher’s comments that the primordial nucleosynthesis of hydrogen and helium had taken only 300 seconds. And that was what made the headlines in newspapers all across America over the next few days. On April 14, 1948, The Washington Post announced World Began in 5 Minutes. For few weeks Alpher enjoyed a degree of celebrity. Academics showed interest in his work, a curious public sent him fan mail and religious fundamentalists prayed for his soul.

Once a physical quantity finds its way into the media and is enshrined in headlines no amount of observation can contradict it. If you know any exception to this claim please let me know. The classic example is Eddington’s “proof?” of Relativity on the first page of the New York Times. The original paper was noncommittal but powers that be, the British propaganda machine, wanted to deify Einstein, a German, in the post-war Europe, for whatever reason, and they leaked to the press that Einstein’s theories were observationally proved.

Simon Singh again:

Eddington’s result was hailed as a wondrous piece of science, experimental validation of the greatest intellectual achievement of the youthful twentieth century, a sign of optimism in a world that had been torn apart by war. J.P. McEvoy, author of the “Eclipse”, encapsulated the significance of the announcement: “A new theory of the universe, the brain-child of a German Jew working in Berlin, had been confirmed by an English Quaker on a small African island.

No one waited for the peer reviewed paper to be published and the scientific process to take its course. The media and the politicians decided that Einstein’s theories were proved by observations.

Such examples can be multiplied. I’ve just written about the photon. Physics has always been in the service of political powers. The military and the global states set the agenda for physics research, pay for it through schools, and decide which cosmogonic mythology must be the official mythology of mankind and the media packages the content produced by physicists to the consumers. This is what consumers think science is.

In today’s physics, the cover of the New Scientist has infinitely more scientific authority than any peer reviewed publication.

As long as academic physics is part of the media-state-military-physics complex it cannot be science. Physics launders cosmogonic mythology for the media and the state to use. Physics is a profession structured with a military-style hierarchical bureaucracy where rank and seniority based on authority must be respected absolutely by the members of the profession. This structure too makes it impossible for physicists to think outside of legal physics.

The profession called physics always had good synergy with mass murderers called global states and the propaganda arm of states the media. Archimedes and Galileo were military contractors, as well as Feynman who built mass destruction weapons that Galileo could not even conceive. 

Physicists design and build mass destruction weapons for states and then they glorify in their success. Feynman said he went out drinking when he heard about Hiroshima. I guess to celebrate that his weapons worked as designed? I don’t know. Why is Feynman considered a hero instead of a butcher who built a weapon that killed millions of innocent humans? Just a question.

Human knowledge is under the monopoly of these professional collaborators of global unhuman organisms. What should be done? How can human knowledge be freed from the ownership of professional doctors?

I invite all physicists to denounce their professional title immediately and stop associating themselves with a profession that hosts mass murderers and weapon manufacturers and glorifies them.

You may not be a mass murderer yourself. Maybe you are just working on the type of research Lubos Motl calls “abstract research” like Meitner and Hahn’s research “on trans-uranium elements.” As Lubos Motl puts it with usual sarcasm “it was still considered to be abstract research, even by the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. ;-)” I find his smiley to be inconsiderate but you get the point. Working in a military research facility such as the LHC and helping unhuman organisms to develop the next generation of nuclear weapons under the cover of finding the Higgs boson may not be as bad as Feynman building the atomic bomb with his hands but still worth thinking about . . .

Believe or question?


If God does not exist then where does our notion of God come from?

We know best what does not exist. But the notion of god comes from marketing. Religion is a method to program humans. The method is as old as the oldest mythologies. Probably existed before the written word.

I don’t think I ever believed, but I really did enjoy the sense of belonging and kinship that I found there.

The same belonging and kinship can be found in fans of sports clubs or even in facebook. We don’t need to experience the cosmogonic baggage of religion to feel connected. What makes us feel good is marketing. We can only perceive abstract things visualized by a symbol. You can apply your rational skepticism to prove that a sports club does not exist and you would be right. In this sense it is better to enjoy then to question.

I don’t believe in any god, or gods. . . . I mean this in the sense that there is absolutely no reason to believe deities exist and therefore I reject even their possibility of existence.

Deities may not exist but they fulfill a purpose in daily life. The way humans are designed they cannot perceive without a model. Deities is a particular set of models for humans to identify with. (This is the reason why you felt belonged in your Lutheran community.) Different religious components such as rituals, ceremonies, cosmogony and rules and laws that regulate how to live are all different parts that are added to the core faith later. The cosmogonic part of Christianity was developed in Alexanderia I believe in the 3rd or 5th century. The philosophical component, as in Aristotelianism, was developed by Peripatetic philosophers. Yet, marketers of religions conflate all of these into one branded package.

I have to act on the best available evidence and since any god that would interact with the universe would leave traces, including one which did nothing more than create it.

I don’t understand this sentence. For a believer everything observed is evidence of creation by a god.

Yet belief persists in our society. There seems to be a pathological need to believe.

Belief is not pathological. It is natural. Nothing will happen without trust. When you make a contract with someone else you must believe that he will hold his side of the deal. Society works on trust and belief.

The reason is that a belief in an idea has no bearing on the truth of an idea.

I think this is debatable. You believe that ideas have an absolute truth/untruth value that we can know. I disagree. On the contrary, believing in god makes god to exist. Think about money. There is nothing called money. Money is not the paper you exchange. It’s not the electronic signals that you transfer in Paypal. It’s nothing. It exists solely as a standard which has various appearances. It exists because every human being agrees contractually that money is the universal unit of exchange. This way, any item, tangible or intangible, compatible or incompatible can be translated into money and exchanged easily. God is something like that, it exists because people believe in it.

If you wish to seek further evidence for the existence or non-existence of god, science or rational reasoning cannot help you. The type of evidence will not be scientific evidence because god by definition is an absolute entity. Science cannot reveal god and science cannot disprove god.

Nor does the popularity of religion lend any credence to the many variants of its ‘truths’. This begs the question of ‘why’ religion exists.

Religion exists for marketing reasons. Religion is the easiest way to program humans. Human character is such that no individual would ever do something that another human orders him to do. But if that human individual is indoctrinated in believing in the existence of superhuman deities and fears them then the programmers will tell human individual what to do through gods and he will do it.

Like pretty much every other behavioral feature, curiosity is the end result of a long series of evolutionary accidents which shaped our nature.

Yes, curiosity may have created god. Also, curiosity is a defining property of humans but the education system controlled by the programmers of humans make sure that human curiosity is eradicated and humans are turned into consumer drones unquestioningly obeying the programmers’ orders.

Ours is the most highly developed consciousness on the planet and it is only fitting that we take curiosity to an extreme.

Taking curiosity to the extreme leads to the fox/hedgehog paradox. Curiosity must be focused to be useful. Intelligence is to know how much you can ignore, not how much you know.

Wanting to answer questions such as ‘how did we get here?’ or ‘why are we here?’, what I will call ‘the Burning Questions’, are a natural by-product of this characteristic.

This seems to me an acquired characteristic of humans, not an innate characteristic. Because to ask these questions you need a theoretical language system, like the written word, and then you need to have the leisure to ask and ponder theoretical questions. Raising of these questions coincided in history with the rising of a leisure class in antique Greece. If, as has been the case for the majority of humanity, the entirety of your day is taken up by work to feed your family then “how did we get here?” “Why are we here?” are irrelevant academic questions. There is only one burning question for 85 per cent of humanity: Where is the next meal coming from?

Religion, in my view, is nothing more than an accident of behavioral evolution – rationalization of the fruits of our premature curiosity satisfaction taken to an extreme.

I believe this alludes to personal and humane religion or a religion of a small group or a clan. It may describe the state of religion before the book religions incorporated themselves into giant marketing organisms that feed on humanity. The individual shaman of the clan became the incorporated shamans (physicists?) as clans incorporated into huge city states.

And this is where religion has its roots. It offered a way to answer the questions which are still front-and-center in our psyche.

Yes, I agree. Religion offers ready-made answers to cosmogonic questions. We no longer sew our own clothes. Or make our own transportation vehicle. Or buy raw material to bake bread daily. Religion is like that, a ready-made answer to academic burning questions. Consumers buy their life-long answers from a global purveyor of burning answers nicely packaged as a recipe for happy living and don’t ever worry about cosmogonic questions again. I think that’s a good solution. Why do you object to it?

Considering that human lifetime is limited we must by necessity suspend our rationalism and take the word of the professional marketers at least in some major areas. You apply scientific skepticism to religion but as far as I can see not to law. You take law as given. You take political system as given. You take big pharma as given. You take physics as given. As individuals we just don’t have the time to question every marketing pun and trope and polemical monopoly. And the Unhuman Organism makes sure that humans remain divided. I am sure you realize that one of the fundamental objectives of religion is to keep humans divided so that they cannot combine forces and figure out the burning questions in a rational way. Religion is not about god, it is about keeping humanity forever divided.

Today, religions have evolved (and are continuing to evolve) into more sophisticated forms, as evidenced by the regimented structures of the world’s most popular religions.

The reason for this is that religious brands are hierarchical and bureaucratic organisms. They must grow in order to continue to exist. And after they reach their critical size they divide into two like organisms and a new similar organism is created.

In other words, gods were born out of our ignorance and nothing has changed.

I think the god of brand religions is a sophisticated marketing construct. It is a good marketing vehicle. Consider the highly effective Catholic iconography developed by the best painters of Europe starting from the earliest times. That’s sophisticated marketing that cost a bundle to the Church. But the Church knows marketing. It is about marketing. Their god was not born out of ignorance but it was created by sophisticated marketers, like Paul, whose global book tour established the Bible as the Book. This is where Newtonism comes in. Newtonism is the modern state-sponsored religion that replaced Christianity as the state-sponsored religion.

Even Newton, arguably the greatest scientific mind that we can name, demonstrated this ignorance.

How do you argue that Newton was the greatest scientific mind that ever existed? The evidence suggests just the opposite. Newton is a deity and I invite you to apply your scientific skepticism to this deity as well and see if you continue to believe the propaganda that deified Newton as the Moses of Mechanics. You can start by reading Halley’s Ode to Newton that starts the Principia to see the deification process in action.

. . . in his great opus, the Principia, God appears nowhere . . .

As you mention below this statement is not true. Newton’s zeroeth law says that God created a Newtonian world. God is in the foundation of the Principia.

That is, until he could not solve the many-body problem of the motion of the planets. Try as he might, he could not find an analytical solution which would accurately describe the solar system.

Another myth. Newton worked with proportions not with equations. A concept of analytical solution makes no sense in the context of Principia.

And also Newton only computed about half a dozen astronomical quantities and he never tried to “describe the solar system” accurately. He projected his few calculations to the entire universe by fiat and by polemics by calling his force universal. Physicists still believe Newtonian creation by fiat. I also like to mention that Principia is a brand and it makes no sense to criticize it. It’s futile.

Well, if he, the Great Newton . . .

Newton was the greatest marketing genius ever lived, that’s true, he was a shrewd politician, true, and it is also true that he was the greatest anti-science ever lived.

. . . could not figure it out, no one could and it had to be because of the Great Designer! Putting his arrogance aside, to Newton God was all about Newton.

I agree. As Huygens pointed out Newton intended Newton’s force to be Newton’s soul that permeated the universe.

So you too realize that Newton was a propagandist, a self-promoter and a sophisticated marketer who established his own brand of the system of the world as the standard nature.

NASA gets along just fine by calculating the trajectories of probes to other planets solving the equations numerically with an unimaginable precision.

I agree totally. NASA is not using Newtonian dynamics to compute orbits which obviates Newtonism but they still project in their websites that Newton’s laws rule.

Many more modern names, like those of Albert Einstein and Paul Davies lend no credence to God’s existence

But these are the opinions of these writers. The fact that Einstein knew how to manipulate mathematical symbols does not give him the authority to pontificate about the existence of god. On this subject his opinion is as good as yours or mine or anybody else’s.

Einstein’s concept of God seems to spring from his own prejudice and not from any hard data.

If you define god as the ultimate designer there will never be scientific evidence or hard data for or against. If we confine ourselves to science we must accept that we cannot know absolutes and ultimates.

When viewed through the lens of skepticism, both God and Religion fall apart.

Brand religions and their gods fulfill very well what they are suppose to achieve. They are living organisms.

In turn, I will be looking at specific aspects of the concept of God – philosophical arguments of its existence, the necessity of religion for morality, religion benefits society – and why they are all demonstrably wrong.

Well, thanks I’ll read that next.

Note: I also tried to draw a map of this comment here. It turns out that God and religion are linked by marketing. I thought that was interesting.

Science this week 3

Physics is nature is newton is as good a framework as any. Physics is only one of an infinitely possible representations of nature. Physicists are not crackpots but the faithful working for the Ministry of Natural Truth programming our perception of nature with their physical semantics that’s why all of us in physics we trust. He who pays physics gets to define the world and for a few dollars physicists will define the universe for you as a spherical cow. If you pay the price you can have an FLRW universe with a cosmological constant of your choice. If your name appears in Forbes list then you can ask physicists to design a multiverse to match the color of your couch. Zeus’ physical theory of lightning was hidden physics that was revealed to us by a 2000 year old programming code. Be flattered that Doctors of Philosophy and Doctors of Theology are staging the great cosmology wars to save your soul.

1. Similar organisms behave similarly

2. Professional classes use doublespeak equipped with poisonous puns to program their constituency

3. Physics is nature is a pun encoded in our language by professional physicists

4. Crackpot as defined by physicists is someone who questions legal physics. Questioning legal physics is science, therefore, in technical physics jargon a scientist is a crackpot

5. Academic physics is an unregulated industry because academic physics has no practical value

6. Nobel laureates should draft a physics ethics rules and establish it as a required class for all physics students

7. Observations, database and model — physics has its own names for these concepts

8. Physics is trigonometric dynamics

9. In physics, if the same observation is saved by many theories and also by a legal physics theory, the legal physics theory is defined as the absolute true representation of nature

10. Physicists have been the guardians of theoretical human knowledge

11. Physicist have betrayed the trust bestowed on them to safeguard human knowledge from unhuman organisms

12. Physicist sold human knowledge to unhuman organisms for personal profit

13. Physicists use the philosophical notion of falsifiability to rate their physical theories

14. The ratio of model to database is a better indication of the worth of a theory

15. Can we know the simplification order of the universe?

16. The word physical is a physical operator that turns any word into a physical quantity semantically

17. What is measured is not physical

18. Newton decreed that his disciples shall search for hidden qualities in nature by studying motion. This is what physicists have been doing

19. Cosmology is the old battle ground where professional doctors fight to save the soul of their constituency

20. Mathematics will prove any physical miracle as well as any sacred book

21. Both physics and religion allow miracles. Physics discover physical causes of miracles

22. Nth nature is a quantitative alternative to falsifiability to rate physical theories

23. Physics still uses anthropomorphic causes

24. Physics allows explanation by reification

25. Professional physics is an unhuman organism just like the state, the church and the military and the media

26. Big bang is a state-sponsored mythology physicists developed for the states and the military for their own unhuman purposes

27. Legal is corporate science is human

28. Prometheus story was written by professional ancestors of physicists to program humans for the rulers

29. Newtonian worldview is a political standard and it has been designed to serve unhuman organisms

30. Physicists are the present day collaborators of unhumanity against humanity

31. Physicists use semantics to hide information in mathematical symbolism

32. Hidden meaning are encoded in statements called physical laws

33. A physical theory is a generally accepted container of hidden physics

In physics we trust

From comments:

a grain of truth perhaps but extrapolated to a point where it has next to no meaning. a simple thesis but perhaps a little too simple. it’s a pity because there are of course issues with any body of knowledge and the ‘guardians’ thereof, which are interesting to explore.

It is important for me that you recognized a grain of truth in my writings and that this grain of truth, if I am interpreting you correctly, is that physicists are the official guardians of the body of knowledge belonging to humanity.

I indeed believe that the same professional class represented today by physicists going back thousands of years defined themselves as the guardians of human knowledge. At the time this may have been true because they were the ones who invented that knowledge. The rest of humanity, at least in Europe, were ignorant peasants left intentionally ignorant by these very same guardians of knowledge. This is their first betrayal. Instead of sharing human knowledge that belonged to humanity the guardians guarded it for themselves in order to profit from it. And they have been profiting from it.

With the Industrial Revolution and the development of electricity and atomic and nuclear physics, Doctors of Philosophy branched out into technology and they changed their allegiance from the Church to the state and the military. Physicists were suddenly like Arab tribesmen in the 19th century sitting on oil reserves without appreciating its value. They were the owners of a knowledge that states and the military were ready to pay. Unlike the Bedouins physicists did appreciate the value of the knowledge they have been sitting on and guarding from humanity for millennia.

This is the situation today. Physicists are the executioners of the military and the states but they carefully project a peaceful and irrelevant academic image to the outside world. Physicists as Doctors of Philosophy have been the traditional guardians of theoretical human knowledge, true, but at the same time they are the servants of the state and the military. Human knowledge have not been in good hands.

Physicists have betrayed the trust bestowed on them to guard human knowledge. Instead of guarding it from enemies of humanity they chose to sell what they know for personal gain to unhuman organisms — the military and the states — and chose to build mass destruction weapons for them. This is the second betrayal of their guardianship. Physicists guarding human knowledge is like the cat babysitting the mouse. Death will result from such misguided trust. And indeed millions of innocent human individuals have died so far because of this betrayal by the guardians of human knowledge.

Physicists have no more credit left and must be stripped from their guardianship of human knowledge immediately and must be stopped from collaborating with unhuman organisms against innocent humans.

Science this week 2

Science is questioning. Questioning dogmas of physics is a branch of science. Therefore, questioning the reified reality dogma of physics is valid scientific field that needs to be a section in the It is more efficient to organize the world’s knowledge on question level than on formal professional paper level that requires pre-internet strength of attention concentration skills to parse. To meddle with physicists’ sacred publication habits will result in blog posts complaining that physics is under attack because marketing is the fundamental process of nature and physics as the rotten unhuman organism feeding on human intelligence is defined and shaped by marketing forces. As a stealth corporation without a definite business address and without a known headquarters physics corporation is more like a secret brotherhood than a scientific endeavor and appropriately it was found by the great marketing genius Newton the corporate raider who meddled in politics, religion and mysticism when he wasn’t scheming to overthrow Aristotle. As a legal-born corporation physics does not care about rational science but only about what is legal. Physics markets itself as an experimental science but it is full of ideological physics experiments. The employees of the GSHC, like all other professionals in the service of unhuman organisms, use puns such as the equivalence of universe, cosmos and totality and loaded words such as God, infinite, zero, one and singularity to program our natural language in order to make us their customers, clients, pupils or victims.
Questioning the Reified Reality of physics 

  • Physicists make the religious assumption that there is a true nature existing eternally for them to discover
  • Similar organisms behave similarly. Physics and catholic church has  the same hierarchical structure based on the sanctity of authority and rank. Consequently their worldview is the same
  • Physicists fit observations into theories they’ve concocted from their preferred first principles by long and arduous mathematical negotiations conducted through the antiquated medium of formal papers. This method only proves that physics is an ugly bureaucracy. It does not prove that physics is an experimental science or that physicists’ polemical experiment reveals any truth about nature.
  • There are no crucial experiments in physics, there are only testing of fits in order to obtain a better fit.

Physics is a rotten unhuman organism feeding on human intelligence

  • As a legal-born humanoid organism physics is the enemy of human individual and human science.
  • Instead of believing in the attractive propaganda of this vicious anti-human organism, prospective candidates must question it. Ask: Do I want to sell my humanity to this unhuman organism which is in the service of two anti-human monster organisms called the military and the states?
  • The sign on the door of Newtonism: Abandon all reason, ye who enter here.

Five ideological physics experiments 

  • Famous Coulomb’s law is based on a faked experiment and physics has been hosting this faked experiment as a true law-giver.
  • Physics is a legal system and therefore it respects precedent. Science is the questioning of the authority of the precedent.
  • Unless old experiments are opened to critical investigations physics will remain a religion impersonating science.
  • Sanctified experiments are nothing more than physical miracles.

Newton the corporate raider 

  • The Global Scholastic Holdings Corporation is historical constant that changes its marketing name to adapt to changing times
  • Physics profession as we know it today was founded by Newton as a fully-owned subsidiary of the GSHC.
  • Today’s Doctors of Philosophy the physicists are the direct professional descendents of the 16th century pre-Newtonian Doctors of Philosophy who switched their academic allegiance from Aristotle to Newton. They are the same anti-science careerist bureaucrats making careers by monopolizing human reason with their proprietary definitions marketed as absolute truth.

The equivalence of universe, cosmos and totality

  • Organisms make love only with similar organisms. Physics-military-state-media are similar organisms in love.
  • Physicists are the launderers of state-sponsored mythology into science
  • Physicists like all other professionals use puns to program into our language their mythology as science

Physics under attack

  • Cosmology has been the battleground between Doctors of Theology and Doctors of Philosophy
  • The origin of the enmity between these two types of theoretical doctors is Newton’s doing
  • Both doctors are fighting to teach their own religion as the true science

To organize the world’s knowledge

  • Information becomes knowledge by exchange.
  • Doctors of Philosophy never want exchange, they want to teach.
  • At the fundamental level, professional doctors are the enemy of any kind of knowledge that does not belong to themselves.
  • Doctors of Philosophy turn scientific notions into fetish: science, experiment, observation are examples. Branding by reification is the fundamental method of professional doctors  such as physicists.
  • Theoretical knowledge can be organized on the question level better than on the published paper level which is nothing more than a career advancement tool with incidental scientific content.

Marketing the fundamental process of nature

  • Strict religious nature of physics with its sacred compartments of nature rejects the existence of other exchanges in nature such as marketing.
  • Newton understood that standard is the thing and defined force as a standard and turned it into a legal physical quantity. Newton’s disciples blindly obeying Newton’s authority does not yet realize that force is a reified standard.

God infinite zero one and singularity

  • Organisma view of the world is more general than physical view of nature
  • There is no true nature
  • Nature is not physical
  • Professionals love puns. This is nothing new. Infinite, zero, one and singularity are all old puns exploited by the oldest professional class known as the scribes whose current representatives are the academic physicists